Stealing Heroine: Honestly, I never thought this far. (R-18-Rewrite)

Suzuki Kouta got an unknown illness and he remember someone's memories. Someone who succumbed to illness and died at his age. Someone who came from another world that didn’t look like his world at all. Especially when he saw familiar figure a heroine from anime from his previous world. At that moment, something rose in his mind. Kouta felt an annoying itch inside him. An indescribable urge to mess this up. The feeling to go and steal the heroine and girl from those main characters. Even though the main character was just a dense harem guy. And he was most likely a thick-headed deaf protagonist. With just that many girls liked him because he was just nice to them. [ Beware this fanfic have a poor grammar, edited by free grammar checker. ]

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Ch 184 - 16 June, Takao and Satomi 01

Takao already knew and understood that Kouta had other girls besides her, and judging from his behaviour, Takao could guess about the girls who might be Kouta's girlfriends. Even so, Takao never thought that one of Kouta's girlfriends was an adult and also one of the teachers at their school. No, the person sitting in front of her is the teacher who teaches world history in her class, Tachibana Satomi.

It feels a little surreal.

Especially when the teacher calmly grilled the meat on the grill while the three of them were eating at a Yakiniku restaurant. It seemed to be a rather expensive place since they were currently in a private room. It was only natural, considering that Satomi was most likely trying to get to their meeting as much as possible.

Takao looked at Kouta, who was rolling the freshly grilled meat with vegetables and then eating the meat, enjoying the pleasure of the meat, seasoning and fresh vegetables with a happy face. It was a face that made people a little hungry because of how happy Kouta's face was, which also looked a little cute. 

"How about you enjoy this meat, too?" Satomi said as she passed the freshly grilled meat to a nearby plate. It seemed from the tone of her voice that Satomi still had some feelings of unease, which was natural because no matter what happened now, Satomi probably still felt a little guilty. Basically, her relationship with Kouta was taboo, and if their genders were reversed, the world would be in uproar. 

"I'm quite confident with my skill— you know," Satomi added her words. 

"Un, I will take it." Takao took the meat from her plate and bit it. She could feel the sauce and such richness of flavour from the meat. It was easy for Takao to recognize that the meat he was eating was the more expensive meat that her family used to buy. 

'It feels like Satomi is bribing her', Takao thought while enjoying the grilled meat. 'Or she just wants to make the atmosphere more comfortable between the two of us. 

This is something that Satomi probably really thought about because she is basically older than Takao, so there is a high possibility of awkwardness between the two of them. Therefore, Satomi was open to grilling meat for Kouta and Takao to give the impression that Takao did not need to be awkward around her, especially at this moment. Even though she was her teacher, the two of them were not that different from each other at the moment when they were together with Kouta. 

Takao enjoyed the dinner before she finally commented on the relationship between Kouta and Satomi. 

"Well, I never expected it would be you, Satomi-sensei." Takao was a little surprised because out of all the teachers or adults in the school, Satomi was the one who always seemed serious and rarely made mistakes. She never expected her to have this improper relationship, like dating her student. 

"What are you talking about, Takao." Satomi tried to act as if she didn't do anything wrong.

"Um— You know!" Takao wanted to say it aloud seeing the reaction of Satomi, but she lowered her voice. "I never think you will be dating your student after all." 

"Well, about that—" Satomi didn't know what to say. She looked at Kouta, who was eating the grilled meat and watched her and Takao's conversation. It was very difficult for Satomi to tell Kouta how her relationship started. That's why she looked at Kouta and hoped he would help her. But it seemed like Kouta wanted to see what Satomi would do. 

"I don't know what to say, but I think you understand yourself, right?" 

"Huh, about what?" 

"Well, you know about that, don't you? That's a very pleasant thing after you've had an experience that is hard to forget." Satomi told Takao while she was playing with her finger as her face was reddened. When Takao realized what Satomi meant, her face immediately turned red as well. 

They were both silent for a moment and when Kouta saw their reactions, he felt like he saw smoke coming out of their flushed faces. 

"Although still, how can you have sex with a student?" Takao spoke very sensibly when she learned what had happened. 

Satomi just can't tell her that Kouta had blackmailed her because her hobby as a cosplayer who specializes in costumes is practically on the verge of being pornographic. 

"Well, it happened, I guess—" Somehow, that's all she could say, and she could see Takao getting angry, but after a moment, she just sighed.

Takao herself realized that there was something the two of them were hiding from her, but since their relationship was basically an odd affair. It was not strange for them to keep it a secret from her. It wasn't a problem for her, but she couldn't help asking. 

"It's just showing how good I seduce someone, and it's not strange for boys my age to fantasize about having sex with a female teacher, especially if the teacher is very pretty. It feels like it's sometimes a fantasy for some teenage boys." Kouta let out his opinion, which made both Takao and Satomi stare at him, and the two of them without speaking or signalling to each other, pinched Kouta's hand at the same time.

"Geez, this boy."


They acted the same way before sighing at how much of a womanizer their boyfriends were. Takao and Satomi looked at each other for a moment before they nodded and smiled at each other as if they understood what they were dealing with. After those small conversations, the two of them seemed to be getting along well pretty fast. Afterwards, they enjoyed dinner at a Yakiniku restaurant before they finally ended up at Kouta's house. 

"Ahaha, I never thought I would be staying at my student's house. At the same time, I also let a female student stay at a male student's house. If this were discovered, my life as a teacher would be over. No, my social life would be ruined." Satomi spoke with a pale face, but even though she spoke like that, she seemed to be sitting comfortably on the sofa, drinking a can of beer in the living room.

"Are you drinking, Satomi-sensei?" Takao said to her, and Satomi responded by looking at her. 

"One can is enough. Sometimes it can help my mental state— Ah— Or you could do me a favour." Satomi said while looking at Takao with a face full of smiles. 


"You have such a good figure. I wonder if I have something that you can use— Wait a second." Satomi spoke like that before she left the couch and was seen opening the large bag she was carrying as if looking for something. 

"What happened—" Takao still looked surprised and didn't know what to do before Kouta told her something. 

"Ah, you know the costume I often use, right? Satomi made them, and she can make costumes well." 

"Eh, is that so—" 

"Yeah, that's true." 

Kouta does not say that Satomi is a cosplayer but one who is quite skilled in making costumes. So He didn't break his agreement with Satomi, right? As long as he kept the secret of Satomi, who was a famous cosplayer named Yuria Riko. 

"Huhuhu— How about you try this and cleanse my mental breakdown—" Satomi spoke as she handed Takao the custom she had made, it seemed that tonight Satomi would be using her student as a model. 



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