Chapter 14: The Wife Who Takes Lives

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It was when Wang Ping had thought of two countermeasures that Chifeng also shouted and threw a punch, directly detonating the air and creating a sonic boom.

This also surprised Wang Ping.

"Did you break through?" Wang Ping looked at the joyful Chifeng and asked curiously.

"Yes! I broke through to the late stage of the Skin-refining Realm!" Chifeng said excitedly.

"Not bad, not bad." Wang Ping praised.

In the Life Simulator, it took him nearly a year to reach the Muscle Training Peak, and he didn't know when he could break through to the Skin-refining Realm.

For Chifeng, an eight-year-old child, to reach the late stage of Skin-training was truly impressive.


The next day, Wang Ping resumed the simulation.

[Ding. Life simulation begins.]

[Daya calendar 480, March 4th, you practice diligently.]

[March 10th, the hunting team successfully finds the Peiyuan grass. They return and inform the village chief. You take this opportunity to tell the village chief everything about Li Huai. The village chief is puzzled by how much you know, even the specific time of the enemy's attack. You can't explain it, but you can only hope that the village chief will believe you.]

[In the end, the village chief deliberates for a long time and finally chooses to believe you.]

[August 20th, under the preparations of Chi Village people, Li Huai is discovered early, intentionally caught, and lured to the location of the Peiyuan grass. Li Huai is overjoyed and has a big battle with the two Gale leopards. The Gale leopards are not a match.]

[The four Great Innate Realm powerhouses of Chi Village join the battle under the leadership of the village chief, besieging Li Huai. Li Huai is furious and bursts out with shocking fighting strength. In the end, at the cost of serious injuries, he kills all the people of Chi Village and the two Gale leopards.]

[Not long after, Li Huai discovers Chi Village, and you die because of it.]

[Due to your death, the simulation ends...]



Wang Ping was silent.

They had successfully lured the enemy but still did not win. Is the power gap between the Innate Realms so great?

"It seems that we have to find another way."

Wang Ping sighed inwardly.

"Ask the Chi Village people for some Spiritual Stones. We can sell the Peiyuan grass to Chi Village and get some Spiritual Stones in exchange. Then, we can use the Spiritual Stones for simulation to become stronger and find a way to survive."

Wang Ping breathed a sigh of relief, pinning his hopes on this single path.

Otherwise, Chi Village would have to move their entire clan, and he would have to wander outside to survive.


The next day, Wang Ping performed the simulation again.

[Ding. Life Simulator begins.]

[Daya calendar 480, March 5th, you practice diligently.]

[March 10th, the people of Chi Village successfully find the Peiyuan grass.]

[March 11th, the village chief leads a team to successfully hunt down the two Gale leopards, obtaining two Peiyuan grass plants and giving you one. Instead, you express that you don't want the Peiyuan grass but want to exchange it for some Spiritual Stones.]

[The village chief is speechless about your request. Peiyuan grass is something rare and precious, and exchanging it for Spiritual Stones is a waste. Moreover, only cultivators in the Post-Heaven Realm can use Spiritual Stones.]

[You insist that you need the Spiritual Stones. The village chief is puzzled but doesn't ask further. He only asks you to take the Peiyuan grass, and they can give you the Spiritual Stones.]

[You are very happy and grateful, thanking them repeatedly. With the help of the village chief, you obtain ten lower-tier Spirit Stones and take the Peiyuan grass.]

[August 1st, due to your increasingly diligent cultivation, you successfully break through to the late Muscle Training stage. After considering, you tell the village chief about Li Huai. The village chief is shocked and ultimately trusts you, deciding to move the entire village.]

[August 3rd, the people of Chi Village leave Black Wind Forest. You are forced to separate from the team, staying in Black Wind Town.]

[Because of your previous experience, you are very cautious when buying resources, not wanting to be noticed.]

[Daya calendar 481, April 20th, you successfully break through to the Muscle Training Peak, starting your assault on the Skin-refining Realm.]

[Daya calendar 482, December 15th, you successfully break through to the Early Skin Refining Realm.]

[Daya calendar 483, July 5th, you successfully break through to the Mid-Skin Refining stage.]

[Daya calendar 484, October 7th, you get married to a young woman in Black Wind Town and start a family.]

[Daya calendar 486, April 8th, you successfully break through to the Skin Refining Realm Late-stage, and you are very happy. However, your wife discovers the Spiritual Stones you have hidden, finds them very beautiful, and takes one away.]

[Daya calendar 486, April 9th, your wife's Spirit Stones are discovered, and she is brutally killed. Others find you and force you to hand over the Spiritual Stones. You are forced to hand over the Spiritual Stones, but eventually still meet your end.]

[Due to your death, this simulation ends.]


"This... I was killed again because of the treasure."

Wang Ping looked at the simulation content, feeling helpless.

In this world, wealth really should not be displayed or risk death.

Unless you have enough strength to protect these things, it's too dangerous.

Previously, just a pile of banknotes attracted fatal disaster, and now these Spiritual Stones, if discovered, would make Body Refining Martial Artist and even Post-Heaven Realm Martial Artist tempted, leading to murder and silence.

Spiritual Stones were simply too precious.

"But at least this time I survived a few more years, and that's progress. And it also verifies that the village chief can give me Spiritual Stones."

Wang Ping shook his head and breathed a sigh of relief.

Of course, if he wants to obtain Spiritual Stones, he still has to wait until the Peiyuan grass has been harvested.

Otherwise, his current status in Chi Village is just a guest freeloading on their food and drink. If he asks for Spiritual Stones now, he will definitely be despised.

Of course, Wang Ping doesn't care. After all, there is still some time before the danger arrives.


In the blink of an eye, a few more days pass, and it is finally March 10th.

Wang Ping watches the backs of Chih Hu and the hunting team's strongmen as they leave, knowing that they will have a big harvest today.

As for him, Wang Ping will be able to obtain Spiritual Stones for special simulation either today or tomorrow, thus becoming stronger to face the challenges ahead.

"Spiritual Stones, only Spiritual Stones can break the deadlock."

Wang Ping muttered to himself.

These days, he still continued his daily simulations.

However, no matter how he simulated, he could only face various deaths.

Even if he didn't stay in Black Wind Town, which was full of mercenaries and dangers, but chose to go to other villages, it was still useless.

The journey to other villages was also dangerous, and there was a risk of encountering bandits who wanted both money and life.

It could only be said that practitioners in Muscle Training and Skin-training Realms had it worse off than ordinary people when traveling outside.

Because bandits simply didn't care about the possessions of ordinary people, they could rob a martial artist with much more valuable items than those of many ordinary people.

However, through these constant killings and close encounters with bandits, Wang Ping could guess that the situation in Daya must not be too good.

Because, if it were a time of peace and stability, bandits would not dare to rob and kill on official roads.