14 Spirit of Vengeance

"To put it simply, the stone can turn a mortal into a Deity"

"…. What?!" Leon shouted in a high-pitched voice and his face was flushed because of all the alcohol.

'And here I thought things wouldn't get worse than this, now he is saying I had a stone in me which could've made me into a god?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!'

"You heard me right, the user of that stone turns into a deity, and for apparent precautions, They began to Eliminate users who are born with them and retrieve the stone.

I mean I can't blame them, the last person who I remember became a deity like that was Gauthama Siddhartha Buddha, and he made a complete religion out of it." Loki explains it with a shrug as he spins the bottle on his fingertip.

"So anyone in the random population could manifest a god stone? Then how did it not show up in the scans and all?!" Leon questioned as He is now desperate for answers.

"Yeah It's a random manifestation, and something as mystical as a Godstone won't be revealed to the world by measly technology, you just got unlucky with it mate" Loki answers with a smirk.

"Then how was I scammed? From what Eris told me before I died was that Godstone suppressed my bloodline talents and made me useless,

wouldn't I benefit from It being removed since I did not know its existence in the first place?" Leon asks Loki for answers while he gulped down more beer and fixed his hair.

"Then let me ask you?, what would happen If you still persevered despite all that?"

The room became silent and Loki continued his explanation.

"The Godstone's suppression would be just a cap of your human limitations which you'd have to overcome, making you take a step towards godhood, In short- It is the hard way of using it I guess?" Loki answers but even he is unsure of the last part.

"But when I said you were scammed, I meant the Game you played with Eris," Loki mentions as he giggled just thinking about it.

"The coin flip game?" Leon arches a brow and asks.

"The gods call it 'The game of truth' Where we take an oath on our name to not manipulate the game and always say the truth, we play it with two dice or 2 coins like how you played, personally I hate that game. Bleh~" Loki voiced his disgust while he explains.

"So you're telling me that she manipulated the game and toyed with me while getting everything she needed?" Leon replies as he starts to put all the pieces together in his head and feels the rage towards the situation grows stronger.

"YES!, Now I am sure of it lad, That girl's brain definitely made you smarter hahaha!~" He nods to his hypothesis and lets out a laugh.

"It's funny how you laid your whole life story open to her Heck you even provided all the information for a 'Mindwipe', and as the name suggests, Its a spell which removed your existence from every physical and mental record which needs information from the individual's mouth to work."

"But one error they did was that your body which should've turned into ashes under normal circumstances remains in the world that should've forgotten about you.".

"Either the God stone interrupted that or something, or maybe Eris wanted more chaos. or you were an anomaly in the god's path from the very start… I don't know about that but since your soul is still free and roaming most likely they wouldn't have noticed you becoming an astral ghost.

so Long story short, you are free to do whatever you want now "

Loki got more talkative as he pops open his 9th beer and finished what he had to say

Leon took a moment, then chugs his beer and rolls away the bottle.

"Why are you telling me all this? You got no reason to help me, and don't you dare say that you are some benevolent god or some shit.

State your purpose Loki". Leon glares at Loki with murderous intent.

'Ah yes~ those are the eyes I wanted to see.' Loki smirks sinisterly and replies

"Why Of course while I did make an oath to tell you the truth, I did not tell you all this information for free ya know. My reason is simple, We both share a common interest you see"

"Common Interest?" Leon raised his eyebrow while looking at Loki and his vision got blurry as the alcohol did its purpose.

"At first I wanted to avoid being out there so that I won't get caught but now I have decided to change my plans just for you.

"Don't you want to make them pay for ruining your life? I mean your life is pathetic right now, sure you can possess bodies and all but…

No one even remembers your name since they cast the 'no way home' spell on ya, only your father discovered your existence somehow but I doubt he will find anything related to the gods.

Do remind you that You are getting cucked as you see your crush Alice getting all chummy with the guy who beat the pulp out of you.

you lost your riches of your family, your dignity, your respect, your girl and your potential Godhood."

"Even as a Ghost, can you even be with yourself, knowing that everything that was supposed to be yours is gone to someone else?"

Loki's words stuck him on his chest and due to his drunken state, the words kept echoing through his ears.

"Don't you want to change all that? Do you feel the burning in you?...

The pain...that's eating you inside out,

Were is your bloodlust to ruin them For what they did to you?!" Loki spoke with his charismatic voice while keeping his sinister smile.

'Each and every word resonated with Leon's emotions as It struck the right chords in his chest and ripped his heartstrings... leaving him with anger and the thirst for revenge as the boy's aura around him turned into a shade of grey from transparent white.

'perfect~ The spirit of Vengeance has awoken~' Loki stated while still Grinning as a mischievous aura surrounds him.

Then he got up and offered his hand to Leon.

"So become my partner in crime Leon Silvius

Let's destroy the Gods together"


Meanwhile back in the Silvius Manor the gates open and a car enters.

"Welcome back sir" A butler walks to the car and opens the door but seeing Quill's expression he decides to stay silent and tag along as Quill.

They enter the house and Quill goes straight to the basement which surprises the Butler.

"Brian prepare all the family Documents, Photographs, and Images for me"

Quill ordered as he presses a tile in the wall, and a secret door slides open, revealing all the High ammunition guns!

"Prepare the family teams with ammunition and arm the security.

Then send a message to James that I want him back home, while you are doing that, prepare a Letter for me addressing the president and General of cocoon 5, I'll sign it later"

He stated his commands while checking the ammunition of a few pistols which had an Iconic silver finish on them.

"What should I address the Head Leaders, sir?" Brian asks politely with a low bow.

"I am Coming out of retirement and have armed my family in the name of self Defence."

Quill stated as he keeps a pistol in his coat.

'The moment you decided to mess with my family, you've sealed your fate, not even the gods can save you.'

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