Chapter 15: New Group Members! The Same World!

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"Ding, group member Wu Hao (68) has joined the chat."

"Ding, group member Zeng Peng (69) has joined the chat."

"Ding, group member Zhang Jun (70) has joined the chat."

At this point, a system notification suddenly popped up, causing Wang Ping to be momentarily stunned and show a surprised expression.

In response, Wang Ping quickly pulled out the Transmigrator Chat Group page.

Fang Yun (3): "Three newbies at once? That's rare. Welcome, welcome!"

Wu Jun (20): "Welcome, and good luck. I hope you all survive."

Wang Ping (66): "I'll second that."

Wu Hao (68): "What do you mean by 'survive'...?"

Zeng Peng (69): "Bro, the way you put it, I'm feeling a little panicked."

Zhang Jun (70): "Excuse me, did I just join a dark group?"

Wang Ping (66): "You're absolutely right, this group is pretty dark. I suggest you check out the group notice, and you'll quickly find out what's going on and what to do next."

During this period, Wang Ping had been researching the group's features and found that each group member could fill in the contents of the group notice.

Among them was the notice written by Big Sister Liu Mei, which contained the precautions for the Transmigrator Chat Group.

After Wang Ping finished speaking, the newbies instantly disappeared from the group, obviously going to read the group notice.

After reading the group notice, they were all dumbfounded, their minds full of curses.

This group was poisonous!

The mortality rate was way too outrageous.

Wu Hao (68): "Enough talk, I'm off to prepare supplies. I hope I can survive."

Zeng Peng (69): "....TMD, same here, I don't want to die."

Zhang Jun (70): "I'm a rich second-generation, a winner in life, but I had to itch and click to join the group. If I had known, I would have clicked to refuse. Damn it!"

Looking at these three cursing newcomers, Wang Ping also felt a bit nostalgic.

When he first joined, he was just like this, full of regrets.

However, once you were in the group, there was no turning back.

Of course, the premise was that they wouldn't end up dead immediately after transmigrating.

Zhang Hu (5): "Three newbies, huh. Brothers, should we make a bet on how many of them can survive?"

Liu Mei (15): "....Zhang Hu, you and your gloating, go away."

Zhang Hu (5): "When did I become a gloat? I'm a proud knight."

Liu Mei (15): "You're really a disgrace to knights. Sneer.jpg."

Zhang Hu (5): "Damn, Liu Mei, did you wake up early just to heckle me?"

Liu Mei (15): "This humble girl wouldn't dare to heckle a knight."

Zhang Hu (5): "Damn it, what a passive-aggressive attitude."

Fang Yun (3): "By the way, Wang Ping, have you solved your problem?"

Wang Ping (66): "Not really. Speaking of which, we can trade items in this chat group, right?"

Fang Yun (3): "Hehe, Wang Ping, you wouldn't be planning to ask Mr. Cai for some cultivation skills, would you? I can see through you at a glance. Not_human.jpg."

Zhang Hu (5): "Forget it. Although the skills in Mr. Cai's Profound World are powerful, they're not for ordinary people to practice. For example, our world has Elemental Power and Fighting Spirit, but it doesn't have Spiritual Energy, so we can't practice it at all. As for Fang Yun's world, it's even more desperate. They have nothing, so they practice inner strength."

Wu Jun (20): "Don't remind me. At least your two worlds have extraordinary powers; my world and Liu Mei's are just ordinary worlds without anything special. It's so sad."

Liu Mei (15): "It's not that bad... Though we don't have extraordinary powers, we can still practice the Inner Strength Cultivation Skill Fang Yun gave us. Moreover, the Body Refining Realm practiced in Mr. Cai's world doesn't require Spiritual Energy, so it can be practiced."

Wu Jun (20): "That's true. But without the Golden Finger to help us in cultivation, practicing on our own is so slow. It's tough."

Wang Ping (66): "???"

Wang Ping was stunned looking at the chat messages above.

Was the first realm in Cai Yonglong's world also the Body Refining Realm?

Could it be that he traveled to the same world as Cai Yonglong?

If that was the case, it would be quite a marvelous fate.

Maybe he could try to probe.

Fang Yun (3): "Huh? What's with your reaction? Are you excited or do you have Spiritual Energy in your world?"

Wang Ping (66): "Uh, yeah, there is Spiritual Energy."

Fang Yun (3): "Damn! There really is! I'm so jealous!"

Zhang Hu (5): "You actually have Spiritual Energy? Doesn't look like the power level would be too low. So jealous."

Fang Yun (3) @Zhang Hu (5): "You, jealous for what? A Grand Magister in your world can annihilate a city with one forbidden spell! In my world, even a Grandmaster Realm master can't defeat thousands of opponents; at most, they can only take the head of enemy generals amidst the army."

Zhang Hu (5): "Look, someone's turned into a sour lemon. I won't say who. Evil_laugh.jpg."

Fang Yun (3): "I am..."

Wang Ping (66): "Anyway, can anyone share the Body Refining Technique from Mr. Cai's world with me?"

Liu Mei (15): "I can. However, Mr. Cai is willing to share it with us for cultivation on the condition that we owe him a favor."

Wang Ping (66): "I understand."

"Ding, Liu Mei (15) has sent you an exclusive red envelope."

Seeing the red envelope, Wang Ping was overjoyed and chose to accept it.

"Ding, you have opened Liu Mei (15)'s red envelope and obtained the Green Spirit Body Tempering Skill."

As Wang Ping accepted the red envelope, he found his mind filled with new information.

When he had finished receiving this information, he could not help but reveal a shocked expression.

That was because the small realms recorded in the Green Spirit Body Tempering Skill were the same as the ones he knew.

They were: Muscle Training, Skin Training, Bone Refining, Meridian Opening, and Viscera Training.

Moreover, each small realm was divided into early, middle, late, and peak stages.

"Mr. Cai and I might really be in the same world."

Waves of emotions surged in Wang Ping's heart, unable to calm down.

However, even if they were in the same Profound World, they might not necessarily be on the same continent.

After all, typical Profound Worlds had numerous continents, resplendent with glorious adventures.

"If I really can't solve the Li Huai problem, I'll try to probe if Mr. Cai is on the same continent as me and if it's close by."

Wang Ping thought to himself.

He had a good impression of Cai Yonglong, the transmigrating bigshot, but he also had necessary vigilance.

If two transmigrators were in the same world, who knew what might happen?