"Hellfire Rain!" Mephisto shouted as he finished his spell, and immediately the sky was filled with many Hellfire that rained down to the ground. Mephisto's spell was an indiscriminate attack as the demons caught up in the rain were melted down and died along with many soldiers from the Human side.

"Damned asshole!" Steve gritted his teeth in disgust as he looked at what Mephisto had done. He knew that if they didn't stop Mephisto as fast as possible, then an entire Hong Kong would be in danger. Dio didn't seem happy either. His solution clearly didn't work on Mephisto. He even wondered whether he should use the maximum power of the Annihilation Cannon for Mephisto to drive him back to Hell!

But he realised that it wasn't a good solution, so Dio immediately sent a message to the Dark Battleship to keep Mephisto occupied as long as possible at all cost. He then summoned Galaxy and rode her to increase his speed as he summoned [Red Hot Chili Pepper] back from a nearby transformer. He had ordered [Red Hot Chili Pepper] to absorb as much electricity as it could from nearby transformers since he arrived in Hong Kong! Because of that, [Red Hot Chili Pepper] was at its peak performance right now after absorbing more than half the electricity of the entire city of Hong Kong!

"Destroy those demons!" Dio ordered, [Red Hot Chili Pepper] smirked excitedly and immediately disappeared from Dio's sight. Dio looked around and noticed scorched demons' corpses nearby. He couldn't see [Red Hot Chili Pepper], but he knew that was its doing! Throughout the entire ordeal, Dio ordered [The World] to absorb any soul it could get, as it'd benefit him if he gained so many souls in the process.

Dio immediately flew with Galaxy to the sky to get a clearer picture of the entire battleground. He noticed that the demons were starting to panic as they realised that the Serpentine Door could no longer save their soul. They knew that when their souls couldn't reach Hell, it'd be the end for them! As a result, most of the demons that came to Earth began to flee back through the Serpentine Door as they were afraid of dying on Earth.

This helped to reduce the load on the Human Reinforcement's shoulder as they didn't have to struggle against the demon as much as before.

On the other hand, the Dark Battleship used its battle gear and bombarded Mephisto with relentless, powerful firepower. Creating a distraction that was enough to stop Mephisto in his track and prevent him from using another big spell. But as the Lord of Hell, Mephisto wouldn't go down with just that much firepower! Mephisto kept throwing his Hell Spear towards the Dark Battleship. Although most of it was a miss, it almost took down the Dark Battleship's energy shield when it hit!

As Dio already ordered them to keep Mephisto at bay, they also charged the Annihilation Cannon and fired it at Mephisto over and over again! Even if continuous use of the Annihilation Cannon could wear down the weapon's lifespan, they didn't have the luxury to take it easy right now! They had to do their best to keep Mephisto at bay at all cost!

Mephisto himself was never as irritated and annoyed as today. If he had his full power now, he could turn this flying bug into scrap metal in a matter of seconds! However, since his power was restricted by the Multi-Dimensional Law, he was stuck dealing with this flying menace!

He couldn't leave the Red Sand either, as his power would be greatly weakened if he did, but he knew that the assimilation rate of Hell was increasing by each passing second, and he just needed to bear it for now. When the assimilation rate reached a certain threshold, he planned to summon a higher class demon into the war!

That was why Mephisto kept attacking the Dark Battleship, as it posed a greater threat than any heroes in the vicinity right now.

Over time, the forces of Hell and Humans used whatever they could to tip the scale in their favour. The countries all over the world kept their eyes on the war, hoping for the war to tip in their direction. They knew that the life that they had now would soon come to an end if the demon won this war!

When the news of the war against the demons spread, countless believers of God went to the street and started chanting and praying with the piety that no one has ever seen before. They would pray to their Gods and Angels to come to this world and aid humans to drive these demons back to Hell!

Now that the Demons has shown themselves, the public belief in the Gods, Angels, and Heaven has increased significantly! But it was such a pity that their prayers didn't receive any response!

The Demons were still fighting against the human army and the superheroes, but it was such a long battle that the human side finally showed a sign of fatigue. Steve that was fighting from the very beginning was exhausted. He had to use all of his body strength just to smash one more demon that was pinning Sam on the ground.

He kept on fighting with Sam on his side from the beginning without any rest. Even his super-soldier power has come to the point of exhaustion! Had it not for the constant pressure from each other to go on, they would have collapsed a long time ago!

Despite this fact, their current situation was dire and full of risk! They have been facing enemies that have outnumbered them so much that they couldn't see the end of it! Even Wanda and Pietro, who had the upper hand against a massive number of enemies, began to show fatigue like Steve and Sam.

As for Scott, he had used his giant form from the beginning of the battle, and it seemed he was barely able to move now. But it was good that he was massive as it was hard for the demons to take him down! The mages that Stephen led also killed a large number of demons, but there were many casualties in their midst, too, as many of the mages were dragged away by the demons and got eaten on the spot!

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