Chapter 18 Youth Swordsman·Bai Tianhong!

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"Ding, Talent Refresh Successful, congratulations to the host for successfully refreshing the Whitened Talent - Business Genius; Whitened Talent - Extraordinary Physique."

Whitened Talent - Business Genius: With this talent, your ability in business will be improved.

Whitened Talent - Extraordinary Physique: With this talent, the host's cultivation aptitude will be improved to a certain degree, reaching a level stronger than ordinary people.

The system's voice rang out again, causing Wang Ping's eyes to light up slightly.

"System, I choose Whitened Talent - Extraordinary Physique."

Wang Ping said in his heart.

In the simulation, his talent was improved by taking Peiyuan grass, consolidating his foundation, and improving his aptitude, allowing him to have the ability to practice martial arts.

However, his previous aptitude was too poor and he started too late. Even if he took Peiyuan grass, his talent was still not as good as Chifeng's children.