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Have you ever had this feeling at the back of your mind that somehow your life was trapped in an endless cycle of fate? That no matter what… you would be exactly where the universe intended you to be? Like everything was… predestined. This was the inevitable reality of Hyun Jung and Hyun Jun, twins unaware of each other's existence from birth; One belonging to the shadowy cave of the vampire clan, while the other was completely different in nature– a typical young man living an average life. To protect their child, Do Yun and Ji Woo left the innocent boy in the care of humans– hoping his future would be brighter, while Hyun Jung was raised as the creature he was. However, troubled by a mysterious nightmare Hyun Jun desperately searches for answers, seeking to unfold the hidden secrets of his true origin, battling an inner conflict he could hardly understand– it was as if a part of him was missing. But what will happen when these two brothers finally reunite? Will the truth set them free? Or will it unleash unimaginable chaos for rebelling against the sacred laws of the clan? And what if Hyun Jung was forced to make a decision… to choose between his childhood sweetheart and his long-lost twin? Can he save them both? Or will he die trying? Follow the journey of these two bonded souls in the thrilling adventure of Entwined Transgression.


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