21 Dawn (2)

As she stood with all of the myriads of lights shining upon her.

The azure uniform she wore suited her perfectly.

"A-an angel,"

The students near me were dumbfounded and completely starstruck by her.

But I couldn't blame them as even though I have adapted to the standards of looks in this world.

Her beauty was a cut above the rest,

"My fellow students,"

A soft-spoken gentle voice echoed within the hall,

"If you are here, then that means you have been chosen,"

"By Aether, The God of Radiance"

"By, Tyresia, The First Follower"

"And, by the Crown, The light born from both"

"We have been deemed worthy!"

"To protect the light so it shall never fade,"

"To protect the peace we so deeply craved,"

"To protect the land whence we came,"

"I might only be a first-year"

The students then inside the hall soon looked shocked.

They were so mesmerized by her that they didn't notice the star on her shoulder.

"But I Gwen Lynine, will not let down the academy, and so shall you,"

"May the God of Radiance bless us all,"

As she left the stage, there were a lot of murmurs that followed.

"A First-year? A First-year got the 1st rank on the global ranking??"

"'Don't you know, she's the only daughter from the House of Lynine!,"

"Damn, but still getting the first place on the global ranking is still nuts for a freshman,"

The murmurs quieted down as the president came back on the stage,

"That is right, we must never let down the crown,"

"The light it casts, we shall protect,"

"With our strength,"

"With our blood,"

"With our souls,"

"So that light may never fade!"

"Ingrain that students into your very existence,"

"That is all, may we have another fruitful year,"

The silent hall erupted in claps and cheers almost making my ears bleed.

A year, that is what I have.

After a year that crown will be broken into two.

And what followed was hell beyond the sea.

The noise finally quieted down and an instructor of the academy was now on the stage.

"First-years in the Honor Class, kindly follow Ms. Rebecca,"

It is time for the profession selection.


After following Ms. Rebecca, she wore a green variant of the uniform and on her shoulder was the symbol of the sword but there was a scroll at the top instead of a star.

Her red hair fluttered as we walked through the academy,

Most of the students were gazing at Gwen as she walked with us, but my eyes were set on Ms. Rebecca.

She had a body that aged like fine win-

I shook my head instantly,

Damn it Troi, keep your d*ck down.

Soon we got to a building filled with every single weapon hanging on the walls.

Ms, Rebbeca soon got up on the podium.

"Alright, after I call your name, pick a weapon and place your bracelet up here on the podium next to me and you'll have your profession,"

"Please keep in mind that you change your profession anytime you want but it may affect your ranking if you do poorly on it,"

Ms, Rebbeca soon took a tablet from her pocket and started calling students,

"Vanessa Rytin, pick a weapon,"

The student then took an axe from the walls and got up on the podium.

"Axe, good, you're profession would be a Battle Maiden,"

After another student was called, yet I didn't pay attention as I was busy trying to look for someone.

But then I saw him,

With blonde hair, black eyes, and a refined physique, his gaze was full of excitement.

Reynold Heartsteel, the protagonist of this damned novel.

I soon glanced away as it would be weird if I keep looking any further.

"Gwen Lynine, pick a weapon,"

All of the students looked at her as she made her way to the legion of arms.

They were all curious about what weapon she wielded,

She then passed by the swords, the spears, the axes, the clubs, the maces, and eventually reached the very corner of the wall.

I soon heard a gasp behind me,

Gwen now was caressing a Glock on her hand.

"She-She uses a gun?"

"No way..."

Most feel surprised, some feel amazed that she is able to use aura on that clunk of metal, me on the other hand, felt disappointed.

After reading the novel, if only gwen wielded literally any other weapon, they would've stood a chance against the horrific ending of this novel.

But she didn't, for no reason whatsoever, she just decided to have a gun as her main weapon.

F*ck you, author,

Ms. Rebbeca didn't seem surprised, she probably already knew beforehand.

"You're profession would be, Hitwoman,"

Gwen nods at her and started to head towards us after storing her glock in her bracelet.

"Troi Leobrera, come pick a weapon."

Oh, it was my turn, I walk past gwen.

Not even acknowledging a single bit of my existence.

Though I don't really care.

From the countless weapon hanging on the wall,

All of them bear the symbol of the academy.

I quickly took a longsword and made my way up to the podium.

"Hmmm?, didn't you use a spear on the entrance exam,?"

A spear?

I then realized that was probably the past that I can't seem to remember.

"Oh, I just found the sword suited me better,"

"Well, let's just hope that you don't fall in the rankings, anyway, your profession is Swordsman,"

After thanking her I made my way back.

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