Chapter 17: The First Paid Simulation!

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"Thank you, Village Chief." Wang Ping took the spiritual stone and smiled in thanks.

"No need for courtesy." The village chief patted Wang Ping's shoulder and walked away hunched over.

Now that the Peiyuan grass had been found, it was time to discuss how to deal with the two Gale leopards.


"Now the village chief is even closer to Wang Ping than he is to me. He just gave him ten spiritual stones." Chifeng muttered, staring at Wang Ping's hand filled with spiritual stones.

Ten lower-tier Spiritual Stones were precious, enough to make many Post-Heaven Realm martial artists covet them.

As a result, Wang Ping was given them as soon as he asked. According to the Village Chief, Wang Ping only had to ask if he needed more of them.

"You don't even need lower-tier spiritual stones right now, what's there to envy?"

Wang Ping couldn't help but smile, patting him on the head.

"I'm not envious, but Wang Ping, you don't need them either, do you? What are they for?"

Chifeng shook his head, then asked curiously.

"Don't ask so many questions, kid. Remember, your goal is to reach the Martial Peak, then revive your parents. You need to practice your punches quickly." Wang Ping smiled, then walked away, holding the spiritual stones.

Chifeng rolled his eyes and didn't follow.

When Wang Ping got home, he spoke inwardly, "Simulator, I want to do an extra simulation."

"Ding, extra simulation requires one lower-tier Spirit Stone. Do you want to pay now?"


Wang Ping spoke without hesitation.

Although it cost one lower-tier Spirit Stone each time, he still had to spend it when necessary.

"Ding, life simulation starting."

"Ding, Talent Refresh in progress... Congratulations, you have refreshed the White Talent: Swordsmanship Genius; White Talent: Martial Arts Genius. Please select one talent within one minute."

"White Talent: Swordsmanship Genius - After obtaining this talent, one's natural aptitude in swordsmanship will improve and be considered a genius in swordsmanship by ordinary people."

"White Talent: Martial Arts Genius - After obtaining this talent, one's natural aptitude in martial arts will improve and be considered a genius in martial arts by ordinary people."

"Eh, I actually refreshed my talents? Spending money on this simulation is really worth it!"

Wang Ping looked at the simulation content, smiling happily.

"System, I choose the White Talent: Swordsmanship Genius."

After thinking for a moment, Wang Ping murmured inwardly.

There was no distinction between strong and weak in swordsmanship and martial arts.

Compared to using fists, he preferred using swords.

There was no helping it. In his previous life, he had seen many TV dramas and read fantasy novels about sword-wielding immortal heroes and always longed for it.

"Ding, Talent selection successful, Simulation starts."

[Daya Calendar, year 480, March 10th, you ate a lot of meat at night and told Chifeng the story of breaking through the heavens.]

[March 11th, the village chief and his people successfully killed the two Gale leopards and harvested the Peiyuan grass. After returning, the village chief hosted a banquet to celebrate, and also gave you a Peiyuan grass.]

[August 1st, due to your increasingly hard cultivation, you successfully broke through to the late-stage Skin Refining Realm. After thinking about it, you tell everything about Li Huai. The village chief was shocked, eventually trusting you and deciding to move the entire tribe.]

[August 3rd, the people of Chi Village left the Black Wind Forest. You were forced to stay behind in Black Wind Town.]

[Then you lived in Black Wind Town, being extremely cautious. You opened a breakfast shop selling steamed buns, hiding in plain sight. Your buns tasted good, and many people liked them, which surprised you.]

[Daya Calendar, year 486, April 8th, you successfully broke through to the late-stage Skin Refining Realm and were very happy. This time, you didn't choose to get married; you planned to lay low until death.]

[Daya Calendar, year 487, August 1st, you successfully broke through to the peak of Skin Refining Realm. However, on that day, the monster beasts in the Black Wind Forest went wild, causing a Beast Tide, and you were caught in the chaos, bitten and eaten by a monster beast while fleeing.]

[Due to your death, this simulation ends.]


"Did I die again?"

Wang Ping looked at the simulation content, feeling somewhat speechless.

Moreover, the chosen talent, the system did not give any textual explanation, which was quite disappointing.

It should be said that in the simulation, he may have learned swordsmanship but hardly used it. He had no chance to showcase it, always laying low while practicing bitterly.

Nevertheless, he still couldn't avoid death.

However, this time he survived a bit longer, living for seven years and five months.

"Ding, Reward Generation Successful. You can choose one from the following rewards:

①. Peak Skin Refining Realm cultivation."

"System, I choose ①."

Wang Ping looked at the rewards, his gaze subtle.

There was only one; so there wasn't really an option to choose from.

"Ding, Selection successful."

The system's voice rang out.

Then, Wang Ping felt a warmth in his body, and his body crackled as a surge of strong Qi and Blood rushed through his veins, giving him the illusion of being incredibly strong.

A few minutes later, the strange sensation disappeared, and Wang Ping reveled in the changes within him, a smile of joy on his face.

Now, compared to before, his muscle lines were close to perfection, and his skin had become a healthy wheat color. His body was incredibly tough.

With his cultivation at the Peak Skin Refining Realm, ordinary swords and knives would be unable to cut him, and he could better withstand blunt weapon attacks, buffering the force to protect his internal organs.

"That feeling of effortlessly improving cultivation is so satisfying."

Wang Ping couldn't help but sigh.

However, after the special simulation, he had lost the newbie benefits of free simulation and could only have one free simulation every ten days from now on.

But, it couldn't be helped...

In order to become stronger and seek a way to break the situation, he had no choice but to use the special simulation.

At least, the free simulation chances could be stored, providing some small psychological comfort. He could use them in critical moments to avoid danger and find a way to survive.

"By the way, System, what's the difference between the talent levels?"

At this moment, Wang Ping remembered the issue of talent levels and asked curiously.

"Talent levels are ranked from lowest to highest as follows: White Talent, Green Talent, Blue Talent, Red Talent, Purple Talent, Golden Talent, and Rainbow Talent. There's a huge difference between different colors of talent. Also, the higher the level of the talent, the lower the probability of refreshing it."

The system's voice rang out.

"I see." Wang Ping nodded in understanding.

"System, how many spiritual stones do I need for the next extra simulation?"

Immediately, Wang Ping asked inwardly.

"The second extra simulation requires two lower-tier Spirit Stones."

The system's voice sounded again.

"Two? That's still acceptable." Wang Ping sighed in relief and said, "System, I want to start a new life simulation."

"Ding, life simulation starting... Talent Refresh in progress..."

The system's voice rang out.