Shrine Of Legacies

Author: Black_Turban
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What is Shrine Of Legacies

Read Shrine Of Legacies novel written by the author Black_Turban on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, mystery, overpowered, genius, vampire. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


A long-forgotten servant has been loyal for countless years doing his mandated daily activities. Before his masters were destroyed, he served. After they were annihilated, he served. Until the very object of his assignment was destroyed he felt free and became free. Zamright was left with no path, no goals and he was never a child with lofty ambition. In the countless years he performed his assignment he had dampened his emotions to the lowest level. However, as he returned to his motherland, he was met with a multitude of choices: should he leave it to be destroyed, or should he save it? With no grand desire to be a ruler, one thing led to another and before he realized what had happened he was sitting on the highest throne of the Great Lantern, commanding absolute power and authority! Reigning over ancient monsters, beasts and old souls of the forgotten past and mundane people. Contending against the whole world, clashing with conceptual monsters and winning! However, he was blinded to the true nature of the ancient land—the Great Lantern. The whole world is terrified of that cursed land, and the only way to save it is to rip it up from the crust and flip it back to Earth! By the schemes of the hidden hands, by the countless hax from the shadows, by the monstrous intention of the darksides, by the strange abilities of Source Wilders, Zamright was controlled, swayed in matters of Nation wealth and many hid behind him silently for their desire to be fulfilled. But with every passing day, he grew stronger and broke from the shackles, gleaned through their insidious nature and countered in the most silent way conceivable, until his Sovereignty was absolute! But the layers of the schemes are older than the stars themselves! ***** Peace Dreamers are waiting for their Messiah. The Ancient Titan Moon was disdestroyed. The arrival of the Messiah. Throne Relic has chosen a new master. Seed of Hope was planted in everyone. "These are the signs of another Great War" Cardinal Of Knowledge sighed, "can we survive again?" even as a knowledge devourer he doesn't have the answer.

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{This work will be put on hold until I re-release it as a Rewrite, as the ideas are quite scrambled everywhere inside my head} (!) Do be advised that as the series goes, more 'Adult' stuff will appear such as : Profanities (Swearing Words), Gore (Blood and Meat Uncensored), Sexual Content (Rape and Harassment), Real-Life Tragedies (Slavery and War) and other things that should not be viewed by Kids Less Than 17 and only allowed for those above it. (") SYNOPSIS : # log archive xxxx. . . . It's . . . cold . . . but . . . i do not . . . know why . . . Why i feel . . . ALIVE. Despite abandoning what i once had, i do not feel any remorse, no ... regret. I stood there, focusing my eyes and there i saw it. IT awaits me somewhere along the journey, for the sole reason i came here. To Twist Fate. How did it come to this ? How far have i fallen ? How long should i wait for the moment to come ? How am i supposed to believe what is beyond this realm ? How the heck am i supposed to believe what was merely an unfinished [redacted] to become [redacted] itself ? Should i live on, going back on an ever ending journey for another purpose? Or do i finish the job, and end this once and for all for the good of all [redacted] of this world? For the questions i will have along the road, i've prepared for it. This log served me as a medium on the journey. Be it storytelling, learning, reflecting, and as a reminder of what i could and could not be . For whoever picks this up, i give you my condolences. This where i left you to decide, i hope what's inside can help you whatever trouble you may end up on. Goodbye, [redacted] Signing Off. # end of log archive xxxx. It was just supposed to be another day in the company for Alan Hassani. Working as a writer and other trivial jobs with his co-workers, chatting up in the break time, and coming back home greeted with his warm family... That is, until one day. That one day, Fate took his oblivious casual happiness and spirals him with his other 3 co-workers into the very project they're working on, Projekt Grey. Follow along as he discovers the world of Altaris and his logs while he searches for the other 3 and a way to get all of them out of there alive, One Way or Another. (") (#) Discord ID : Yetano#1604 (~) Since the tags only allows up to 10, i'll be putting the rest i have in mind down below divided by Categories : - Character : #harem, #villain, #werewolf, #devil, #antihero, #dragon, #elves - Plot : #romance, #action, #adventure, #reincarnation, #weaktostrong, #transmigration, #survival , #evolution, #levelup, #academy, #thestrongactingweak, #shapeshifter, #mutation - Setting : #system, #r18, #magic, #cultivation, #videogame, #nonhuman, #future, #urban, #myth, #advancedtechnology, #undead, #wizards, #beasttaming, #summons, #mecha, #entertainment, #mmorpg, #genes - Tone : #comedy, #mystery, #dark, #sliceoflife, tragedy, #multipleleads, #bloodpumping

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The story was at its first chapters but to me it was good start. A but slow and less action but the built up was amazing to me. Zamright sound OP from all the hint but as of now he was trying to figure out the world. The World was certainly big and numerous factions and other interesting elements. I recommend it.


I will say the novel is quite good. i like how it flow slowly building up. Now, he had awaken, I Wonder what will be his ability


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