Spider-Man: Broken Multiverse

A shattered universe, and a young broken spider, lost in the marvel multiverse, with a destiny larger than he could have imagined. A self insert works through the threads of fate, with an unlikely companion as they face challenges that life throws at them, and find their places in tales of adventure, glory, and drama. TAGS: # ADVENTURE # SELF INSERT # MARVEL # FRIENDSHIP #EVENTUAL ROMANCE # MULTIVERSE #SPIDER-MAN #GROOT #ROGUE #SUPERHEROES - A/N; This is my first time writing such a genre, give out your honest opinions. Update schedule: weekends Special thanks: OrangePanther

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Chapter 001.

Atop a hill in the countryside of Upstate New York, there was a beautiful house that looked out at the valley and the river inside it.

The house was large and had no neighbours in the vicinity. It was situated on a private stretch of land. The exterior of the house was painted marble white, with wooden finishing to give it a very luxurious look.

The couple that lived in the house lived a very peaceful life, despite half the world knowing who the people were, they had managed to carve a slice of heaven for themselves away from the excitement that their life had been fraught with during their younger years.

They would wake up in the morning and would busy themselves the whole day listening to and watching the news from all around the world. Especially ones that featured their daughter.

He would watch television, read newspaper articles, and social media about the exciting things going on every day to spice up his life.

House chores, taking care of their space, and taking knitting lessons with the ladies in town summed up a day as the wife of this old man. She would often get sick, but her man had her back.

"It is okay, you will be fine, I am here for you." her husband said the words she had used oh so many times during the days when he came home broken and bleeding after a long day of crime fighting.

The clock struck three.

With wrinkles on his face, and his lovely wife by his side, the couple was watching the television with great interest. And this was one of the many things they did during the evenings—watching the news together.

The man's thoughts were occupied with different sorts of things, and after a few silent minutes, his wife decided to change to a different news channel.

"Peter… Look, May's on TV!" Mary Jane said, grabbing her husband's attention.

"Ah, May!… There you go, Spider-girl!" Peter cheered for his little girl who had taken up the mantle of Spider-Girl. His voice was weary yet held the authority and the roughness which grew with time.

Peter and Mary were both around sixty-five years old, bordering seventy.

With a daughter who followed Peter's superhero path, he was enjoying his retirement, being with his wife, and having a lovely time, every day until he could.

Peter's short white hair was prominent as he leaned on the white cushion of his sofa. His hazel eyes were now pointed at the screen, and he was having a moment of pride as he gazed at his daughter through the live feed of the news channel.

Watching his daughter in the camera on the tv, always sent him through nostalgia as his old memories surfaced. The way she talked resembled his high school days, but May was much more mature than he was at her age, most of it because she had him and Miles to learn from.

Peter's old yet still powerful body shifted from its initial position, to sitting on the sofa as he adoringly continued to watch the tv.

Mary, who sat on one of the small sofa chairs, had her hands on the sweatshirt she was knitting for Christmas. She wanted to give it to May, which was also a part of why she had started working on it earlier than usual.

On the television, there were pictures of Spider-girl. Her costume, but her mask was off, as it was laid out in front of her.

"According to the SWORD agents, the entire situation was covered and the risks have been taken off the care of. We have Spider-girl, May Parker, CEO of Parker Industries, and the current leader of the Avengers with us live."

Her mask lay at the table in front of her which let her brown hair flow behind her, and her eyes showed the same steely determination that Peter once did a lifetime ago. She was at a conference alongside Commander Steve Rogers, and the current Captain America, Sam Wilson.

"We have teams on the ground, taking care of the situation. We promise to keep the public informed as the situation unfolds." She said.

Steve Rogers, wearing his patriotic red, white and blue uniform, that was lacking his iconic shield, which could be seen adorned on Sam Wilson's back. He stole the spotlight for a brief second, as he affirmed his own position and support for May.

After a few seconds of him explaining the situation that occurred, the focus shifted to the spider-girl.

"...People have NOTHING to fear! And I'm repeating myself, people have nothing to fear. SWORD has the situation under control. The breaches are being fixed, and our interdimensional shielding arrays, alongside our best sorcerers, are working overtime to keep us as secure as can be"

Mary Jane sighed wistfully. In the background, her daughter was soothing the fears of the city, but in the little household, there was her father trying to soothe the fears of her mother.


"Little May has come a long way, hasn't she Peter? I can't help the fear that builds up in my stomach whenever she's out there to do her job. I feel like- I have this worry in my heart."

Mary's voice made Peter look at her over his shoulder. She was sitting not too close to him, but the worry layered in her voice made Peter nod in his mind without letting her know that was agreeing.

He had been Spider-Man before he became a father. Even though that life felt like almost a lifetime ago, he knew what she was doing out there and how things normally went out there.

"...But- But I have accepted that in my life. My life with you taught me a lot," Mary continued saying.

Although she was mouthing her thoughts out, if Peter had learned anything from the past few decades, that would be how much the superhero responsibilities worried MJ.

"May had me and Miles to learn from. And she's turned out to be magnificent as Spider-Girl. We have nothing to worry about, MJ."

"I know, but still, the fear that comes up every time and the fear I try to hide, it's not possible for me to be all relaxed."

Both of them continued to talk while looking at the screen. As they grew older, together, even the silence that spread among them was enough to show the resonating love between the two at times.

Right now, there were various superheroes and agents who were heavily in a discussion about the situation that they were having under their control, but Peter knew Mary's fear was still bubbling up.

In fact, it had never really settled ever since May joined as the Spider-girl, if anything it had just increased. His own worries were but an afterthought.

"May, always don't forget, with great powers-"

"-Comes great responsibilities. I know, mom. I know. You have been saying that since I was five, and if daddy can trust me with this power I have, you have nothing to worry about. He survived, and so would I. So would I, mom." May Parker had said the very first day she went out on her mission.

The news channel turns to breaking news, grabbing the attention of the old couple.

Peter shifted towards MJ without blinking an eye and wrapped his arms around her as they both focused on the words coming out from the anchor.

"Breaking news! It has just been reported that the Avengers led by spider-girl have just evacuated the facility, and reports suggest that Dr. Doom has interrupted the proceeding-"

The pictures changed from the woman who was stuttering her words in the breaking news to a building where Dr. Doom was visible atop. His white green robes were waving due to the harsh wind.

With the undefinable face he had, the steel mask, he looked scary enough to make hundreds of kids cry. Doctor Victor Don Doom was the Monarch and Supreme Leader of the Kingdom of Latveria.

He was scarred from an accident and now wears an iron mask and armor to hide his true face.

He was also considered one of the most brilliant minds and scientists on the planet Earth.

The helicopters were taking the shot from afar, as they didn't want to get too close to whatever was about to happen.

Dr. Doom stood straight and tall at the tip of the building. If one hadn't known, he would have come off as a hero with the confidence and power he railed off of his posture.

The entire heroic-villain scenario could also possibly explain another fearful thing.

The live footage of the man, made fear bubble in both Peter's and MJ's hearts. The sweatshirt dropped to the floor, and so did the equipment she was knitting it with.

"I find the lack of action by this council… disappointing." Dr. Doom said while giving a glance at the cameras, his voice booming despite the distance between him and the camera. "Empty promises of safety are but a game to assuage the fears of the people. But, I am no common criminal that can be distracted by your prattling. Tell the people exactly what has happened, or I shall do it for you."

Shivers ran down in the old couples' spines equally watching how the entire thing was being recorded.

Parker hadn't moved since the mention of spider-girl. He held MJ's hand. She reciprocated it back tightly.

After a long time, fear surfaced in the hearts of the Parkers.