Seimeigakure: The Hidden Village of Life

With no other choice, I founded the Hidden Village of Life and became the first Seimeikage. The other Great Ninja Villages: Envy! Tsunade: I thought I was a pioneer in medicine, now I know I still have a lot to learn. Orochimaru: My experiments make me look like a novice playing with a vinegar volcano compared to him. Jiraya: Why didn't I know a place like this existed?! -------------------------------------------------- I do not own Naruto or any other universe that will appear except the MC. The cover has been generated by an AI after many attempts based on my drawing. If you like Naruto fanfics, check out my previous work: "A ninja who is always hungry".

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Everything is an illusion

I couldn't help my curiosity and went to witness that night. Not physically, more like using my Mantra to "see and hear" everything that was happening inside. My mastery over the Mantra had grown immensely, and although I still didn't have the vast range that the original Enel had, it was close.

It was like watching a nightmare movie, where you hope that nothing you see is real.

They really brainwashed Itachi; he's completely insane, and the calm type, which makes him even more dangerous. Although I always had the theory that since he knew he would die from an incurable disease, he simply did this to take everyone with him in a fit of rage, feeling that it wasn't fair, and if he died, the rest should follow him to the other world.

I also saw Obito using his beloved chains. Is it a fetish?

Once Itachi killed his parents and went out to continue the sickening massacre, I appeared in the room amid the screams from outside and destroyed Fugaku's eyes with a discharge. I knew Mikoto had a three-tomoe Sharingan, but I really can't do it after how well we got along.

"I guess, in the end, the joke played against me..." I sighed exasperated with myself as I rubbed my forehead with the palm of my hand.

I picked up Mikoto, who had just died, to take her back to the village and put her in a medical capsule in my laboratory. Inside, her blood circulation quickly resumed, oxygen supply returned, and, in short, her vital signs returned while she remained in a deep coma. The fact that she had only been dead for two minutes prevented damage to the brain, and after leaving her in Nemu's hands to monitor her and keep her stable, I returned to the Uchiha complex for another additional matter.

Izumi Uchiha.

It was impossible that with my visits to Itachi's house, I didn't run into this kunoichi at some point, and I must say, I don't understand how someone like Fugaku's son managed to catch her attention.

One of the two reasons I came back is that I wanted to know what version of death she would have. If Itachi's, where he puts her under a genjutsu to spend a happy life together before dying, or Obito's, trapped by his chains and stabbed with a kunai while waiting for Itachi to save her.

"Obito's version is the winner, huh..." I murmured as I watched the kunoichi tied with chains, awaiting her death. "Hmm? Maybe I spoke too soon."

To my surprise, Itachi appeared at the end of the street, and Izumi began asking for his help, only to receive a cold look in return and hear him tell Obito that he had finished killing the entire Uchiha clan.

Being the last victim, Izumi's grandmother.

Even from such a distance, I could feel Izumi going from surprise to disbelief, ending up exuding a level of hatred that rose to the sky as she looked at Itachi. He tried to pretend that he was not affected in the slightest, but by the way he clenched his hands behind his back, I could tell he wasn't that indifferent.

In the next second, Obito's kunai stabbed her, taking Izumi's life.

I considered for a moment whether to repeat the same operation as with Mikoto, but I discarded it just as quickly. I could save one or the other, but not both, especially if they would be together after this event.

Anyone with a minimum of intelligence would understand the many reasons behind it.

So, while Obito was taking Izumi's eyes in front of Itachi with indifference, I repeated what I did to Fugaku with all the bodies I found in the Uchiha complex.

Letting Danzo get so many Sharingans? Nah. That sounds bad for everyone.

Let them think Obito took everything or something, as for the disappearance of Mikoto's body, let them make whatever theories they want. Her blood is at the scene anyway, and the amount is enough to kill someone from blood loss.

"Konoha is so sick," I sighed when I finished and disappeared from the place in a flash.

I returned to the laboratory where Nemu informed me of a really interesting detail.

"So, was Mikoto under a genjutsu until the moment she died?" I repeated, somewhat puzzled because I didn't remember Itachi using illusions with his parents before attacking them. In fact, I was sure he didn't.

"To be precise, she was controlled for several hours when she ended up in this state," Nemu clarified while raising a paper from her tablet and carefully examining the information she had just retrieved. "It could be said that during this time, she was unconscious and only acted as a puppet."

This made me reflect as I furrowed my brow; there seemed to be something wrong during this event that even I was unaware of. Something just didn't fit, and I couldn't place it.

"Dad, can I give a theory?" I turned to look at Nemu with a grimace; she decided to call me Fu, and I just wasn't used to or prepared for that change yet. "I think there's a high possibility that Fugaku Uchiha influenced his wife against her will to accept death together, manipulating her with an illusion so that she wouldn't resist."

"That... would indeed make a lot of sense," I realized what the discordant part was.

Would Mikoto allow her little Sasuke to have to survive alone in the village that ordered the extermination of one of its founding clans, without having any trustworthy adult strong enough to protect and care for him?

Especially considering the trauma and fear she would go through after the massacre of her clan, along with the loneliness and the almost certain manipulation of facts?

With the personality I had come to know, it was impossible under any circumstances!

And there was only one person in the village who could put Mikoto Uchiha, a bearer of a three-tomoe Sharingan, under an illusion by catching her off guard.

Fugaku Uchiha, her husband, and bearer of the Mangekyo Sharingan!

Moreover, Itachi killed them from behind, and she couldn't see her mother's face, so she believed that Fugaku's words were from both of them before sending them on their way. There simply was no margin for her to realize that there was something wrong with the whole affair.

But why would Fugaku go to such extremes?

Some stupidity about Uchiha pride or something?

Needless to say, for a couple of days, I've been pondering the matter distractedly, unable to come up with a remotely logical reason.

And Mikoto would take some time to recover from the wound, not to mention regaining consciousness. Itachi made sure the blow was quick and lethal, but it seems that the mental damage has turned out to be the worst part.

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