20 Dawn

Even with hyperspeed, it took 3 hours for me to reach the station closest to the academy.

The current time was 2 AM,

At this rate, I wouldn't have enough time to rest properly at the dorm.

I was about to use my map but as I stand at the station, I could already see the monumental size of the academy walls.

The symbol of the academy, a sword interlocking with a staff lay apparent in the bustling city.

I made my way towards it with haste.

As I walk it seems, I was not the only one arriving on such late notice, as there were people headed in the same direction as was I.

After a bit of walking, I reach the grand gate and walked through the many scanners that required the bracelet to be able to pass.

With guidance from the map I soon found my way to the dorms,

It was a huge building that stood over me like I was an ant, on the front was the gigantic symbol of an armored knight holding a longsword on his chest.

I walked in and hastily tried to find Room 506,

As I reach it, I tapped my black bracelet on the scanner at the door.


And it shortly opened.

It was even bigger than my apartment, there was a desk meant for studying, a table for eating and a decent bed on the side, It even had a balcony overlooking the student lounge of the academy.

I lay my sling bang on the table and started putting the clothes inside the closet,

On the bed laid the uniform of the academy, out of laziness I just threw it aside as I could feel the sleepiness of my mind creep in.

Not a second after, I passed out.



I could feel the bracelet on my arm vibrate and was letting out an uncomfortable sound,

I quickly turned it off as my ears could now bleed at any moment,

The time was exactly 8:00 AM,

From the message, there was going to be an entrance ceremony today that starts at 9:30,

I stretched my still-tired body and took a shower.

After taking a bath and getting dressed in my uniform, I made my way to the assembly hall.

Due to its vast size, there were mini-transits scattered along the academy.

It was only 8:40, but I decided to go to the hall quickly because of the saying that my grandma used to say.

You are either late or early,

I soon reach the building and I'm getting tired of saying this but holy hell, it is huge.

If the dorm earlier made me feel like an ant, this one made me feel like an atom.

After shooking off the amazement on my face, I made my way inside.

The area for the 1st-year knights was close to the entrance, so it didn't take long for me to find a seat among the legion of chairs.

There were already students in the first-year column, all wearing the same azure uniform with the symbol of the sword on its shoulder accompanied by a star above it indicating that they are a freshman.

I sat at the very back to have a clear view of the stage,

As time passed by, the hall became fuller and fuller.

There was an endless chatter inside it from students talking with each other.

Are there no earphones in this world?

Wait I could make one and that would make me rich!

Then I remembered that I do not have a single idea on how to build one and a groan left my mouth.

Soon, the chatter slowly quieted down, as I look at the stage, there stood a man.

Yet, because of the distance, I couldn't quite grasp who he is.

Then an enormous television soon came from the ceiling and from it, I could see the man with clarity.

He had muscles bulging from his chest despite the wrinkles on his face, his green hair reminded me that some people that are born with bloodlines extraordinarily gifted in aura or mana have hair that differs from the norm. Even without speaking a word, his mere presence was enough to silence the chatter inside this colossal hall, his suit all-black made me feel little before him, on his shoulders, were both the symbol of the staff and sword. Yet his right shoulder ended on a stump but that solidified his strength even more. His sharp golden gaze pierced through the now quiet assembly.

From the looks and presence alone, I know that he is the president of this academy.

A man of sheer power, money, and fame but most importantly the main protector of the crown.

Braum Tyresia.

A descendant of the legendary woman who gave the humans in this world a fighting chance, and the peace that soon followed.

He then spoke, with a firm voice, strength could be felt with every word.

"I welcome all of you, childrens of radiance, it is a blessing in my eyes to see, so many aspiring protectors,"

"I welcome the newcomers who soon will be joining the academy made by Tyresia herself, and leave your worries behind, it doesn't matter if you are an elf, an orc, a shadowkind, or a simple human like me, we are all here for one goal and that is-"


All the upper years stood up with their hands clenched into a fist raised above their heads.

I could feel the determination and resolve in their voice, most of us freshmen were in awe of what was happening in front of our faces.

"That is right, to protect the crown of Tyresia, but before I speak any further the strongest student will deliver an opening speech, everyone kindly stand and give her you're sincerest applause,"

After the numbing noise of the synchronized claps died down, we all sat in our chairs, everyone curious about who the new rank 1 in the entire academy could be.

But they wouldn't need to wait any further.

A girl soon came into the stage, her graceful white hair and fair skin shone like a star in the cosmos, her blue eyes deep as the ocean gazed into us with frigid cold. Yet it melted the hearts of both dame and men.

As she stood no one could look away, all encaptured by her silver beauty.

Except for me,

I inwardly sigh.

Here she is, the first heroine.

Gwen Lynine,

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