Revenant: Reborn as a Ghost in an Apocalypse Book

novel - Fantasy

Revenant: Reborn as a Ghost in an Apocalypse


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In a post-apocalyptic world caused by a mysterious being classified as "Alpha". its spawns overtake the earth's surface, force humanity to create underground havens, and fight to reclaim the surface world. This is the story of Leon Silvius, once a member of one of the richest households in this new reality, who loses everything in an unfair game with the gods, becoming a ghost in the process. Unable to comprehend his predicament, Leon stumbles upon a stray god whose motives align with his own: revenge. Together, Leon and the stray god strike a deal to exact vengeance upon the gods, with Leon as a ghost wearing nothing but boxers. This is the tale of a man's journey from loss to anger, betrayal to retribution, in a world on the brink of destruction.