9 Why? (2)

After careful consideration, I pressed my finger on the translucent blue screen.

The blue screen shook and changed.

[Stage 1 {Art of the Assasin} has been chosen.]

[You have gained 5 new skills.]

{Companion of Crows}

- The birds that are dark as the night will listen to your call.

{Mind of a Murderer}

- Cease all morality, for a moment you are not human.

{Relentless Pursuer}

- They can run, they can hide, a worthless struggle.

{Discreet Steps}

- The only sound they'll be hearing is their silent scream as blood gushes from their neck.

{Aura of Assassination}

- All arms with the intention of a quiet death, will be yours to bear.

Holy f*ck

A shiver went down my spine as I read each new skill I was given.

Aren't all of them basically turn me into a f*cking psychopath?

I instinctively made a frown, but quickly shook it off.

Nevertheless, with this, I finally stand a chance in this damned novel, a chance to survive, a chance to return, a chance to see my friends and family again.

I just hope I won't lose my humanity in doing so.

I let out a sigh and clicked a button on my bracelet.

I only have 19k bells left remaining on my account.


I need money, and I need it now.

The only way I can get more is to go back to that damned mountain and hunt more wolves.

I can also test my newly found skills there so it's a win-win situation but,

I want to rest,

I want to smoke, I want to just chill in my bed not worrying a goddamn thing.

I let out another sigh.

But I know how futile that is, sooner or later the story will move on without me and if I don't do anything, only death awaits me at the end.

"No rest for the wicked, I guess."

With heavy heart, I got out of the door of my apartment.


"Welcome, Sir!" A man dressed head to toe in color green, with his nameplate showing a bit of rust, greeted me as soon as I entered.

It seems that the short-haired girl from before wasn't on her shift.

"Can you guide me to where the daggers are?"

"Certainly, Sir,"

G-Tier Bronze Dagger-1k Bells

F-Tier Iron Dagger - 3k Bells

D - Silver Dagger  - 10k Bells

C-Tier Platinum Dagger - 20k Bells

B-Tier Titanium Dagger - 150K Bells

A-Tier Adamantium Dagger - 800k Bells

S-Tier Auratium Dagger- 2M Bells

My wallet almost cried as my eyes gazed for a split second at the S-Tier Dagger.

Except for guns, all weapons in the novel had this grading system.

Which just shows how forgotten those clunks of metal are.

With my budget, I can either go for the F or G tier one.

But in the end, I decided to go with the more expensive one as my life depends on it.

Next on my list,

"Can you guide me to where the guns, are located"

And just like the small-haired chick from last time, the man had a surprised look on his face.

Why the hell are you guys selling guns if you are so surprised if a customer buys one?

But he quickly shook it off and guided me.

From the vague description of my skills, I can only guess that my [Aura of Assassination] skill grants me the ability to apply aura on weapons that assassins typically use.

And having learned it the hard way last time, a silent weapon is more advantageous that a f*cking boomstick that would alert the entire pack after you fire a single shot.

And so I gazed at the pistols that were available for me to purchase.

Desert Eagle - 30k Bells.

Glock 17 - 25k Bells

Ruger GP100 - 20k Bells

Beretta M9 - 20K Bells

Alright, having learned a bit about guns from my brother, I know that the Beretta M9 is the most optimal pistol here.


With only 16k bells on my account, there is no way in hell I'd be able to purchase a single one.

I turn my eyes back at the employee.

"Anything else I can help you with, sir?"

"Hey, uh, can I speak to your manager for a bit?"

He looked a bit confused but reluctantly agreed.

Soon after, a man with wrinkles on his face wearing the same green overalls but this time had a visibly bright nameplate on his chest appeared before me.

"What can I help you with, young man,"

"Uh, is there any way I could negotiate with you about the price of this gun?"

I pointed my finger at the Beretta M9 on display.

He placed his hand below his chin.

After a while of stroking it, he finally spoke.

"I'm sorry, young man, one of the guidelines in this store is that the prices are non-negotiable,"

"Come on, it's not like anyone else is going to buy this piece of junk, you won't find anyone else willing to buy it,"

He was stroking his chin again,

"Throw in a silencer, 3 magazines and I'll buy them all for 16k bells,"

We stood there for what seemed like an eternity.






But then the silence was broken by a sigh coming out from the man.

"Fine, these things would only gather dust anyways,"

We shook hands and with that, any amount of bells inside my account have now been drained down to the last drop.

I check the magazine to see how many bullets it was holding.

7 bullets in each magazine.

I stored them all on my bracelet and left the store after thanking them both.

The only thing I'm missing right now is some armor but I lack the bells for that so it is what it is.

I make my way to the train station with the same destination in mind.

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