Stealing Heroine: Honestly, I never thought this far. (R-18-Rewrite)

Suzuki Kouta got an unknown illness and he remember someone's memories. Someone who succumbed to illness and died at his age. Someone who came from another world that didn’t look like his world at all. Especially when he saw familiar figure a heroine from anime from his previous world. At that moment, something rose in his mind. Kouta felt an annoying itch inside him. An indescribable urge to mess this up. The feeling to go and steal the heroine and girl from those main characters. Even though the main character was just a dense harem guy. And he was most likely a thick-headed deaf protagonist. With just that many girls liked him because he was just nice to them. [ Beware this fanfic have a poor grammar, edited by free grammar checker. ]

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Ch 183 - 16 June, Takao 08

Pound— Pound— 

Takao and Kouta's sound of flesh slapping each other could be heard in this room. Sometimes, the sound became louder and louder, like a bursting sound. 

"This just feel sooo good— I love being fucked from behind—" Takao said as she lay down on the bed. Her head rested on the pillow, and she wore a cat ear-shaped accessory and a choker. Her mouth was still drooling, and from her expression, Takao could say that her mind was filled with pleasure after a long intercourse with Kouta. 

They had been having sex for almost an hour and they had used every space in the hotel's love room. The mattress, the sofa, and the bathroom have been used for sex before they return to the bed again. Right now, Takao could only hold onto the pillow and lift her hips and ass to make it easier for Kouta to get his enormously swollen penis to penetrate her flower core with all his might.

Kouta himself can't help but keep thrusting his hips because he can see how erotic Takao is right now with her ass wearing a sex toy that resembles a cat's tail. Well, it's like Takao is currently cosplaying as a cat-eared person. He also can't help gripping Takao's cheeks ass hard, which looks even sexier because of the cat tail that is swaying back and forth following the flow of her ass movement that happened because her ass rocked because Kouta is pounding her hard. 

"Is feel good— Ah— Aaaah— I'm cummingg— I'm losing strength— I cummming again— Cummminggg—" 

Takao climaxed hard and collapsed, but Kouta still did not get his ejaculation. He let her rest for a moment. It looks like Takao herself still does not feel good enough, even though he stopped and Takao was not moved. Her mouth was still moaning, and she said—

"Ah— more— Give me more— Ah—" 

'She's really— really became such an erotic cat. I will follow your wish.' Kouta thought as he played with those cat tails that made Takao wail in such a sweet voice. He didn't stop from there as he took a wand vibrator and stimulated her clitoris with it. 


"Ahahaha, does it feel so good that it makes you lift your ass?" Kouta spoke like that because Takao swiftly raised her buttocks to make it easy for Kouta to move. 

"Yeah— It's so good." She said with such a debauchery voice. Kouta followed Takao's request and pounded her again in such rough ways. 

"Aaaah— I'm just cumming. My body is still very sensitive, but I'm cummming— Cummingg again—" 

"You're loving this, aren't you?" 

"Un— I'm making a weird face." 

Takao answered while she put her head on the pillow as if she didn't want to see her face, while her pussy was being penetrated by Kouta's big and still hard penis even though it had been in such long activities Sometimes Takao couldn't figure out how Kouta got this much stamina. So he suspects that his girlfriend might be the reincarnation of a hero or something. 

After another long ten minutes, Kouta's penis penetrates deep inside her pussy and kisses her womb. It gave her another climax. 

"I'm cummminggg—" Takao let out such a sweet voice that sounded like a scream. At the same time, the plump vaginal flesh tightened around Kouta's meat stick, and the glans thrust deep into her, pushing against the hard of her cervix, gave Kouta such a pleasurable feeling that he finally, for several times in this nearly two-hour session, got another ejaculation. 

Kouta continued to spit out his hot semen in a steady stream-filled Takao's vagina that made the folds of her vagina begin to convulse, greedily squeezing the meat stick in the middle of his ejaculation. 

"Hyaaa— Hyaaa— I'm cumming, and it's spraying inside me—" Takao muttered with such an ecstatic expression, her ass still trembling with pleasure before Kouta finally let her ass go after he finished his ejaculation. 

Takao herself laid down her body on the bed with her face turned on the pillow, the mattress was full of sweat, and also Kouta's semen was coming out of her pussy which was already full and also wet from her love juices.

"Are you okay, Takao?" Kouta tried to ask her, but she didn't respond. "Hm— It's useless. Huh—" So he let her rest while he took the drinks available in the room and brought one for her. 

It wasn't that surprising that Takao grabbed the drink since she must have been exhausted and quite thirsty after a long session of sex. She drank the bottle of water until it was almost gone while still lying on the bed, her head resting on the pillow with her face turned towards Kouta, who was sitting beside her. 

"Well, I don't think this is a good thing." 


"No more plaything— or ass stuff too—" 

"Eh— Why?" 

"I mean, if we do this again and again— I feel like I'll want to do it all the time— and it feels a bit dangerous and makes me a pervert," Takao said with a reddened face, her cheek pouting a bit and her well-shaped eyebrow raised, but instead gave her a strong impression. Her expression gave a cute but rather sexy expression in Kouta's mind. 

"Okay, we will do this next time— and we can do something more extreme, too." 

"Eh— What?" 

"It's fine— I like a pervert girl. It's more entertaining, right?" 


After feeling what Kouta did to her, it was an easy answer for Takao since there was a truth in what he said. She does think after experiencing this much pleasure, it would be difficult for her just to forget it. 

"No matter what happens— I will love you after all and won't let you go from my side," Kouta said while giving her a long kiss. The thing that made her desire to stick to her stance faded, and she would agree to Kouta's request. 

"Ugh— You and your mouth—" Takao gave up and finally agreed with Kouta's words. Seeing Takao agree with him, Kouta gave a happy expression that made Takao sigh because she felt like she lost quickly to this particular guy. 

Well, Takao had lost since she agreed to become his girlfriend, knowing that he had another girl. At this point, there was nothing Takao could reject from Kouta after she decided to do such an absolutely catastrophic thing that no woman would ever agree, right?

After resting for a few minutes and paying for the love hotel room, they went out in the afternoon. It was actually an excellent time to think about dinner time. It was something that Kouta thought too since it seemed that Takao was also still tired from walking around before he got the message, which made him change his plans. 

"Takao, are you okay meeting one of my women?" 

Takao had indeed agreed to meet one of Kouta's women. Even so, he felt he still had to ask Takao one more time. And just like the last time, Takao gave her a positive response. 



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