4 Victory but at what cost...

"I WIN!"

Leon cheered as he raised his fists in the air!

Both the coins were heads and Genie clapped which still didn't produce any sound.

"Well done for a Pathetic human. The bets are closed and the game ends here. It is a pity though because for a moment I thought you were interested in me" The Genie teased.

The Gambling rush ended in Leon's head as he cleared his throat and looks at Genie just smirking at his victory.

"You are still free to tell me about yourself you know" Leon commented as he sees the boards disappear leaving the coins floating.

The Genie smirks at that comment and approached closer to Leon as it hovers in front of him.

"Then choose, want to know about me? Or Do you want your reward which you asked for?"

"I want the reward that I asked for!" Leon replied without hesitation.

"Hmph… two-faced bastard, very well then, do explain in clarity for what you desire or you might get the wrong wish," Genie told in a clear tone as every word pronounced to perfection...

Leon got his hopes up, 'Finally! The Lord has answered my prayers!' he thought as he clears his throat and replies

" I want you to remove any defects on my body which have prevented me from manifesting my abilities, If not possible, compensate it with a World breaking ability," He says with perfect pronunciation.

"Pfft!~ you didn't have to copy me you know" Genie giggled and she replies "Let's do It, Close your eyes"

Leon does so without a question and smiles thinking.


He hears a guttural squishy noise as he feels blood swell up in his throat and tears flow out of his eyes which made him open them.

He sees Pitch Black hair floating in front of him…and then he feels cold air going into his body…' wait… INTO MY BODY!' His eyes widen as he looks down and hears chilling cold words as he sees a hand plunged into his chest right where his heart is.

"Your wish is granted" It was the most beautiful and serene voice he has ever heard in his life and then he sees the hand come out with a Red stone which was round and drenched in blood and surrounded with certain fibers, suddenly Leon feels shockwaves of pain spreading into my body as the hand pulls back the stone snapping one fiber at a time.

Leon wanted to scream his lungs out, but as he tried to do so, blood coughed up flowing from the sides of his mouth tracing down to the jawline and dripping down to the floor. fluid was leaking down his ear and nose as the rest of his body trembled from the sheer amount of pain he was experiencing.

"Oh~My~my~ are you a masochist?~ being conscious after feeling all that!~ I knew you were a perverted promise breaker!!~" It giggled and continues its monologue.

"you broke your promise twice and ended up asking the question early!"

"I wanted to have more fun with you before doing this!~." It said with a whine.

"But it can't be helped, this was gonna happen one way or the other. I would've loved to keep you as my pet~ but 'he' would probably scold me," said the same divine voice as it rips off the last strands and holds the stone in its bloody hands with a ring with a blue stone.

Leon still couldn't turn his head and see the being that killed him but instead, it showed the shining stone that it ripped out from his currently blood-oozing chest.

"This is the reason why even someone as talented as you could never show off your true potential, well even if you did we would've still hunted you down, oh~ special one"

It touches his chest and gently pushed Leon backward as Leon's body floats back and lays on the bed as he was lying down before and the belts strap him again as he had been before.

At this point, Leon fell into despair as he finally comes realizes that he is dying, His eyes trembling as he struggles to keep them open.

He feels his legs go numb, his fingers get cold, and his consciousness slowly wavers…

He sees his childhood times playing with his elder brother and the time at the dinner table enjoying his mother's cooking and his parent's banter over all the silly things.

Mom always used to win those banters and he and his brother used to watch them like an action movie.

The first day he went to school, the fun times he had, and all the pranks he played with his friends and teachers, just to return home and get scolded by his mom.

First day at the Base training camp and met up with Hiro, Alice, Dr. Maria… and even Luke.

'I am sorry….' He thought as his vision goes dark and his mind is put to rest….

"Well, that was a pathetic end."

A male voice was heard in the room as a brown-haired man wearing red vintage shades, 6'4 in height appears in the room wearing a blue suit.

"Hey, Herms! How long were you there?!" It asked in an Embarrassed tone

"Why did you have to toy around with a kid this long?" he looked at the clock and it was 5:00 ignoring her question.

The being which was trapped in the cloak of shadow placed the two coins they were playing with on Leon's eyes as they fade away so no mortal could see them.

"Am I not allowed to have my time with the person whom I'd have to kill?" she replied puffing up her cheek.

"That was very ungodly of you" He sighs…" Got his story out of him?"

"Yep!~ He was a naive blabbermouth loser~ just like I expected him to be~" She disinfected her hand by summoning tissues, water, and soap which cleaned her hand on its own.

"And the stone??" He asked with a slightly annoyed tone.

"yeah yeah I got it." she rolls her eyes as she tosses the stone to him which he catches with one hand and examines it.

"To think that Zeus would be on caution over this tiny rock" He murmurs as he then slips it into his pocket and notices that 'genie' was clearing up the excessive blood and building up the crime scene.

"Discordia! It's time to leave!" He ordered.

"Okay okay!!" she hovered her way back to him and holds his hand while Pouting.

"Don't make that face, I saw how you toyed with that boy's emotions, Discordia" He commented nonchalantly.

"Let's just leave," she whispered while she looked down and took a glance at Leon one last time as they Disappeared into thin air.

After a few minutes….Leon opens his eyes…

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