Stealing The Protagonist’s Yandere  Lovers Book

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Stealing The Protagonist’s Yandere Lovers


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The world of the novels is filled with countless fantasies, it’s a way for people to escape away from reality into their little world hidden deep inside from others. There are a lot of protagonists and antagonists, and also various supporting roles that spice up things here and there, but what if suddenly you are forced and dragged to one against your will. Elandor was one such successful person, but who kidnapped him? Will he be able to find the answers he seeks while he sets out on his journey filled with countless surprises. {Although the ending is rushed due to my poor health and various other reasons, all in all it’s a pretty decent read to pass time.} [No NTR,No paedophilia, No yuri but includes netori] Won Third prize in Yearly Harem genre contest. Additional tags- (No system) (twisted love) (yandere) (manipulative mc) (cunning mc) (loyal love interests) (obsessive love) (clingy lovers) (fast-paced) (strong to stronger) (early romance)(special abilities) (unique cultivation technique)(villian mc)(shameless mc) (Polygamy) (transmigration) (multiple worlds) (blackmail)(manipulation)(toxic love) (Previous life talents) (maids) (tsundere) (regret?) Season 1 is upto 82 chapters rest of the story is Season 2. ************ [Warning -R18 with No beta mc, plus if you are here to watch hundred of chapters just to see mc bootlicking FL or here for a spineless/dense mc getting better as the plot goes on, then you are at a wrong place dear!]. #####—-Very Important Author Note——#### I can’t edit initial few chs for small mistakes as it has hundreds of paragraphs and chapter comments, if I did that then those all will be automatically deleted by the Webnovel. Also, this book contains scenes of blackmail, low degree forced scenes and lots of manipulations with heroines which everyone may not like as this book is made for only a few like-minded limited audience. Hope you all are having a nice day! Discord- c2#8780 ………… {Cover is made and edited by me using a free-to-use online Fotor AI tool.} **English used is mostly Uk/British version.


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