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Shatter the Bad Ending!


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[Restore The Crown] This was the novel that I was tasked to review as a contestant for our yearly webnovel event and as someone who had to probably read hundreds of novels by now. It was utter garbage, it was full of overdone tropes and cliches that you could have seen from a mile away. A bland and mary sue protagonist ✓ A list of heroines who fall in love and become obsessed with the protagonist instantly ✓ A myriad of villains who have no other personality other than to hate and try to kill the protagonist ✓ They were all there. Except for the surprisingly catchy title, there was no other positive thing about this novel. But was pissed me off the most was the ending. With no build-up and seemingly out of nowhere, most of the heroines were killed and the world that they lived in became hell on earth. It was literally revealed in a couple of chapters and was clearly done just to shock the readers. Honestly, I wish I could restore the time I wasted reading this novel. But as I said my criticism to the author. The f*cker shot me in the head! (I proofread my chapters by myself, sadly I am only human, so if you find any mistakes, kindly point them out and I will fix them as soon as possible) (This is my first attempt at writing novels, to those who keep on reading despite the occasional mistakes here and there, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I will promise to be a better author, anyways have a nice day and please never build galeforce on twitch, if you do, you don't deserve 8 hours of sleep, that is all, thank you)


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