Snow Halation 3

The snow fell gently from the sky, and the temperature was cold, but even so, everyone stood there excitedly, watching the nine girls that slowly entered the stage.

The nine girls didn't start to sing. Instead, they stood side by side as they held each other hands and closed their eyes to brew all the emotions, remembering the time they had spent together and the emotions that they wanted to convey through this song.

Muse's arc-rival, A-Rise, stood on the balcony of the building on the side, watching the nine members of Muse. The three members of A-Rise: Tsubasa Kira, Erena Todo, and Anjo Yuki, stood next to each other, wondering what kind of performance the Muse would show to everyone today.




The audience screamed the names of the members of Muse one after another excitedly and couldn't wait to see their performance.

Honoka opened her eyes slowly, and the rest also started to follow her and put gentle smiles on their faces.

"Good evening, everyone!" Honoka faced everyone with a bright smile. "What we're about to sing is a brand new song that we wrote just for today. We put all of our gratitude into this song. It's only because so many people were there to help us and cheer us on that we could be here." There was also one more special person, but she didn't need to mention him since she knew that her feelings would be conveyed through this song.


Honoka smiled as she looked at him and stood on the side backstage, watching them warmly and encouraging them.

'Which is why...!'

Honoka took a gentle breath and said, "And so, this song... was made for you!"

"We hope you enjoy it" 9x

They closed their eyes for a moment again and thought about him, who had given them inspiration for this song, then started to show their best performance.

<Muse - Snow Halation>

"This feeling, it's strange, isn't it?

It's almost as though it came fluttering down from the sky

The color of this special season fills me with excitement."


Haru had made a copy of himself.

One copy was watching Muse's performance from backstage, and the other one was watching from the car with Kirari.

Haru and Kirari stopped their rigorous exercise and watched Muse's performance together.

Hearing the gentle voices and the sweet lyrics that could melt anyone's heart, Kirari couldn't help but smile, then looked at the scumbag and asked, "This song... was it made for you?"

Haru was quite embarrassed, but he nodded. "...Yeah." He was shameless, and his face was thick, but even so, when he heard this song, it made him embarrassed since the feelings of all the members of Muse were so pure, but he was such a scumbag who dated all of them without any hesitations.

Kirari also understood why this guy was embarrassed, but there were a few words that she wanted to say to him. "They're all good girls." She could see that everyone was a good girl, unlike her, who was a bad girl.


"I understand why they have so many fans." Kirari smiled then said, "Still, I wonder what those fans are thinking if they know that their favorite idols have been eaten by you?" She showed a charming smile at Haru, showing how fun it would be if those fans knew that their favorite idols weren't as pure as they had imagined and all of them had been eaten by the beast on her side.

"......" Haru.

"Er... how about we enjoy the song?"

"Great idea."

Saying those words, they continued to enjoy the song that was sung by Muse.


"From the moment we met,

The melody of my heart has been ringing with premonitions

It can't be stopped. It won't be stopped -- why?"

As those lyrics fell, they recalled the time when they first met him and the time when they had a performance for the first time. There were just so many people, and it could be counted by hand, but even so, they didn't give up, and he told them not to give up.

However, now, many people had supported them, and of course, they knew that it was also because of his help.

"Ring out

Shall I name this heart-rending pain "Snow halation"?

I can't wait for our feelings to resonate; it's frustrating, but it's a pure-hearted devotion called love."

They loved him, and even though they didn't know when it started, they knew what was the feeling in their hearts, and they didn't hesitate to embrace this wonderful feeling.

They wanted him to see them more!

They wanted him to think that they were the best!

They wanted to win Love Live with him!


They wanted him to see them alone!

"Even with this mild fever, I can't hesitate.

I'll accept the courage to dive in; it's about to start!"

As they poured all of their feelings into this song, the audience could only watch them in a daze since they could see how bright they were.

"So beautiful..."

No one knew who saw those words, but everyone also felt the same since the nine figures on the stage were so dazzling, and they inspired the hearts of all the high schools in this country.

Kirari also couldn't look away and watched the nine figures without blinking her eyes.

"Even with this mild fever, I can't hesitate.

I'll accept the courage to dive in; it's about to start!"

With those lyrics, the song ended, and Kirari looked at Haru, then asked, "Haru."


"Should we do an idol role-play tonight?" Kirari asked with a bewitching smile.


Haru blinked his eyes and imagined Kirari, wearing an idol uniform as she sang in front of him. "Let's go back now." Still, thinking about an idol uniform, he really wondered how did Kotori make an anti-gravity skirt since no matter how they moved, no one could see under their skirts.

Kirari laughed as she fell into his arms.

They didn't hesitate and returned back to their house since they were about to start their late idol training.

Still, when Haru and Kirari returned, the nine members of Muse couldn't contain their emotions after they sang and dashed into a copy of Haru, who had been waiting for them backstage.

"Haru!" 9x

"I'm going to fall if you hug me at the same time," Haru said helplessly as he used his magic to cause them to be ignored since he was afraid that if their fans saw their action, they might not be able to continue to the next stage of Love Live.

"Did you watch us?" Honoka asked.

When this question fell, everyone looked at Haru simultaneously, waiting for his answer.

Haru looked at the nine of them and said, "I couldn't take my eyes off your performance. It was amazing and the best performance that I saw today."

Hearing those words, their mouths bloomed into beautiful smiles.

"Let's go now? Isn't it cold?" Haru wondered how they could be alright, wearing such a short skirt during winter.

"Alright, let's have a party in Haru's shrine!"


Looking at how excited they were, Haru thought for a moment and felt the possibility of 10P wasn't small.

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