16 No Rest (3)

After a bit of walking, I found the area where the auction would be held.

It was massive, and there were hundreds of masked men and women chatting with each other.

From the clothes alone I could say that they were rich, but there were also some who looked ordinary just like me.

I found a seat among the countless chairs and waited for the auction to start.

As the people around me talked and chatted, I overheard that this was the 3rd auction for the day, but I was not worried as nobody in their right mind would buy a seemingly normal sword when there are others with better materials and specialties in them.

Yet that normal blade was far from ordinary as little that they know there was a vial hidden in its handle.

And that would be the key for me to not gather any attention when the academy starts.

After a bit of time passed by, a man dressed in a yellow cloak stood up on the stage.

He wore a jester mask, and soon he opened his mouth.

"Welcome, everybody!, to Arby's Auction, today we have some special items just for you!"

Soon, employees of the auction, all wearing the same jester mask, gave out a tablet to all of the people inside.

"Without further ado, let's get started!'

Not long after, an item covered in a glass case entered the stage,

"This right here is a bow that has been made by the feathers of a B-ranked harpy, it's quick, light, and able to pierce easily through the head of a cyclops,"

Some of the people around me showed sounds of amazement.

I did to, as the items from this auction were weapons with aura already inside of them that can make even a civilian kill a monster.

The only problem is only grandmasters of aura can do such a thing, and there was only a handful of them in this world.

"A dame has bid for 300k, any counters?"

"Oh!, a gentleman for 480k!,"

Left and right people were bidding for the bow.

I let out a sigh,

This is going to take a while.


It's been two hours since the auction started,

After the bow, soon followed armors, spears, and daggers.

All were purchased by a number of bells that made my digital wallet cry.

"Up next, a one-of-a-kind, never seen before, a sword made from the embers of a phoenix!"

I groan inwardly,

How long must I wait?

"Oh, 200k bells? 300k bells?, 800k BELLS!, going once?, going twice, SOLD to the dame on the left."

[What a waste that sword brims in false fire.]

I nearly jumped out of my seat,

From out of nowhere, a soothing voice rang in my head.

It was the same voice that came from the sea of serpents.

"Yo-you can talk?" I whisper in a low voice.

[You do not need to open your mouth, human, we can talk telepathically]

[Then, let me say it again, YOU CAN TALK?]

[Yes, I merely needed a bit of rest after assimilating with your soul.]

[Then let me ask you, why are my missions like that??]

[You ask of my God's Guidance? they are like that because the path to fulfilling your hope lies in it,]


[It seems, I still need more rest, human, good luck in your journey, I shall be in deep slumber once again,]






That damned god actually hung up on me.

I let out a small chuckle.

There's a literal god inside of me.

My mind was still unable to process it.

I shook my head,

Let's deal with that later for now the vial.

"Up next, a spear forged by the teeth of a Great Lion, its tip can pierce and shatter a boulder!"

"300k bells!, 500k bells!,"

Man, my boredom is killing me.

"Sold for 1.5 Million Bells!"

Do I need to wait another hour?

"Up, next a sword presumably left by a legend from the past!"

A longsword covered in a glass case entered the stage, its blade was that of steel, and its handle was made from worn-out leather.

Contrast from the other weapons, not a single sound of amazement left the audience.

All of them were thinking,

"That's just a normal sword, though?"



I hurriedly opened the tablet,

What the f*ck!?

50k is the starting bid!?

"It seems, no one is interested, fret not!, the next item will b-"

"Oh? 50k bid from the gentleman from the back!"

"Going once!"

Please no one counterbid please,

'Going twice!"


"SOLD!, to the gentleman from the back!"

I let out a sigh of relief,

An employee soon took the steel blade from the glass case and walked towards me.

I transferred her the bells, and she gave me the seemingly ordinary blade.

With that, I got out of my chair and left the auction.

After leaving, I stored the blade and my mask in my bracelet and made my way home.

As I finally got home, I took the sword out of my bracelet and used my dagger to cut the handle open.

There it is, a vial of blue liquid could be seen hidden inside the leather.

It was a small bottle, the size of a pinky toe.

I took a deep breath and soon drank it.


I almost vomited out of disgust as the taste was horrible.

[Foreign Substance has entered the body]


The same blue translucent window appeared.


[Turning the Foreign Substance into a Skill]

Wait, what?

[Aura of the Wanderer]

- Through stone and flesh, the sword on your hand shall not falter.

I didn't expect that the system would turn it into a skill but this does make it easier.

After reading the description, I grabbed the steel blade with a broken handle from the floor and soon activated my newly found skill.

A blue aura enveloped my body and made its way to my sword.

As it covered the blade, I could feel the steel sharpen and strengthen.

The azure blue that is currently enveloping my sword is classed as a C-rank sword aura in the novel.

I still don't know what rank my black aura let alone what kind of aura it is, as it was never mentioned in the novel but nevertheless,

Today was another good day.

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