Sleepyhead, can't win the game?!

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What is Sleepyhead, can't win the game?!

Read Sleepyhead, can't win the game?! novel written by the author Thedarkhattie on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Video Games stories, covering action, adventure, comedy, magic, mystery. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Life is like a deck of cards, we have an ace- the excellent ones, the jack-the constantly bullied one, a queen- everyone's beloved, a king- oh the ruler, queen's sweetheart, or anything you call under breath- the fucking cheater! But, rest we are common cards- yup, the number cards which come and go, who cares?! However... There's one card rarest of all, in a deck of 52 only one to be found- the joker! This card has been a show-stopper, which was be anything- I mean ANYTHING- a king, queen, Jack, ace, or a common number! However, many people underestimate this very brutally! Until they know it's worth... But that's a long way, isn't it?! **** The story of a Joker, but a hidden one! Sleeping 20 hrs out of 24! "How is he even human?! " But... A master inside with a brain so strong and work like horsepower stuffed inside his thick skull, yup, he wasn't human, He was beyond human! The human, the joker who is the missing link in the game of survival in the apocalypse that has been settled 17 years ago, Now it's returning at a greater pace, Wait that's in the game! Well, the game has entered the red human realm, expecting blood and a forsaken planet And he... "You can't be serious with this sleepy head!! " Who said he can't win a game?! "Okay, would you prefer sleep or life, the most?! " "Sleep" he answered in certain confidence rubbing his sleepy eyes. Eh... let's see if he...survive or sleep?!

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Ah, first time on webnovel, and got something like this!! Superb! Synopsis doesn't give too much and keep everything a mystery that just bring me here and I am stunned with such a quality of chapter, character, background, wow, love it


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