While everyone was having a party at the shrine, Haru went to the toilet for a while to check the content of the quest that he was about to face.

"New Quest for the Dimensional Group Chat"

Quest: Stop the magic to return the world to Rukh.

Participant: all members of the Group Chat.

Rewards: 2000 points and a random reward.

System Note: Time will stop in the participant world.

Countdown: Before the world returns to the Rukh.


Haru looked at this quest for a moment and knew that without a doubt, he would go to Kouha's world.

This meant that everyone on the Group Chat needed to go to the world of Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic to stop the tragedy that was about to appear in that world.

Teppei: "Kouha, are you ready for this?"

Kouha: "I should be ready since if I'm not ready, everything from this world and everyone will be returned to the Rukh."

Kouha: "So we have to solve this no matter what!"

Kouha's determination wasn't something that they were surprised about. Instead, it was normal since, similar to Teppei, who wanted to protect his family, Kouha also wanted to protect his family, country, and the world.

Kouha was a king candidate, after all, considering he had gained a Metal Vessel.

Some people might forget about the setting of the Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic since it had been a while since this setting appeared in this novel.

In the world of Magi, the people in that place weren't that much different from the people in Haru's original world. Most of them were normal people without special abilities. However, it didn't mean the people in this world didn't have a special power. In this world, there was a magician, the people who could use magic.

However, the magic could only be used by a magician as other people. They couldn't use magic.

Then how could normal people become strong?

There were several ways, but the most common would be either wielding a weapon or learning a martial art.

Still, there was another way for normal people to become strong, and that was to capture a Dungeon.


It might not be an uncommon setting for a fantasy story, but this was the most special thing about the world of Magi.

The dungeon is a mysterious building that appeared in the world of the Magi. It is commonly known that if one clears a dungeon, he or she will be bestowed with riches and power.

It is also commonly known that if someone is capable of clearing up a dungeon, they have the qualities of a king and are known as Supreme Rulers.

The sentence above wasn't wrong since most of the Dungen Capturers were either a king, a queen, a prince, or even a princess. However, the reason for this matter was because when either a king, a queen, a prince, or even a princess could clear up the dungeon because they had many retainers that helped them to capture the dungeon. They cleared up the dungeon with the power of many people, not with the power of a single person.

However, it was a normal thing.

After all, whether it was a king, a queen, a prince, or a prince were normal humans, even if their intelligence was higher than normal people or they were stronger than normal people because they received martial art training from their childhood time, their bodies were still fragile and as long as their head beheaded, or part of their vitals were stabbed, then they would die.

They didn't have a superpower to protect themselves, which was why they used the power of quantity to capture dungeons.

This was also the reason why Kouha was called a king candidate. Not only because he was a prince, but because he was also the dungeon capturer.

However, even if those royalties used the power of quantities with many people helping them to clear up the dungeon, it didn't mean that they were cowards or anything. It had already been common knowledge that a dungeon was a dangerous place, but even so, they still came and decided to conquer it.

This showed that they had the ability to take risks if they wanted to achieve something.

As for the people that they had brought with them, it meant that they weren't stupid. They were royalty. They had a power that exceeded normal people. If they could use their power and authority to decrease the difficulty of clearing up the dungeon, then why not?

Also, the world of the Magi was different from the modern worm. There wasn't any fairness, most commoners were oppressed, and they were nothing but a taxpayer, a soldier, a plaything, or even livestock for those royalties.

Still, everything depended on the royalties where the commoners lived.

If the royalties were good, then they could live peacefully and pay a normal rate of tax.

However, if the royalty wasn't good, then they might be forced to enter the war, pay an outrageous tax rate, or many other horrible matters.

Even in the modern world, there was much unfairness for people, but in the past, that unfairness was much more.

Now, after the people had captured the dungeon, besides the riches, they would also get power.

The power was in literal meaning, and it was like the superpower that everyone often saw in the story, such as manipulating metal, lightning, gravity, and many more.

This power was the reason why those royalties decided to clear up the dungeon even if they knew the danger.

In such a world, as long as someone had such power, they could easily become a king or a queen.

That was how the setting of Kouha's world was, and that world was in danger right now.

Haru knew the story of Magi since, in the past, he had come to this world with Kuroneko. They learned magic in Magnostadd, the country for the magician, and they also invited Kouha at the end of their quests.

Still, some people didn't know what kind of quests they would face, so they decided to ask.

Jeanne: "Um, what does this quest mean?"

Charlotte: "Yeah, what does it mean to stop the magic of returning the world to Rukh?"

Most of the new members of the Group Chat were confused since they hadn't read Kouha's story, and they didn't know what kind of dangers they would face, which was why they asked.

Still, Kouha felt lonely since it meant they didn't have an interest in his story, right?

Haru: "Kohom! Let me explain to all of you what is going to happen to Kouha's world."

Reading Haru's reply, Kouha felt warmth and thought that his best friend really knew him the best.

Still, a best friend?

Haru might think that way, but Kouha might think differently.

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