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After her death, a young woman is reborn in the world of Young Justice. But wait…why am I in jail?! Why am I Gwen Stacy, and what the hell is a Street level system?! ___________________________________________ Additional Tags - Harem, Yuri, Lesbian, Decent Harem, GxG, Young Justice, Love, Action, Romance, Multiverse, System, Smut, Lemons, R18, Cartoons, Anime, Live Action. Current World - Young Justice Confirmed Love Interests - Artemis Crock, Miss Martian/M’gann M’orzz.

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Chapter 24

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[3rd Pov] [Location - Mount Justice]

After leaving her room, Gwen made her way to the mission area, where Superboy and Kaldur were sparring. She had walked in at the exact moment Superboy flipped Kaldur onto his back, marking Superboys victory and Kaldur's defeat.

At the same time, Red Tornado flew in from above, a...red tornado billowing below him, as you'd expect with someone with a name like his.

Red Tornado almost instantly began to walk off, only for Wally to zoom in front of him "Do you have a mission for us?" Wally asked, as they hadn't had a proper mission in a while, and he was sort of losing his mind due to it.

"Mission assignments are the Batman's responsibility" Red Tornado said, his emotionless robotic voice emanating throughout the mission room.

"Yeah, well, the Batman's with Robin doing their dynamic duo thing in Gotham. But you're headed somewhere, right? Hot date or a-a mission?" Wally said, trying to get some sort of mission assigned.

"If we can be of help" Kaldur added, also wanting some sort of mission.

"Honestly I'd go for anything right now" Gwen also said, as while she didn't mind not having any missions, due to her recent excursions, she was still kinda bored. As reading was pretty useless now, with the knowledge just sitting in her brain right now.

Hearing this, Red Tornado turned as a holographic keyboard floated in front of him, before he began to rapidly type on it. Soon after, an older gentleman with a cane, and a suit on, flashed onto a holographic screen.

"This is Kent Nelson, a friend. He is 106 years old" "Guy doesn't look a day over 90" Wally commented with a small chuckle at his own statement.

"And he has been missing for 23 days. Kent was a charter member of the Justice Society. The precursor to your mentors Justice League" Red Tornado continued, as the screen changed to show Kent wearing a sort of golden helmet, and robes.

"Of course. Nelson was Earth's sorcerer supreme. He was Doctor Fate" Kaldur said in slight awe, knowing that he was an incredibly powerful magic user, if not the most powerful.

Scoffing Wally spoke somewhat quietly "More like Doctor Fake. Guy knows a little advanced science and "Dumbledores" It up to scare the bad guys and impress the babes"

"Kent may simply be on one of his walkabouts. But he is caretaker to the Helmet of Fate the source of the Doctors Mystic might. And it is unwise to leave such power unguarded" Red Tornado stated.

"He is like the great sorcerer priests and priestesses of Mars. I would be honored to helm find him" M'gann said, volunteering to help find the old, yet powerful man.

"Me too! So honored I can barely stand it. Magic Rocks" Wally said, before Red Tornado continued.

"Take this" Red Tornado said, bringing out some sort of key "it is the key to the tower of fate" Red Tornado said, as Kaldur grabbed the key.

"What are the chances we both so admire the mystic arts?" Wally said with a small smirk towards M'gann, causing the girl to roll her eyes slightly.

Gwen glanced at Wally with a deadpan, before speaking "Alright, let's go find a magical old man"



After speaking those words, the group left the Mountain, prepared to find the old man.

Sitting on the right of M'gann, Gwen softly hummed a toon, bored. 'Hopefully I can get some sort of magic soon, cause I don't have any sort of magical power right now' Gwen thought, as she leaned back into her seat.

After sitting for a while longer, when the group was beginning to get closer to the city where they needed to look for Nelson at, Artemis began to speak "So, Wally, when did you first realize your honest affinity for sorcery?"

"Well, I-I dod't like to brag, but, uh before I became Kid Flash, I seriously considered becoming a wizard myself" Wally said with a smile, blatantly lying.

"We've reached Tornado's coordinates, but..." "Nothings there" Superboy finished, as they finally made it to Salem, Massachusetts.

"Take us down" Kaldur said, hearing what they said, and noticing the same.

"Must be some sort of cloaking, or magical illusion" Gwen commented, knowing that that was the case.

"Uh huh, magic, definitely" Wally muttered sarcastically, which most of the people in the ship, heard.

Getting off the ship, Kaldur looked to Wally "Survey the surroundings, try and find what Tornado wanted us to"

Wally nodded, before speeding off.

"He's not going to find anything, you know. Chances are, it's hidden by a spell or illusion of some sort. Not exactly something we can just see through" Gwen said, causing Kaldur to sigh but nod.

"I know, but I feel it is best to make Wally realize that himself, even if he does not believe in magic" Kaldur replied, knowing that Wally did not believe in magic, even if it was very much real, considering Kaldur himself used it.

After a while, Wally returned "Nothing. This isn't simple camouflage"

"So what do you think, adaptive microopto-electronics combined with phase shifting?" Artemis asked.

"Absolutely...not. Cleary mystic powers are at work here" Wally said, causing most of the team to deadpan at his blatant lie, including M'gann.

Gwen stopped as she felt herself being watched, but didn't do anything. She knew she was strong, and could probably do a good bit of damage to the two that were probably watching her, but she wasn't sure if she could actually defeat Klarion, who was one of the three people watching them from an illusion, alongside Abra Kadabra, and the captured Kent Nelson.

Considering Klarion was a Lord of Chaos, she wasn't sure if she'd be able to do any real damage to him or not, and she didn't really want to risk testing that on someone like him.

"A test of faith..." Kaldur muttered, looking down to the key that Red Tornado had given him. On it was the word "Insert".

"Stand behind me" Kaldur said, before walking forward, and inserting the key into...nothing? Almost like a door was in front of them, but invisible, exactly like Gwen had known.

A click sounded out, as he turned the key. This revealed a large tower structure. 'So that's the tower of fate' Gwen thought, as the door opened completely.

"If that's not magic, I don't know what is" Gwen said, looking at the structure with a small grin on her face. Doctor Fate was one of the coolest Heroes in DC, in her opinion at least. She found him to be incredibly underrated, considering just how powerful the man actually was.

"Well...time to enter a rather suspicious tower, that totally is not magical" Gwen said sarcastically, as they walked through the door.

'This...this is going to be fun'

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