Seimeigakure: The Hidden Village of Life

With no other choice, I founded the Hidden Village of Life and became the first Seimeikage. The other Great Ninja Villages: Envy! Tsunade: I thought I was a pioneer in medicine, now I know I still have a lot to learn. Orochimaru: My experiments make me look like a novice playing with a vinegar volcano compared to him. Jiraya: Why didn't I know a place like this existed?! -------------------------------------------------- I do not own Naruto or any other universe that will appear except the MC. The cover has been generated by an AI after many attempts based on my drawing. If you like Naruto fanfics, check out my previous work: "A ninja who is always hungry".

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This is not a zoo!

Onoki took a deep breath to calm his rapidly rising tension, while his granddaughter looked at him from the other side of the table with a look that said, 'I did a good job, praise me!'

He was informed of how Kurotsuchi was indirectly "bribed" and how his granddaughter, his precious granddaughter, had the brilliant idea of using her "influence" to make an unscheduled visit and almost disrupt his schedule for the next two months.

Two months that would significantly delay some important projects.

Moreover, the visit didn't even seem important. Just two representatives of some idiot who thought founding a new ninja village would be smart in the current landscape, whose purpose was to present a simple business proposal.

At least, that's what he thought until he saw that one of the products was an artificial Byakugan.

This immediately changed his attitude, internally nodding as he praised his granddaughter for inheriting his keen eye and intuition. Not that he was praising himself, not at all.

But the limitations of this artificial eye were annoying, though understandable, and he would have probably done the same if he had the capability. The impossibility to "recycle" the eyes was irritating from a buyer's perspective, so he tried to see if it was possible to buy the production method instead.

If they refused, they could always go and raid their village to obtain the research documents. It wasn't the first time Iwagakure took the more direct route, nor would it be the last.

To his surprise, they actually had the courage to refuse when he asked for it, and in a firm manner.

They, a tiny village that no one knew, were standing up to one of the five great ninja villages.

He made a mental note to raid their village when his espionage department located it, for now settling for buying some pairs immediately to be sent to the lab for study.

After all, that money would come back the moment they cut a deal with the other party.

Then they presented a strange, unappetizing-looking fruit with a strange name that could give its consumer an increase in strength in exchange for some animal-like traits, as he understood.

He didn't even bother paying attention. Who knows if that could contaminate the lineage of his ninjas in the long run?

Iwagakure will not become a zoo just for a bit more strength!

Just think about how the world would mock them and the loss of reputation, absolutely not!

Given the nature of the first two products, he was stunned for a moment when they presented the cloud furniture.

The price was several times that of the chair he currently used, but after trying it in person, he simply didn't want to get up and bought a good amount of them directly.

His hips didn't even hurt after working for several hours in his new chair!

He definitely has to figure out how to manufacture these things when he sweeps the village; it's just too good for others to enjoy.

Enel's POV

I knew Onoki was stubborn, but I really didn't expect him to dismiss the SMILES so easily.

He didn't give them more than fifteen seconds of attention!

Stranger still, he decided to buy a specific amount of artificial Byakugan and cloud furniture that he carried on him on the spot, but he didn't place any additional orders before bidding us farewell.

"You noticed that the Tsuchikage doesn't seem to have good intentions toward us, right?" I heard Pakura while resting in the room we reserved. "I think Iwagakure will soon join the rest of the villages in trying to gather information about us. The only one still ignoring our existence is Sunagakure, and that will change after the visit to get the gold."

I didn't realize, but it was a possibility I would expect from any Kage of a large village.

"As for the gold, do you think it would be better if I made a long-term deal instead of just buying everything on the spot?" I asked her.

I had been reflecting, and I realized that even with the gold obtained from Kumogakure and the expected reduction by Sunagakure, I was still making them too much money in a very short time.

Pakura ran her thumb over her lips while thinking, a very suggestive gesture that I think she's not entirely aware of and that I admit manages to attract my gaze.

"I think that would be a good idea. It would provide a stable income of gold for you and cash flow for them. At the same time, depending on the amount you set, Rasa won't be able to find excuses to redirect the profits for war, and the Council can use them to solve many problems."

"Well, I guess waiting a few years is not a problem, but more than that is not acceptable," I murmured.

I can use the time I accumulate the gold to search for the stone and carve some gems with it.

"Why do you need so much gold?" Pakura asked curiously. "I mean, you're not going to replace all the buildings in the village with gold, right?"

"Of course not!" I responded, surprised by the question. "Do you have any idea how annoying the reflections and glares everywhere would be? A city of gold may sound cool, but it's not as good as people really think."

"So?" Pakura tried to mimic Haku's technique of putting on puppy eyes.

"I'd really rather not say; it's a big surprise."

I considered it for a long moment, but I didn't tell her it was to make engagement rings. Now we're moving in the right direction, and who knows how she would react to the information. On the other hand, I really want it to be a surprise.

And maybe she'll get one, so no, I'll keep my mouth shut for now.

In the end, Pakura's reaction to my refusal was to pout, and without realizing it, I pinched the puffed-up cheeks she made on pure instinct, leaving her stunned for a few seconds because she clearly didn't expect that childish act.

When she turned around to complain and ask me what I was doing (or so I think), she was surprised once again to see that I had brought my face close to hers and closed her mouth. Her skin reddened, and the atmosphere in the room became a bit ambiguous as we looked at each other, waiting with uncertainty for the development.

I didn't even realize what I did, but now it's one of those moments that Pakura can take advantage of.

She just needs to gather the courage and get a little closer, a small step that could change both of our lives and allow me to taste those lips that she has been unwittingly tempting me with.

What will you do, Pakura?"


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