19 Chapter 19

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Jial stepped back into his room and took a deep breath of real air. He was about to walk over to his bed to sleep for the first time in 10 years but before that, Jial held still and sat in silence. Just listening to what was going on around. And all that he could hear was silence.

"Perfect. Boxe didn't blow up Wyne while I was gone," a smile appeared on Jial's face. The Feeorin then took off his mask and set it down on his desk along with both of the Holocrons before he fell onto his bed and passed out immediately. 

"I'm truly back," Jial told himself before he drifted off to sleep

Jial woke up after sleeping for the Force knew how long. His entire body felt rejuvenated and energized. 

Jial looked at the time on his console and saw that it was nearly noon. His stomach started grumbling, signaling that it was time for him to get something to eat. Although the Hyperbolic Time Chamber provided food, there was something artificial about it that made it taste poorly.

'Let's go get some food,' Jial jumped out of bed and walked out of his room without his mask on. After battling for so long in the chamber, he started taking breaks from his mask when he was not in battle. 

Jial reached the private mess hall that only Jial, Sidon, and the Mandalorians used to eat. The rest of the Yautja ate at a different location. When he reached the mess hall, he saw that everyone was present, including the twins. All of them were surprised to see that he had left his seclusion in less than half the time that they were expecting from him. 

"Boss," Sidon stood up and greeted Jial cordially. "You're back early."

"I am," Jial responded with as few words as possible. He walked over to the droids and ordered them to make him a few steaks before he sat at the table and waited for his food. 

"How is the mining going?" Jial asked while waiting for his food. He wanted to get a status update on that matter immediately. 

"We were able to purchase 3 mining droids and 2 cargo trucks. They have brought back about 3 tonnes of Stygium and we estimate that there is another 15 there. The process shouldn't last us another week before it all gets cleared out," Suxon reported. They had been monitoring the situation closely since this was the time bomb that they had to disarm. 

"Perfect. And the surrounding forces?" Jial was curious about what the others were up to

Zilvarth was the one who had gotten all the reports on this matter so he spoke up for it.

"Most of the groups are relatively small and still fighting among themselves. We have made sure our eastern border is the most secure with 50 of our members watching over it as well as having Sidon and Suxon constantly reinforcing them.

We have a large force to the north. They have about 200 members and a few starfighters but they don't seem like they have many resources in their area. Which means..."

"Which means that they are going to lash out soon. And I'm guessing that we are the most likely target?" Jial was able to finish the thought. Unlike before, he was not worried. They had nearly 100 members themself now, 4 elites that were each worth about 100 members, and himself who had mastered quite a few Force Powers. If anything, he was more than prepared to start declaring war on everyone else. And that was exactly what Jial planned to do. 

"I'll handle the force to the north. Suxon, you are in charge of keeping our eastern border secure," Jial's steak arrived before him so he paused to take a bite before continuing. "The south is pretty secure because of the environment and volcanoes but we will keep an eye out for them. Boxe and Sidon, you two can start going after those in the west while Zilvarth holds down the fort with the twins."

"Boss, we don't have the..." Suxon started but Jial cut him off

"You guys know that there is something weird about me. I have a starship that appeared out of nowhere, 20 droids that came from nowhere, alien eggs from creatures you have never seen before, and I have a lightsaber when you never saw me with one before," Jial pointed out all the obvious things that he couldn't hide from them. These were the people he spent the most time with so they were the ones who could see truly see how strange he was. 

"I have a method to get things and people. It is not concrete but I have one. And I can currently get us 50 soldiers. Will that be enough for you two as long as you take the Phantom?" Jial turned to ask Boxe and Sidon who were in charge of the western front

"Of course, we can handle it," Boxe was assured. She had seen firsthand just how impressive most of the things he brought forward were. She knew that if he supplied it, their task would be accomplished.

"Good," that was all Jial needed to hear. While Boxe was a bit reckless, she hadn't failed yet. And for that, she had Jial's trust. He turned away from her and looked at the twins. "How is your training going? Are you two able to handle it?"

"Yes, Master," Nott was the first to reply. "Although it was pretty hard at first, we have gotten used to it." 

Hash saw the way that Zilvarth was looking at Nott so she hurried to add on to it.

"We are not saying that it is easy, of course. We are just saying that we have been transformed from Hutts into normal humans, hehe," Hash laughed to herself, hoping that the joke would get her out of trouble. 

Zilvarth eyes looked less stern after he heard her words, causing Hash to wipe the imaginary sweat that had formed on her head. She then kicked her sister under the table, causing Nott to yelp in pain. Both of their legs were sore so this kick was especially painful. 

"Hehe," Jial laughed at their small antics. He was glad to see that both of them had grown accustomed to their new environment. 

"I'm about to go and summon the new troops. Any of you want to come with me?" Jial asked the group

"I have to train these brats since we have been too lenient with them," Zilvarth half-joked. The twins groaned before following the man out of the room to go to the shooting range.

"I'm needed to at the mining site and to check on the men. I'll pass," Suxon was also busy

"Guess that just leaves us. Ready, Boxe?" Sidon asked

"Always. I'm curious about who we will be in charge of," Boxe was curious as to what surprise Jial would bring her

The group of 3 walked down to the basement where they executed the Praetomorph. The room was wide and empty, leaving plenty of space for 50 soldiers to be summoned.  The trio stood near the entrance to take up as little space as possible. 

'System. I want to use the 50x Soldier Summon.'

[Understood, Host. Congratulations, you have received 50 Storm Troopers.]

'Storm Troopers? What are those?'

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