9 Revenge

"Hey, Ned!"

"Yo Leeds!"

"Hey~ Ned~!"

A fat dude walked into the hallways where all the other students got acquainted with him. From basketball team members to cheerleaders.

Suddenly the fat boy stopped in front of a cheerleader who called him in a flirty way. He smiled like a creep and kissed her.


The girl's eyes widened as she tried to slap him only for the boy to move back by reflex and kiss that as well.

He looked at her with flirty eyes that looked ugly on his fat face and spoke in a disgusting voice.

"Call me daddy~"

Then he ran away from there. Removing his pants, he waved them in the air showing everyone his donger that looked as small as a pin. Both size and girth wise. Something that should not even be naturally possible.

As he was running he suddenly saw Natasha Romanoff, the substitute teacher in place of the English teacher who was on leave.

The black widow stared at the boy with a stoic expression as he wriggled his penis in front of her. He suddenly ran but not before smacking her ass hard, getting a good squeeze of it.


It was supple and meaty.

Natasha held his hand immediately or at least tried but he was unnaturally slippery and ran. The teacher stared at the boy in a mix of shock and confusion.

While running through the hallways, many recorded the half-naked boy. Slowly, the boy stopped running and wore his pants again, he changed direction and headed towards a lonely-looking staircase.

As he was walking he saw one of his friends Harry Osborne leaning against the window with the gang, smoking a cigarette.

As if noticing Ned, Harry called out to him with a smile, waving his hands like a lost puppy.

"-Hey Ned over here!!"

The fat bully walked towards the gang with slow steps.

The Osborne had mirthful green eyes, he was tall and had a fine body. His skin was pale and his face was carved skillfully.

He offered a cigarette to the fatass bully. Taking the cigarette, the boy took a deep huff. At that moment, Harry spoke up.

"We were all just wondering who to ask out for the prom."

Ned looked at him and the gang with a side-eye.

"Oh yeah? Who are you planning on asking out."

Harry paused for a moment before revealing a blushed smile.

"I was thinking... maybe Stacy."

Ned paused. He took a huff of the cigarette and tilted his head to look at Harry. The boy continued, a little bashful.

"She is beautiful. I always had a crush on her haha... Oh and imagine Parker's face when he notices me with her."

Harry's face turned a little snarky as he spoke the end out. Behind him, Jason Ionello, Charlie Murphy, and Seymour O'Reilly laughed.

"That would be a wonderful sight to see."

Jason chuckled as he commented.

"His date for the prom should be the toilet bowl."

Ned observed his friends with cold eyes. He looked over to Harry that was passing his vape to Charlie.

"Harry. I never told you this..."

Harry tilted around with a half smile.


Both their eyes interlocked, the former's green eyes and the latter's blue eyes.

"I never told you this Harry... but I fucked your ill mom to death."

Charlie took a puff from the vape as he screeched.

"Not cool brah."

Harry stared at his friend with a huge frown that convulsed into absolute stupefaction plastered on his visage. It took him a second to register but he spoke angrily.

"Ned. What the fuck?!"

The atmosphere was rather silent. The others in the gang chuckled and laughed a little trying to make the situation less awkward.

Ned did not back down. He peered at the rich young man and continued speaking.

"Her pussy was amazing. So deep and warm. Every time I slapped her ass and pulled her hair she moaned my name and exclaimed that your father's penis is small. She was a bitch in hea-"

Before Ned could continue a punch came his way however the fat boy skillfully dodged it. Glancing at one of his best friends, he slapped Harry's handsome face.

The boy fell to the ground with his ears ringing, a huge red hand mark was painted on his cheeks. Ned did not stop there, he kicked Harry's stomach repeatedly and stomped on his handsome face.




With one final kick in the balls, Harry's body rolled around, groaning in pain. Ned glanced at his friends that stared at him in absolute horror.

The fatfuck slapped his stomach causing waves to repulse like a sumo wrestler. One of them dared to creep closer to him speaking in a joking manner.

"Aaand there goes our trust fund..."

With him as a trigger, all the others started to mock.

"He is not Parker dude. Who we gonna transact funds from now?"

"Bro... his dad gonna fuck you up. Aren't you scared? I know he was a rich weirdo... but still."

Ned observed Seymour and Jason with an expression that screamed, unamusement.

"I will count till 3... and if I catch you... start preparing for your final wish."

All of them looked at each other with pale faces.


The three boys ran away as fast as they could, it was as if they were taking place in a marathon.


Charlie even screamed loudly to call the teachers as he ran down the steps but at that moment, Ned finished his countdown.



With a flash, the fatfuck ran like a fat rhino before jumping and smashing the three boys into the ground. Their faces were bloody as fuck.

Grabbing them by their hoodie, he trudged their body above the stairs. Reaching where Harry was rolling around, he grabbed him by his leg.

Pulling the four boys, Ned headed to the washroom amidst all the attention he was getting. It was not all that much since the classes had begun and he was in a lonely corridor.

Plus Ned Leeds pulling his victims was a rather normal sight to see. Although it was unexpected for him to do so to his own friends.


Throwing them all across the dirty bathroom floor, one by one he grabbed a boy and directly put their head in the toilet bowl as he flushed the water.

He did this until they passed out from suffocation. After he was done with them all, he glanced at the bathroom stalls with a proud expression.

"Consider yourself baptized."

Saying so, Ned walked toward the last bathroom stall in the row. Loud noises of snoring could be heard from there.

In the mirror, Ned's body boiled and his skin peeled away, falling into the ground like feathers of a bird only to turn into dust.

Lowering his pants, he showed his donger which did not look as small as before but a rather good size. From his mouth, he lowered the cigarette holding it in the middle of his eyes.


A clear liquid cascaded like a waterfall, pouring onto a sleeping fat face. It trickled down from there to the chest and from there to the pants.

With the mixed stimulus of heat and cold, the boy's eyes slowly fluttered open. He glanced at the ceiling and then in front where there was nothing except a toilet attached to the wall.

"Hmm? Where am I?"


Trying to get up, the boy fell hard on his own face. Spreading his fingers he blew on his hand which was seemingly charred due to a cigarette burn.

Then he rubbed the middle of his forehead, burnt pelt skin unfurled into his palms. Air pierced where his glabella was situated like needles piercing into hot butter.

A disgusted pained frown crept onto his visage.

"What... happened? Why... am I... so... fucking wet!!"


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