Magic to return the world to the Rukh

Magic to return the world to the Rukh.

Not only the people who hadn't read the story of Magi but even most people in the world of Magi would be confused at what kind of trouble that would be brought by the magic to return to the world of the Rukh.

Before Haru explained about the magic, he explained to everyone about the Rukh.

Unlike other worlds where people used mana, magic power, or any other things, the magician in the world of Magi would use a Rukh to produce their magic.


If Haru had to explain what Rukh was, then he could only say that it was fate.

Everything in this world whether it was a human, a rock, a tree, an animal, or anything else in this world had a Rukh inside them and when they passed away, died, killed, or any other things that caused them to lose their lives, they would return to the Rukh.

While Haru said that Rukh was fate, he could also say that Rukh was life since, without Rukh, anything in the world of Magi would die.

Now, why did Haru tell everyone in the Group Chat that Rukh was fate?

Fate is an event that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future.

If he had to give an example, then it was like a sapling that was fated to grow until it became a big tree or a baby that was fated to grow up into an adult.

It was a process that no one could fight with and it would definitely happen on everything.

Rukh is like that.

Whether someone would become rich, whether someone would become a harem king, whether someone could seduce someone else's wife, whether someone could become a fuckboy, or any other matters that happened in life, everything happened because of Rukh.

In other words, Rukh is something that gives fate to everything in the world.

Now, what is the problem?

Their quest was to stop the magic to return the world to the Rukh.

The meaning of this world was simple.

If someone, something, or anything in the world of Magi passed away, died, or lost their lives in any kind of manner, they would return to the Rukh.

In other words, if the world returned to the Rukh, that meant, the world and everything in the world would disappear and become Rukh.

This was a big problem since no one wanted to die, right?

However, in the story of Magi, everyone wanted to return to the Rukh, and they willingly passed away to return to the Rukh.


Everything started with Sinbad, one of the important characters in the world of Magi. He was born with a humongous amount of Rukh and even if he was born as a commoner, he could become a king and become the richest man in the world.

This man was amazing without a doubt, but at the same time, because he was amazing, he thought that he had a bigger responsibility than others.

While most people didn't think too much about Rukh, or even ignored it, Sinbad thought differently. He wondered how someone's fate could be determined by Rukh? Why did they die? Why did they need to be miserable? Why did they choose such a choice in their lives?

There were many things that Sinbad questioned about human choices in life and when his body was invaded by someone, he started to learn many things about Rukh.

From that many things Sinbad learned a cruel fact, and that cruel fact that a human was nothing more than a marionette doll.

Rukh had written everyone's fate and when one was born in this world, no one had their own will. Instead, they followed the fate that was written by the Rukh, which made their lives meaningless. Whether it was a war, one's death, or any other man-made disaster that happened in the world happened because it was written by the Rukh.

Sinbad wanted to stop that and he wanted everyone, especially the people that he cared about to have their own wills, not to become a doll that was controlled by a powerful being.

This led to the situation where Sinbad decided to use magic to return the world to the Rukh.

Everything in the world was controlled by something known as a Sacred Palace, a magic tool that was owned by an Il-Ilah, the most powerful being in the world of Magi.

Then the problem came when Sinbad infiltrated the Sacred Palace and wanted to take over this magic tool to help everyone to stop being controlled by the powerful being. However, he realized that the power of the Sacred Palace was limited, so he didn't hesitate to control everyone in the world of Magi to die and return to the Rukh willingly.

Still, if Haru had to say that Sinbad was selfish.

Sinbad wanted to help someone, but had he asked the people around him whether they wanted to be helped?

Sinbad only assumed that everyone felt dissatisfied being controlled by the powerful being and then made everyone die so they could return to the Rukh, giving him the power to fight against the powerful being, without thinking about other possibilities such as they were satisfied with the status quo, or neither of them thought that they were being controlled.

After all, even if one's life and death had been determined, could one's interaction be controlled?

In our lives, we met various people, whether it was an important one, a loved one, a hated one, or even a passerby. Those people might affect or might not affect the decision that we had made in our lives. The decisions that we had made in life definitely weren't something that was controlled by powerful beings. Instead, it was something that we had decided to choose by our own will.

However, Sinbad didn't understand that and he was also trapped by another human who entered the Sacred Palace.

In conclusion, Sinbad with his ego and with the invitation of someone had made his own decision to kill everyone so they could give him the power to fight against the powerful being.

Everyone in the Group Chat needed to stop Sinbad and the other person who had trapped Sinbad.

However, Sinbad and this person had the power to control reality, soul, and any other beings in the world of Magi. In other words, they had become God itself.

In this quest, they would fight God, which meant this quest wouldn't be easy.

Everyone understood what it meant to stop the magic of returning the world to the Rukh, and they also understood what they needed to do.

Jeanne: "So who is this other person?"

They knew that Sinbad was one of the people that had caused this disaster, but then who was the person that had manipulated Sinbad?

Kouha: "It's David."

Some people knew, however, that some people were also confused about who David was.

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