Sparror Volume 1

Author: JJ_Prakoso
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What is Sparror Volume 1

Read Sparror Volume 1 novel written by the author JJ_Prakoso on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, r18, weaktostrong, superpowers. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


500 years had passed, The powerful cosmic being, Sparror, awakened from death's slumber. There was one purpose that had to be fulfilled, finding an interesting host. The chosen host, none other than Hatoshi Akarui, the teenage boy who dreamed of becoming a Superhero was brought into reality. Now, with the power of Sparror in his hands, Hatoshi will face a variety of problems, not just powerful villains, but ideologies, stances, and an everlasting battle that will join the fray.

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Volume 0 :Auxiliary Volume
Volume 1 :Part 1: The Battle with Distrunians
Volume 2 :Fate of Earth's Destroyer
Volume 3 :The Criminal Rumbling in Neo Tokyo
Volume 4 :More Chaos Arriving for Sparror and The Other Heroes
Volume 5 :The True Hero of Neo Tokyo


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A story that asks you, what'd you do with a power given? The character is relatable, I mean, who wouldn't draw their own superhero, and think of becomes one if they can? And made an action pack of a story as this novel Sparror. Though you may find a few flaws (which we would in everything) you'd still find this world in your thought before switching to the colder side of your pillow. Don't stop writing, don't stop improving, don't stop sharing, don't stop having fun.


First of all, this book has so much potential! This is one of the best books of this genre that I've read. The writing style was perfect for my taste 😊❤️ The characters were well-made and described, the relationship between the characters are well- written. The world background was fluid and easy to follow. I especially commend the descriptive style of the author. It really brings you to the story. This story is something, love it!


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It is my first time reading a novel in this genre. The character designs and world background are just amazing. I am going to add this book to my library and give this book a try. Great work Author👍👍👍 You have great potential for writing.


I'm in chapter 70, and so far the novel is quite interesting. Your descriptions are top notch as well. This story should definitely be among the best non-system novels


The views needs to be greater for this novel 👏👏 Currently at chapter 7 and it's been a good read. This isn't a system novel... finally 😎 we need more stuff like this. The creativity behind this definitely shows and I applaud the author for their hard work and writing skills. Please read, it's a wonderful story.


Okay... I still don't know why your book is not on the top, because this DESERVES to be on top! The way you write is amazing, the narration is very descriptive which is one of the reasons I liked it. And the characters are all cool, and their development in the story is really intriguing to see! There are some grammatical errors though which sometimes disturb my flow of reading the book, but it's not that much that you can't understand the story. If you want to fix it, I suggest that you download Grammarly, because it'll help you fix them when you're updating. All in all, I'm very excited to see your story become more popular. I'll keep supporting and watching your growth.


This just might be the next best novel in WN if the writer keeps writing! Very descriptive and feels like a REAL novel while reading. There are no filler words that other writers use to just fill their quota of the day. The story is great, there is good development and infinite possibilities where this novel can go. You might be wondering then, why isn't this novel popular already? The obvious reasons are - it is new and the cover is not attractive. If you go past that point and follow this novel, you are in for a treat!


Hey author 👋 I'm here to shear my thoughts, writing quality on point, the story plot the characters I love everything about it I'm not into fantasy novels so much but this one passed 🔥 [img=recommend] Just keep updating chapters Your readers wants to read more 💛


After reading for some time, I concluded that the author has impeccable talent. Words were very delightful to read and the narration was very vivid. I love superheroes and All might is one example. One punch man too! haha 😂 I think that with few edits, it will be perfect! Typos were on its lowest and it didn't hinder my reading experience. The plot was getting more and more exciting with more reading. I support you author for your success! Five stars! [img=recommend]


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Really amazing story. What I liked the most of it was the character design. You create actual personalities for your characters and not just create characters (hard to explain). Also love the anime/manga style hero stories.


Awesome novel. Keep up your good work, author.


A very nice story indeed. not boring at all as the author revealed the meat without taking up lots of chaps. The grammar is good and smooth. I recommend it to anyone who loves superhero novels cuz this one is on point


Wow.. This novel/book is so interesting. The writing style is amazing, the story had great potential. I hope many readers see this book! You guys will not regret reading it💕


I will give the author 5 stars because I like the novel's title! Anyway, here's my critic. Writing Quality- The author have good taste of describing things. He knows when to show and when to tell, which makes the novel engaging. However, there are dozens of passive voice misuse and confusing words that I think you should edit out. Some examples are --*she was spread *was trap *started (avoid using started, since it just delays the active voice/sentence/verb *one was a had short *parted away (I think it should be "Parted ways" since parted is already a word used for diverging two things. The word away shares the same meaning. Besides that, i think this novel is awesome!


Okayyyyy... l love anime and this is just one of them I can just, the first paragraph got me, the discription was soo smooth and detailed. the plot is well written and the conversation between Hiroshi, and Yuna and the hero Zero is is sweet. it is Amazing and definitely something you'll love to keep scrolling for more.


Really interesting story with a lot of descriptive parts. The explanation and the detail on the building or character appearance is phenomenal, I congratulate the author


Superpowers? Heroes and villains? Great fight scenes? If you like all that, you've come to the right place. This book has it all! "Being a Superhero was not about beating bad guys. It was about…" Read the book to find out!


A short preface, the superhero genre is one that is hard to write, and extremely rare within Webnovel, so for anyone who is interested in the subgenre, do check out this novel. Now, onto a review, I think the writing, while very legible, does need a bit of work in the earlier chapters, as grammar and syntax mistakes can break immersion and tension in chapters with high stakes and important plot points. The story is developing quite well, and I like that it is straightforward, and presents what the synopsis offers, very well. The characters were, for me, the best part of the story, as the characterization is done in quite a down-to-earth manner, and doesn't suffer from Mary Sue(s) or Paragons. The world background is good, the novel is set in a city named Neo Tokyo, and the setting itself borrows and is very anchored into a near-future Japanese society, so no plot holes stand out from a cultural or social stance. There are some things I have to point out though, but they are just my opinion. The cover of the novel doesn't do it justice and doesn't stand out to a Webnovel audience in my opinion, severely restricting the potential reach of the book, while the 'Volume 1' could be put into the synopsis instead of interrupting the title(all is just my opinion, though) Good luck with the rest of the story.


I love the way the author writes and how he/she describes the scenery, what the people looked, and wore. But, too much details in a chapter would sometimes make the readers feel bored(maybe it's just my preference, who knows there may be other people who liked elaborate details). I suggest the author to only describe things that are important for the story to progress. Of course, describing things doesn't really hurt much but I hope that the author would keep it in moderation as well. That's all. Keep up the good work, author~ fighting!


The description is so good, it paints effortlessly beautiful images for the readers. The story itself is well paced, full of action and so well told that the readers won’t be able to put it down. The author is doing a magnificent job. A must read.


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