Death 13 Finally Worthy of its Name

The Avenger finally reunited again after a long time, leaving a sense of pride in every member's heart. If they could, they would thank Mephisto for reuniting them in the same place! Hadn't it been for Mephisto, they would have to wait until Thanos appeared to assemble again as a group!

Steve and the others began to attack and kill the demons with inspiring momentum. Even Wanda, who was exhausted and fell down earlier, was tearing apart the enemy once again! At the same time, there was a loud noise in the sky. It was the sound of Dark Battleship's Energy Shield that was finally destroyed after taking many hits from Mephisto! Plus, the Annihilation Cannon finally broke after successive use and exploded too!

Fortunately, the explosion didn't reach the power gem. Otherwise, the Dark Battleship would have been destroyed! The Dark Elf inside the Dark Battleship immediately reported to Dio that they couldn't do anything else to Mephisto, and Dio agreed. He knew that there was nothing the Dark Battleship could do to hold off Mephisto, so he checked the amount of his soul count and slightly nodded as he saw that he had quite an amount of soul.

At the same time, [Red Hot Chili Pepper] already exhausted the electricity it absorbed earlier, and it seemed [Red Hot Chili Pepper] has also run out of juice. So, Dio immediately de-summoned all the Stand he summoned earlier and immediately rode Galaxy to return to the Dark Battleship quickly.

The Dark Elf was a little surprised to see Dio's sudden arrival, but Dio immediately interrupted them. "Open the safety device!" Dio ordered immediately.

"Right away, sir!" the Dark Elf said without hesitation. The Dark Elf has always been a loyal race, so their obedience towards Dio was their way to show their loyalty. It was such the Dark Elf's upside as any master in the universe would envy Dio for having so many men that obeyed his whole command without any second thought.

The Dark Elf immediately opened the safety device of the Annihilation Cannon, and the Power Gem showed itself once again before Dio's eyes. He wouldn't use this infinity gem if he had any other choice, but in order to repel Mephisto back to Hell, he had to use it! So, he grabbed the Power Gem with his hand, and indescribable force flowed through his body, and his body began to glow in purple!

Dio even gave off a pressure as if he could blow the entire planet with only one punch! However, Dio realised that he couldn't contain the Power Gem for too long as his earthly blood wouldn't be able to withstand it for an extended period of time. The Star Lord had half of the Celestial blood in his body, but even he couldn't withstand the Power Gem without help from his friends!

But, Dio already learned from Ronan that he could attach the Power Gem to something else, and thus he used his Hamon Energy to cover his entire body before picking up the Power Gem! He then attached the Power Gem into the body of [Reaper's Gaze]!

The merge was successful, but the wave of energy burst from the blade as it successfully destroyed a large piece of the deck of the Dark Battleship!

Dio smirked as he was finally able to handle the Power Gem without risking his body! [Reaper's Gaze] was made by fusing so many precious metals that it was way sturdier than Ronan's Warhammer, so it should be able to withstand the Power Gem's energy! As for what would happen in the future, even Dio didn't know as the story has been altered too much for him to even guess anymore.

The appearance of [Reaper's Gaze] has changed. This time to compensate for the massive energy it received, the blade retracted, and a blade made from purple energy extended in its place! The appearance of the new [Reaper's Gaze] was more intimidating than its previous appearance for sure!

Dio was very satisfied by the current shape of [Reaper's Gaze]. After all, not only the appearance but even the power increased exponentially! There was no doubt in his mind that he would definitely give Mephisto a run on his money with this huge surprise!

Dio knew that Mephisto was careless in his first fight, and it would be hilarious to see Mephisto died on his hands! With that in mind, Dio then gave clearance for the Dark Battleship to leave the battlefield and repair the ship for future use.

Dio immediately rode Galaxy once again to teleport instantly to the battlefield.

Dio then saw that Mephisto was fighting against the Ghost Rider and Tony that provided support with his Iron Man arsenal. Thankfully, Mephisto was unable to hit Tony from the air as Iron Man had good mobility in the air. Nevertheless, Iron Man's firepower didn't do much against Mephisto.

Iron Man only managed to annoy Mephisto as Tony's attack couldn't even penetrate Mephisto's defences. But then again, if he would be harmed so easily by Earth's weaponry, he wouldn't even dare to attack the Earth in the first place!

In fact, Mephisto was confident that he would be able to invade the Earth and conquer it without even destroying all three Supreme Sanctuaries as not even a Nuclear Bomb would harm him!

But even so, Mephisto was cunning and cautious. He didn't want to leave the Serpentine Door wide open so easily as few people that could harm his existence were still there!

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