Stealing Heroine: Honestly, I never thought this far. (R-18-Rewrite)

Suzuki Kouta got an unknown illness and he remember someone's memories. Someone who succumbed to illness and died at his age. Someone who came from another world that didn’t look like his world at all. Especially when he saw familiar figure a heroine from anime from his previous world. At that moment, something rose in his mind. Kouta felt an annoying itch inside him. An indescribable urge to mess this up. The feeling to go and steal the heroine and girl from those main characters. Even though the main character was just a dense harem guy. And he was most likely a thick-headed deaf protagonist. With just that many girls liked him because he was just nice to them. [ Beware this fanfic have a poor grammar, edited by free grammar checker. ]

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Ch 182 - 16 June, Takao 07

Kouta gulped while observing the fantastic scene in front of him. At the moment, in front of him lay Takao with her hands cuffed to the headboard of the bed so that her hands were inevitably on her head. Thus making Takao's large breasts in the tight china dress stand out, and Kouta could see her hardened nipples as he attached egg rotors to both of her nipples. 


Kouta can also hear the sound of Takao's sexy moaning coupled with her handcuffed hands, making Takao unable to control her drooling, so the dress is a little wet. Not only that, but maybe because the dress is for cosplay at the Love Hotel, the material is a little different and quickly becomes transparent because of Takao's sweat. 

Which makes it even sexier, as Takao currently has her legs in the M position. Kouta uses the black leather available in this room to hold Takao's legs so that she stays in a position that leaves her pussy exposed and also makes it easy for the dildo to fit there. The dildo was also vibrating quite intensely in Takao's very wet pussy showing that she had climaxed many times. Her legs also trembled because she had been in that position for almost half an hour. 

"How much did you climax?" Kouta asked lightly after spending some time in the bathroom, leaving Takao alone like this. 

Well, Kouta says that he is going to punish Takao for climaxing without permission and ties Takao up in this position and puts various sex toys on her body like they both talked about before. Kouta doesn't stop there either, as he blindfolds Takao for a great addition. Takao's appearance in Kouta's eyes is like something he often sees in porn and hentai.

"Haaaa— it's four times— Hyaaaa— five timeeeeee—" Takao tried to answer him. Still, she felt the stimulation from the egg rotor become stronger. The dildo not only gave stronger vibrations but also deepened as Kouta pushed it deeper into her, which made her climax once again. 

"Oh, that's quite a lot—" Kouta replied happily. 

"Uuu— please untie me. This is too much." Takao asked as she wriggled on the bed. 

"You say it, but your pussy is really drenched, and your moan is really sexy. I wonder if the blindfold's such a great addition. You can't see, but your body will be more perceptive of what happens." Kouta said as he played with the dildo. 

"Hi—hyaaa— Please, this is too much. I'm losing my mind—" Takao spoke while still moaning because the stimulation she felt was too strong for her. 

"Eh, okay then—" Kouta did as Takao asked and lowered the intensity of his sex toy. He also pulls out the vibrator from her pussy which brings her some relief. Before then, she feels Kouta's hand full of cold liquid touching the skin around her pussy and anal hole.

"Hyaaa— cold— wait—what are you doing!?" Takao asked Kouta as her legs tried to do something, but she couldn't do anything about it since she had been tied. 

Kouta touched her anal hole and spread it a little before he put one of his fingers full of lotion to make her anal hole become wetter with the help of lotion. 

"Hm, well— I'm interested in this one hole." 

"Hyaaa— That feels weird— Stooop. Aaaah—" 

Kouta put his finger deeper and deeper. 

"Well, it looks like your ass seemed more than happy to cling to my finger," Kouta spoke while continuing to finger Takao's anal hole slowly.

"Ugh— Shut up!" Takao replied like that, but at the same time, the weird and different stimulation Kouta gave to Takao's anal hole kept her sighing sweetly. 

"You can feel it, right? It's really eating up my finger." Kouta said as he added from one finger to two fingers and continued fingering her anal hole. "I can feel you squirming whenever I move my finger around." 

Kouta added that he was very interested after trying to play on this hole with Eriri. He was still inexperienced with this hole and was a little curious about it. Plus, seeing the positive reactions from Eriri and also Takao when he played with anal holes, including Utaha, was also interesting. So, it is not strange that Kouta hopes to increase his experience with this hole. 

"But your hole had such an interesting reaction. Huhuhu— Are you perhaps getting off having fingers in your ass? You're such a pervert, Takao." Kouta spoke while continuing to finger Takao's anal hole and sometimes adding lotion to his finger to wet it even more. 

"Haaauu— I'm— I'm not a pervert." Takao denied Kouta's words and felt a little humiliated from all this treatment. Still, as Kouta said, his body felt pleasure from what Kouta did in his anal hole. 

"But you're definitely letting out a moan that makes you look like a pervert. It's fine. I like it, a pervert girl." Kouta praised her, which actually made her a bit happy and her anal hole pulsating. 

"How about this—" Kouta, who has felt that Takao's anal hole is already very wet, also puts lotion on the anal bead he is holding. It was time for Kouta to insert this anal bead into Takao's anal hole. 

"What— what is that!?" 

"It's a toy for your ass. I wonder how many beads can fit inside you." 

"NOooo— I can't take it— That's too many." 

Even though Takao said that her anal hole quickly accepted all the anal beads, she can feel all the beads in her ass hole, giving her a different and new stimulation. Then, she could only speak in a sweet, moan voice. 

"My ass is— please, take them out—" She said while her mouth was drooling from all the sensation she felt. The various sensations she thinks from her anal hole as well as the stimulation the egg rotor gives her on her nipples have been putting her in a strange position for a long time. So, her mind was a little clouded, and she just talked without understanding what was happening. 

Well, Kouta is an understanding boyfriend. Therefore, he follows Takao's request and pulls out the beads that provide incredible stimulation from inside Takao's anal hole. 

"Huh— Wait— No, hold, stop— Hyaaaaa—" 

The thing that immediately almost made her climax from the stimulation going on in her ass. Kouta followed back Takao's request and stopped pulling the beads from Takao's ass. 

"So what do you want? Beads stay in or get pulled out—" Kouta spoke in a sadistic tone that made Takao shiver a little and, simultaneously, feel excited.

"No, I want them out." 

"Okay, there's another one."

Kouta withdrew one bead, and Takao's body trembled from the stimulation of the pullout. 

"Wait— what— this is embarrassing— and too much—" Takao said as her rapid, warm breathing could be seen because she was feeling aroused from Kouta's treatment. 

"It feels good, right?" 

"No— It does not—" 

"Is that so? Well, if that's the case, I bet I pulled this all out in one go. You will feel it much better." 

"Haa— All in one go?" 

"Yeah, you might even climax from too much ass stimulation." 

"Haaaa— Climax? From my ass—" 

"Yeah, here we go." 

"Hyaaaa— Wait! I changed my mind! Don't pull it out—" 

Kouta does not listen to Takao's words and, in one motion, pulls all the anal beads from Takao's ass. Takao felt the sensation and stimulation in her ass tremendously in one pull by Kouta. She could not help herself because she was basically on the edge due to the various simulations Kouta gave her ass. Also, the egg rotor was still vibrating on her nipples. 

"Oooohhhhh— I'm cummming—" Takao said as she felt the climax from the stimulation of her ass. It felt amazing that she never thought she would experience it. 

"Wow, you're actually come from your ass." 

"I said don't— You're meanie—" 

"Ahahaha, sorry. You're so cute I can't help myself." 

Kouta opened the cloth covering Takao's eyes and saw the indecent expression on Takao's face before kissing her. 

"Well, we will feel even more pleasure, right?" 

"Yeah— My pussy ready to goo—" 



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