Chapter 16: Two More Deaths!

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As everyone was chatting casually in the group, half an hour passed quickly, and the three newcomers passed through one after another.

Soon, there was a message from the group.

"Ding, group member Wu Hao (68) has died."

Wang Ping (66): "Well, that was quick. Although not as fast as Chen Kang, it's not much slower..."

Fang Yun (3): It's another unlucky one. So pitiful. I'm guessing he didn't even have time to draw his golden finger, just like Chen Kang.

Zhang Hu (5): "I wonder how he died this time. Let's wait for the death replay."

Liu Mei (15): "Looks like it's going to be a long time before we have ten group members."


"Ding, group member Zeng Peng (69) has died."

Everyone: "???"

Wang Ping and the others looked at each other with a strange expression.

Are the newcomers this miserable this time? Two of them died one after another.

Could it be that they all have to be wiped out this time?

Wu Jun (20): "It's too terrible, really. I don't know if the remaining one can survive."

Fang Yun (3): "It's difficult. And not dying immediately upon arrival is just the beginning."

Zhang Jun (70): "..."

Wang Ping (66): "Hey, newcomer just sent a message. What's your situation over there?"

Zhang Jun (70): "I really didn't expect two of them to die so quickly. I'm a little scared..."

Zhang Hu (5): "Alright, alright, we know you're scared. Hurry up and answer the question so we can have some fun... oh, I mean, give you some advice."

Zhang Jun (70): "..."

Zhang Jun (70): "I don't know whether to say my luck is good or bad. I was transferred to an empty room. However, looking out, there are zombies everywhere in the corridors downstairs."

Fang Yun (3): "Be content. If you look at the death replay section in the group files, you'll know how lucky you are. The last newcomer to join the group, a guy named Chen Kang, appeared in front of mutated zombies and was directly eaten like a twist."

Liu Mei (15): "You're already luckier than many, since you didn't die immediately after arrival. I suggest you don't make any noise and quickly find a place to hide and extract your golden finger."

Zhang Hu (5): "Kid, you're still lucky. Don't be greedy."

Zhang Jun didn't say anything, silently looked at Chen Kang's death playback video, and then fell silent.

Okay, compared to the unlucky Chen Kang, he was indeed quite lucky.

Then, he began to extract his own golden finger.

At this moment, the group system's voice rang out again.

"Ding, Wu Hao (68)'s death replay has been recorded. Group members can click to watch it and learn from it."

"Ding, Zeng Peng (69)'s death replay has been recorded. Group members can click to watch it and learn from it."

Seeing the prompts, Wang Ping's eyes lit up and he hurriedly checked.

Then he learned the cause of death for Wu Hao and Zeng Peng.

Both of them were quite miserable.

One was transferred mid-air and fell to his death.

The other was transferred to the ground but tragically ended up in a toxic forest full of corrosive gas, quickly dying.

"I'm really lucky."

After learning about their deaths, Wang Ping could only sigh again.

Being transferred was risky, and the danger was simply too great.

Fang Yun (3): "Falling to death has happened before, but Zeng Peng being transferred to a toxic forest adds a new mode of death."

Liu Mei (15): "So pitiful."

Wu Jun (20): "Honestly, I feel lucky all over again."

Zhang Hu (5): "Oh, you're so lucky, except for when you drew your golden finger. Laugh.Jpg."

Wu Jun (20): "I TM..."

Fang Yun (3): "Alright, stop teasing Jun. By the way, what's the newcomer's golden finger? Come on out and tell us, let's broaden our horizons."

Zhang Jun (70): "I don't want to say."

Fang Yun (3): "You're quite cautious, not very gregarious."

Liu Mei (15): "It's up to him whether he wants to say it or not. Mr.Cai didn't say it either, so don't force it."

Fang Yun (3): "Sister, I was just joking. Rolling eyes.Jpg."


"Wang Ping, the hunting team has returned, and they have brought back a big harvest. Let's go and take a look."

As Wang Ping was in the group chat, Chifeng's voice sounded in his ear, bringing him back to reality.

"Alright." Wang Ping smiled and followed Chifeng towards the village entrance.

When the two arrived, they saw Chih Hu and the others excitedly talking with the village head.

Seeing Wang Ping and Chifeng coming, Chih Hu laughed loudly, walked over, slapped Wang Ping on the shoulder, and said, "You were right! There were two Peiyuan grasses and two Gale Leopards. Without your information, we would have suffered heavy casualties."

"Thanks a lot."

Chi Tie, the hunting team leader, also spoke seriously.

Although he had the Innate realm 6th Tier cultivation, the Gale leopard was a 6th Tier demonic beast, and its strength was equivalent to that of a 7th-Tier Innate realm martial warrior, fierce and powerful.

If they faced one Gale leopard, they could still rely on their numerical advantage to fight back.

But if they faced two Gale leopards at once, they would likely be annihilated.

Therefore, Wang Ping's information had saved their hunting team and their village.

"You're welcome. You took me in, so it's something I should do." Wang Ping said with a smile.

The village chief looked at Wang Ping with a smile and said, "Tomorrow I will go and kill these two Gale Leopards and pick the Peiyuan grass. I will give you one to help you consolidate your cultivation. Only then will you have any hope of becoming successful in martial arts."

"Thank you, village chief." Wang Ping clasped his fist in gratitude.

"But, village chief, I wonder if the village has any Spiritual Stones." Immediately after, Wang Ping couldn't help but ask.

"Although we are secluded in the Chi Village, Spiritual Stones are considered valuable, but we do have some in the village. What do you need the Spiritual Stones for?"

The village chief asked with curiosity.

Chi Village had to build their village hidden in the Black Wind Forest to avoid enemies and remain secluded.

However, they still needed to buy things like clothing, food, medicine, and weapons from outside.

Therefore, they naturally had spiritual stones, which helped with cultivation.

"I have some uses for them. I wonder if the village chief could lend me some." Wang Ping said.

"You have done a great favor to our Chi Village. If you still want to borrow some spiritual stones, it would be completely despicable."

The village chief shook his head and said,

"Here are ten lower-tier Spirit Stones, you take these first. If it's not enough, just let me know." The village chief gently touched the black ring on his index finger, and ten crystal-clear Spiritual Stones appeared in the air.