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Revenge Of The Dark Angel


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Myths are something which cannot be easily believed. It is usually told as a tale to kids. But what if the same myth becomes reality? The angels, demons, Vampires, werewolves and all other mythical creatures including dragons existed but were hiding as if they were put into deep slumber. However the story revolves around an Angel, who was executed in the heaven. He was wronged and due to that his soul couldn’t find a place to go because of the heavy resentment. God noticed this injustice and granted him another life, however that life was granted after 10,000 years had passed by! Now all the mythical creatures had emerged into surface but were still unknown to the humans. God provided humans some powers to become angels too in order to protect themselves and climb the great tower - THE TOWER OF ANGELS - which was a connection between the heaven and the earth. The one who reaches the top will have his one wish granted. Will our protagonist aim for that? Or will he just live his life peacefully. Join me in this amazing adventure where the protagonist is bullied constantly during both his lives and becomes a true DARK ANGEL in order to fight for injustice! However the biggest question was left unanswered - ‘Will he climb the tower and aim for glory?’


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