2 Frigga

{In the middle of a Void, over a Thousand Years Ago}

"Victor Jones", a voice called through the emptiness, "You have died...you have my condolences."

Victor wished that he could look around, try to find the source of that voice. But how could he? He was without a body, a formless consciousness in the middle of nothingness. Everything around him was black with no source of light. Victor thought back on how he died, what had killed him?

"Your wife." The voice answered, seemingly reading the man's mind.

"My wife?" Victor asked, finding his voice and was surprised that he could speak.

"Indeed, she wanted the savings that you had under your name", the voice explained, "Now with your passing, she can file as your spouse to be given all that you own. Inevitably allowing her to live quite wealthy...for a time."

Victor wanted to get angry, he wanted to become sad, confused, and even frustrated. Why did Vanessa kill him? Did his death even prove anything in the long run?

"No, she eventually ran out of the savings that you had. Then ultimately found herself evicted from the home that she bought with your money. With that eviction she found herself homeless, dying to the harshness of a callous man's hand."

Being told that made Victor feel a little better, but even so, he was still dead. With nothing else to truly lose, he felt that he was forgetting something. "Why am I here?" Victor questioned, and found the voice go silent for a moment.

"I have a proposal of sorts", it began to say, "One that you may enjoy, or find challenging."

"I'm listening."

"I am a spectator, one who adores tragedies, heroics, and drama of any kind. I have need of someone to bring me such entertainment."

"So you want me to be reincarnated in any world that you want and watch me go through the hardships there?"


"Do i-"

"No, you will have no wishes or any wheels to spin."

Victor was surprised by that statement, he had always assumed that you would at least have some kind of advantage when going to another world. "Then how am I suppose to give you entertainment if you're just gonna send me somewhere?"

"That is because you will be given whatever I choose to give you, do you accept my proposal Victor Jones?"

Victor pondered upon his options, well one option. He could either accept this entity's proposal or end up remaining in this void of nothingness...forever.

"I'll take you up on your offer." Victor decided, finding this to be a rather easy decision.

"Excellent, I hope that you will entertain me well Victor Jones." The voice said, and just like that, Victor was hurled backwards and felt as if he were being squeezed.

The next thing that the man knew was that he was opening his eyes, finding himself in the arms of a dark haired woman. Said woman had jade green eyes, a radiant smile, and a beautiful face. Beside her was a tall blonde haired man, his eyes a piercing blue and a trimmed beard. In the man's arms was another baby who was currently wailing.

'Wait a sec...is that Odin from the Marvel Cinematic Universe!?', Victor thought, 'Am I a baby!? Oh my God, that thing turned me white!'

{Asgard, Present Day}

"Well?" Drüin called as he was being quickly bandaged up by a few Asgardians. Standing beside him was Brunhilde and several of her Valkyrie ready for battle.

"He is returning, my prince." Heimdall reported, and pushed his sword into mechanism that allowed the Bifröst to be used. Then waited as the Bifröst continued to run it course on retrieving the Allfather. Not a moment later, Odin had returned with his armor looking quite scorched, his spear Gungnir held firmly in his palm. Drüin nearly rushed forward, coming to his father's side with a worried look about him. "Father, are you well?" Drün asked with a concerned tone, and found a stoic look sent his way by Odin.

Drüin knowing what that look meant, straightened his posture and rephrased that question. "Did the battle go in your favor, father?"

Odin gave Drüin a once over, noticing that he was bandaged up rather than being in the healing chambers. "Nay, Surtur proved to be a powerful adversary", Odin replied before holding his hand out, "However, i have taken his source of power. Behold, the Eternal Flame of Life." That was when a bolt of fire came out of Odin's palm. All occupants in the room stared at it, watching the flame flicker with astonishment. The first to return back to a state of normalcy was Drüin, looking as if he had excepted as much from the Allfather.

'Of course he would do that...' Drüin thought before nodding his head to his father. Not long after showing them this, Odin hid the fire away and began walking forward with Gungnir in hand. Drüin soon followed after him with Aëgor and Mjölnir in hand. "What of your sister's injuries?" Odin asked, already noticing that Drüin was following after him. "Hela was scorched by Surtur's hellish fire, but she is recovering as we speak."

"Why did you not withdraw sooner?"

"....Do you truly want an answer to that question?"

Odin stopped, glanced back at Drüin then let out a tired sigh once he saw that no one else were with them. He ran a hand over his face, and through his hair as Drüin watched his father. "What am I to do Drüin?", Odin asked, "Your sister has yet to satiate her hunger for battle, I had hoped that by sending her to Muspelheim with you alongside her with satisfy her. Yet, it only seems that I have made matters worse."

Drüin looked down a bit, his gaze lowered as he started to realize that this was around the time that Hela would be banished. Originally he wanted to fight alongside her, try to change her and get her on the throne. However after having seen how she was, her disregard for her fellow Asgardians, and even for himself. Hela has proven to Drüin that the only way that she could change was through defeat.

"I will...talk with her." Drüin offered, to which Odin nodded and continued to walk forward. Drüin walked with him and eventually got to his father's side as they entered Asgard itself. The city showing it's grand architecture, it's beauty, and it's paradise like world. It wouldn't be long before Drüin and Odin were bowed to or handed flowers from passing Asgardian women. "The people adore you son", Odin stated rather quietly and somberly as they neared the palace, "I wish that I had spent more time grooming you rather than Hela. She knows not that Asgard's people requires a leader now rather than a warrior. Tend to your sister, while I tend to your mother."

Drüin sent a look to Odin, one that the Allfather sighed to and shook his head. "I understand that you have some grievances after your true mother's death, but for Valhalla's sake...give the woman a chance." Odin stated and walked inside of the palace. Drüin entered with him but said no words, instead he watched his father continue to walk to his personal chambers. Drüin on the other hand turned and began walking in a different direction. He was heading for the healing chambers, where many Asgardian men and women would be tended to after the battle in Muspelheim. As Drüin went down several flights of stairs, he thought back on what he had planned to do. For one, the Valkyries must survive, for it was by Hela's hand that they were wiped out.

The second, was that Asgard would need a good king or queen. So far, the only ones whom they did adore were Odin and himself. Hela was feared but respected but moreso feared. If he had to ascend the throne, then he would do it, but a thought came to mind on what would happen when Thor would be eventually be born. Just as Drüin reached the doors to the healing chambers he stopped, pondering on that encounter. He could mold the God of Thunder into being a noble man even before he would be banished.

'But would it be right to change one's history?' Drüin thought to himself, then took a deep breathe and put that decision to the back of his mind. He entered the healing chambers not long after, and found himself staring at many Asgardians being tended to with healers rushing about trying to aid their wounded brethren. A frown came to Drüin's face as he peered over every Asgardian that he could see. As he walked through the healing chambers, his frown worsened upon seeing the injuries that his fellow Asgardians suffered. It wouldn't be long before he arrived at the chamber cornered off for Hela. His twin's scorched skinned was already healed, showing off her dark beauty once again.

Standing beside her was none other than his father's new wife, Frigga. The Asgardian looked up to see her estranged stepson approaching and gave her a comforting smile. "Greetings Drüin, I am glad to see that you are doing well." Frigga greeted, and Drüin's response to that was a slight smile before gesturing to his bandaged wounds. "As well as I can be.." He replied, and watched her comforting smile turn into a sad one.

"Drüin i-"

"There is nothing for you to say, nor is there nothing to forgive Frigga."

Frigga frowned, and before she was going to say anything else, Hela jolted upward with a gasp and called forth her jagged swords. She poised herself to lunge at the nearest thing that she could see, which was Drüin. With a twirl of Aëgor, Drüin smacked the but end of his spin against Hela's body. The blow knocked the woman sideways, but she only growled with frustration. That was when she came to her senses and noticed that it was her brother who had hit her. "Better?" Drüin mocked, and held up Mjölnir to her.

The Goddess of Death felt her eyes widen before a scowl was sent to her brother's way. She called her mighty weapon back to her with an outstretched hand, and felt it return to her grasp. "Keep your hands to your own toys brother.." Hela said with a scowl still present on her face. Then stormed off with no other word leaving her lips. An exasperated sigh left Drüin as he watched his twin knock over a few Asgardians who had the misfortune to he in the way of Hela. When he turned his gaze back to Frigga, she had a worried look on her face. One that she had focused on him rather than his sister. The God of Might gave Frigga a confused expression, causing her to gesture to his bandaged wounds. Drüin looked to himself, then gave her a confident smirk. "These are nothing, just flesh wounds."

"Flesh wounds that have yet to heal." Frigga pointed out, then waved for him to lay on the healing table. With some reluctance, Drüin laid down on the table and allowed himself to be healed. Several nurses came over and began removing his armor from him gently. The God of Might could feel the properties of the healing table encase him. His numb and aching muscles beginning to relax and the tension easing. "I will be honest my son-"

"I am not your son." Drüin corrected with a pointed look sent to Frigga's way. She frowned but continued her work nonetheless. "I will he honest, Drüin", she continued, "Out of all the Asgardians you have the most endurance. The amount of punishment that your body has taken over the centuries proves this. A normal Asgardian would have fallen with the wounds and scars that you have sustained. You truly are a God of Might."

'Well that's because I trained to endure pain, I'm an Asgardian and if I can't take a godly punch then I'm not a real Asgardian.' Drüin thought to himself, but outwardly he grunted.

"Practice makes perfect Frigga, any other Asgardian is capable of it if they put effort to it." Drüin stated as matter of factly. Frigga gave him an unsure look, before glancing over to the hundreds of Asgardian men and women being tended to still. "That would be true, if there were another one doing the same as you."

Drüin found truth in her words, knowing full well that no one else besides himself has done such training. Once his armor had been fully taken off with only his undergarments remaining on, his scars were shone for all to see. The Asgardian prince had over a dozen scars across his body. He even had a stab wound right where his abdomen was, as if a large blade had pierced him through. One of the nurses who had helped take off his armor stared at her prince's fine body. Her cheeks flushing red as she gazed over it. A cough from Frigga got the female nurse to flinch and avert her eyes. "You are quite popular with the women..." Frigga uttered while sending a disapproving to the nurses.

"So you say", Drüin replied while staring up at the ceiling unmoving, "I cannot say that I have found any fair maiden who has caught my heart."

Frigga gave Drüin an odd look, before leaning over him. "What about Brunhilde?"

"She is a friend, but we have a professional relationship."

Before Frigga could continued her questions, Drüin rose from the healing table, sitting up with a slight breathe leaving him. Then with a turn, he stood up on his feet and began to stretch his sore muscles. One of the nurses came over handing him his damaged armor, however he shook his head. "Nay, please have it cleaned and repaired." He ordered and watched the nurse leave after bowing her head.

Drüin did think about who he would be willing to spend his time with, well who to eventually find as his loved one outside of family. After all, he was a prince and he would have to have offspring as well.

'I...don't really have that many options do i?, Drüin thought rather deeply, 'Sif hasn't been born yet, neither has Amora or any version of her or even her sister. Then let's not forget that I can't date my sister, she's a psycho and she's pretty much set on her path to conquest."

"Prince Drüin?" A voice called, getting the Asgardian prince back to reality. When he looked forward, he found several bandaged up Asgardian men and women standing before him. They all knelt down on their knees holding up a sword. "Forgive us my prince, we have failed in our duty to protect you."

Drüin frowned before reaching over and placing his hands on the man's shoulders. "You have failed at nothing."

"But my prince, our duty was to aid you in battle and prevent any harm-"

"A battle could go either way, to try and prevent my own blood from being spilt is a miracle that may never happen", Drüin said coolly as he looked to see all other Asgardians were watching him, "None of you will be punished, you all fought valiantly. Asgard needs more men like you, I am your prince, but I am not the prince who will send you to your deaths just because it is expected of you to die for me. If you are ostracized for this, then let it be known that I will punish all who view you as such."

All Asgardians within the healing chamber stared at their prince. Then began to bow their heads regardless of him being against it. Drüin thought back on what his father had said about how the people viewed him.

'If they actually love me doesn't that mean that they will be against Hela's rule as Queen?' Drüin thought, already knowing that since he had been born, Odin favored Hela more than him. The only reason that he stood by the arrogant and ignorant bastard was so that he didn't get banished or worse. He of course did try to save Hela, try to get her to understand the value of serving one's nation. Though the psychotic sibling simply saw it as him spouting nonsense of wanting to be noble.

With a sigh leaving him, Drüin walked forward, heading nodding his head to any Asgardian in his way as he did. Unbeknownst to him, he didn't know that a smile was being sent his way, a sad one from Frigga.

Right as the God of Might exited the healing chambers, he found himself standing before Odin. The Allfather gave his son a once over, then raising a brow at him. Drüin had no clothes on him besides his undergarments. Meaning that he was practically standing bare with his father to judge him. However, Drüin was hardly worried about this. After all, he use to do it all the time back in the world that he use to. With a wave, Odin called for Drüin to come with him. Drüin raised a brow of his own at his father before beginning to walk with the man.

{One Hour Later}

Drüin was still with Odin, the two standing atop a balcony overlooking Asgard. The Asgardian prince was fully dressed now, wearing a white runed sleeveless shirt with loose black trousers and runed black boots as well. The two stood side by side in silence as Drüin slowly folded his arms over his chest. Neither one said a word, for there was nothing to be said. The two had nothing in common, nod did they have the same mindset on anything. They simply stood there and watched their people go on with their lives. The silence being peaceful rather than eerie.

"My son...Drüin", Odin called in a slow yet cautious tone, "Do you love your sister?"

That question made Drüin send a glance to his father's way. Unsure of what the man meant by that question. "Of course, why do you ask?"

"Would you do anything for her?"

"That would depend on the request."

"Would you-"

"Father I believe that we are beyond the questions...what is it that you ask of me?"

Odin remained silent after Drüin spoke, no longer able to mince her words. "What I say now Drüin, must not be spoken in front of no one else but ourselves."

Drüin turned to Odin now, both interested and confused as to what was going on. Though by the way that Odin had turned his head to look at him, he could tell that the Allfather meant what he said. "Very well, what is it that troubles you father?"

Odin allowed a grim look to come about him, one that he kept on even as he gazed upn Asgard once more. "For over a thousand years I have watched your sister grow and become a great warrior. Something that any father would wish to see upon their daughters. However that is all the growth that she has had, while I have found something beyond the conquest of the realms. I had hoped that she would do so as well..."

Odin paused on his wounds before slowly turning fully to Drüin as he gave his son a sad smile. "I have failed you, as I have failed her. I neglected what she needed and rather gave her what she wanted. I ignored your growth as a man, and allowed you to be alone with only your sister and those around you as your company. What I ask of you today my son, is something that I not only ask of you as your father, but as the King of Asgard."

Drüin felt his face contort and become serious, his pupils locking onto Odin's as the two stood in silence for a moment. Then Odin spoke again, with the next words making Drüin becoming shocked.

"You must save your sister from herself, before she destroys Asgard and it's people with her ever growing ambition."

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