"Careful!" Wanda shouted at Steve as she saw a small demon lunged towards him from behind while Steve was reaching out to help Sam. Wanda immediately used her Scarlet Energy to repel the demon away from Steve. But as she was already exhausted, she couldn't properly harness her power and immediately fell to the ground.

Pietro rushed towards Wanda as he noticed that something was wrong, but his route was immediately cut off by six demons, preventing him from helping Wanda. Thankfully, because of Wanda's warning, Steve was aware of the danger and reflexively tried to evade the demon's attack. But it was already too late as he had no strength to move his body, so he braced himself and put his shield in front of the demon as it was his best chance to survive.

If he was lucky, he could land a counter as the demon attacked, but if the impact was too much for him, he could be out from the count early too! No one knew what Steve was thinking at the moment, but he was smiling to himself as if he has accepted that his time has come! But clearly, it wouldn't come this soon as a laser cannon came out of nowhere and dismember the demon that attacked Steve in two!

"Don't get me wrong! I came to help just because I saw you need a hand!" an unexpected voice echoed from the sky, and a red and gold figure appeared while blasting the demons from afar.

"Tony!" Steve said with a complicated look on his face.

"Save it for later, Rogers! There are many monsters waiting to be blown here!" another figure appeared while bombarding the demons on the ground with destructive firepower!

"Rhodes!" Steve said surprisedly.

"I hope we aren't too late!" A yellow beam of light swept through hundreds of demons in an instant. Vision came with his yellow cape while smiling at Steve and the others.

"And me! I am also here, everyone! Look, I wore a new suit Mr. Stark made especially for me!" Peter excitedly shouted while wearing the Iron Spider Suit! He was swinging between the Iron Man and the War Machine excitedly, but Tony immediately cut his web and threw him into a horde of Demons.

"Activate Instant Kill Mode!" the lovely voice of Karen, the A.I that Tony implanted inside Peter's suit said gently.

"Right, activate it quickly!" Peter said as he saw many a horde of demons coming his way.

"Instant Kill Mode activated. I wish you good luck!" Karen said indifferently. Immediately after Karen finished talking, four golden steel spider claws emerged from his back. The four claws began to move independently and start killing the demons that got close to them with perfect precision!

"This is cool!" Peter excitedly said as he saw the golden claws killed all the demons without him doing anything.

"Boy! Look around! This is a battlefield, not your playground! don't make me regret bringing you here!" Tony said from his communicator directly to Peter's suit.

"Sorry, Mr. Stark! I got too excited. You will not regret your decision ever!" Peter excitedly shouted as he found a burst of confidence and started to kick the demons around and webbed them to incapacitate them! But it soon turned out to be too much for Peter as he was overwhelmed by the number of demons that came his way.

Tony sighed as he was annoyed that the little spider already needed help despite just entering the battle. But he knew that the little spider was his responsibility, so he couldn't let him getting beaten up by these demons on his watch. But, before he could help Peter, he saw that Spiderman was no longer there.

It turned out, Quicksilver has made his way and saved Peter from the horde of demons.

"Thank you very much!" Spiderman said politely to Pietro, but Quicksilver was too busy to hear it, and so, he disappeared before Peter even finished talking.

At the same time, several Quinjets were spotted entering the battlefield. The SHIELD might have been disbanded, but the Agent of SHIELD was still there to serve some justice! With them, came Barton that came out of retirement, and the beautiful Natasha Romanoff came to their aid too!

Barton and Natasha jumped of the Quinjet and started killing the demons. Barton with his Bow and Arrows, while Natasha with her super martial arts!

"Your driving is great now. You got better!" Coulson said indifferently towards Agent Hill inside the Quinjet. Agent Hill frowned and just gave a middle finger in response to Coulson's sarcastic remark. She started shooting the demons from the Quinjet coldly while Coulson was left impressed.

"Barton, Natasha! You also came!" Steve excitedly said as he watched them dropped down from the Quinjet.

"Well, we can't miss the party! Don't leave us hanging!" Natasha said with a smile on her face while clutching and breaking the demon's head that came her way. But Barton acted a little more straightforward and offered his hands to pull Steve back to his feet.

"Come on, Captain. Let us fight together again!" Barton said confidently. Steve looked at everyone and saw them nodding back towards him. It was all the motivation he needed to continue fighting as he reached out for Barton's hand and gripped his shield tightly!

"Avengers! Assemble!" Steve shouted commandingly. Barton and Natasha smiled at each other while standing beside Steve, Sam, Rhodes, Vision, Wanda, Quicksilver, Tony, and Peter! At this moment, all Avengers members have assembled, including Dio, Stephen, and Scott that were too busy holding off the demons somewhere else! The only one missing right now was Thor!

Dio heard Steve shouted 'Avengers! Assemble!' from afar. Although he wanted to join his friends there, he knew that he couldn't as he had more important things to do.

Steve and the Avengers immediately rushed towards the Serpentine Gate as they pulverized a horde of demons after another as they knew that the door was the main objective right now.

Although they once had a fallout and divided the Avengers team in half, they still trusted each other and that was why Avengers! Assemble!

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