Shigaraki in Marvel

Read about a teenagers descent into madness and destruction as he faces the reality of the marvel world. Not only does he face the reality of marvel but also fights with it hand to hand, read about him versus the rest of the world.

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60 Chs


Tomura Shigaraki looked to the sky with a smile on his face, he felt like a changed man as he watched over his warehouses from his room.

He felt complete.

"You feel complete, eh" a dark voice said from behind. Tomura turned with his smile gone and a palm rushing towards the sound only to have his wrist caught and quite easily snapped.

Tomura screamed as the pain went through his body, but his other palm was already reaching towards the man and it connected.

Tomuras eyes opened and grin lit his pain filled face only to feel with eyes widen and dread pool in his stomach.

His..his decaying wasn't doing anything, it was like when he touched Adamantium.

His eyes travelled from his palm on the beings stomach up past its broad shoulders and came to rest on what used to be things face.

All that was left was burned skin and a disappointed frown. Tomura felt his heart beat falter and his blood run cold.

"Don't strike your patron boy, it's bad manners" His voice was deep and otherworldly, it sounded like hundreds of different voices at once using the same throat.

"p-patron?" His voice faltered at the meaning.

"Yes, stop being so pathetic" his wrist was dropped from the things hand and dropped loosely at his side.

"The fact you haven't even truly used the divine energy I've given you is embarrassing" the thing explained.

Torumas eyes narrowed and he opened his mouth to spea-

A hand found itself tightly holding his throat, Tomura coughed and choked as he tried to pry the hand off of him.

"I wouldn't put word to those thoughts" the thing warned.

Tomura coughed and fell to the floor panting.

"Now, let me put it simply." The thing bent down and grabbed Torumas face so they could meet face to face.

"You are not complete, you never will be."

"Right now you're a stain on my divinity, the fact I needed to come here is frankly, disturbing"

The being turned around and started writing in a nearby notebook "I will give this to your scientist, if he does not understand it, then get a new one"

"I also have another gift for you, a Nomu" Tomura heard hulking footsteps and looked up.

Horror consumed Tomuras face, it was a giant pure black skinned creature with an exposed brain and instead of arms large wings.

The man suddenly disappeared but Tomura was still on the floor looking up in horror at the creature now stood staring blankly at him.


Sterns entered the lab that morning and saw an unfamiliar notebook sat on top of his desk, he scanned through it and felt his eyes widen.

This…this was extraordinary, this was revolutionary he kept reading in fascination and read the note at the bottom of the text.

- From Shigaraki

His eyes widened, when did his friend get so smart, he instantly started working on the notes.


Tomura was sat on his bed staring at the creature as a portal suddenly opened in his room, the creature remained stationary as The Ancient One came through the portal.

He stood to speak but The Ancient One put her hand up. She sighed "Well let's go over the basics, that is a Nomu, this one is a transport Nomu" she said as she gestured at the creature. "It is now bonded to you, it will do anything you say."

"And, onto more important matters. That being that came here, his name is not known. But his moniker is very known, and extremely feared by myself included."

"All For One"

The words alone sent a ripple through the room, Tomura felt uneasy even thinking the moniker but kept his eyes on the ancient one.

"Well…his motives are unknown, his origins are unknown, nothing is really known except that any god, divine entity, living planet, universe, anything and I mean anything that catches his eyes usually ends up…assimilated with him." The Ancient One explained.

Tomuras face was pale, what did this mean? He looked up at The Ancient One and was not comforted by her presence at all.

In fact he felt like he could never feel comfortable again, the fact that thing can just enter and exit without his knowing.

It sent shivers down his spine.

He sighed and stood. "Thank you, for explaining." He nodded to the woman who nodded and went back through her portal with an uneasy look on her face.

He rushed down to the lab with the Nomu following in his wake, he came across Sterns rapidly typing.

Sterns looked up at the Nomu in shock. "Tomura, care to, uh introduce your-"

"Sterns this is Nomu, Nomu this is Sterns" he walked over to the man and saw the notebook on his computer.

Sterns noticed his interest "Oh yes and my god Tomura I never knew you were so intell-"

"No Sterns, remember I'm an Avatar. Those notes are from my patron, read them with a grain of salt." He warned the man who took a minute to process that information.

"Th-that's-wow, okay." Sterns swallowed and took a deep breath. "These notes, they are perfect, I mean they've honestly opened my mind. We can get the serum done within the month Tomura"

Tomuras eyes widened as he turned to the doctor "Truly?"

Sterns nodded "I just need to order some equipment, we will need a large tank and also a few weeks free time."

"Why a few weeks?" Tomura asked.

Sterns nodded rapidly "Yes, yes three weeks, you will need to submerged in the serum for three weeks" he read off the notes.

"I was always of the mind we would inject the serum Tomura but this, I mean, your patron is truly brilliant." Sterns looked back at his notes.

Tomura turned to Nomu. "Nomu, you don't mind giving me some blood do you?" That statement caught Sterns attention.

The Nomu shook his head in the negative.

"Wait, so I can take your blood?" Tomura asked for clarification.

The Nomu nodded.

Tomura placed his palm against the Nomus stomach and quickly dissolved a small layer of skin, the dissolve wasn't working as quick as usually which meant this thing was tough.

He grabbed a sample and gave the sample to a pointing wide eyed Stern.

Tomura turned to the Nomu only to see the small wound gone, it had healed.