13 God of Mischief

The room goes quiet again as Loki introduces himself.

"And the god of lies, you forgot that title" Leon added now knowing Loki's Identity.

"I know you kids don't know mythology and people don't go out saying that they are a liar in their introduction." He commented back.

"So you don't deny it?"

"Yeah, I am a liar, Just like everybody in this world, Say- Have you not lied before?" Loki poses the question.

"I Have?"

"See?! we are not so different! You and I, its just that I get the credit for it." Loki sits down on the bed and smiles at Leon.

But I gotta give it to the Franchises out there, they made me pretty relevant—one of the reasons why I can manifest myself like this here." He commented as he sighs and lays on his back.

"So this isn't your true body?" Leon stated with uncertainty as he looks at Loki with a raised eyebrow.

Loki gets up and rests his elbow on his thighs and his chin on his palm. "It seems your ears are sharper than your brain, Mr. Silvius."

Leon's eyebrow twitched at that comment but then let it slide as a beer bottle came rolling towards him and then he looks at Loki popping the bottle open.

"Fancy a beer?" He asked

"You know I can't grab it or drink it."

Of course, you can. Go possess the girl who is asleep in the bathroom.

"Wait what?" Leon got baffled when he heard those words.

"Just do it, she's been asleep for too long anyways, think of it as getting into a mecha suit or something, once you do, you'll get the hang of it," he said while taking a sip of the beer

Leon sighs as he face-palmed and enters the bathroom by phasing through and sees a Blonde-haired girl passed out in the empty bathtub.

'Looks like she's most likely corporal, At least she's got her clothes on'. He sighs in relief and then lies on top of her trying to adjust his position.

'Okay... here goes!'

Then his vision goes dark for a moment and he…feels heavy.

Slowly he opens his eyes and sees all white…his vision focuses and he sees that he is in the bathtub.

'Looks like I succeeded'...

'Sorry miss...'

He got up and just stared down… he thought for a second...Then shook his head and walked out of the bathroom while holding the wall.

"Still not used to it eh?" Loki smirks while finishing his first bottle.

"Ye-" The female voice came out and that weirded the hell out of him.

"Pfft, cute innit" Loki bursts out laughing.

"It's not funny!" Leon retaliated with a blushing pout but is still not used to the voice.

Loki then opens and pops another bottle as he finished one while Leon sits down cross-legged and they exchange bottles.

"Got tempted for a feel?" Loki asks nonchalantly as they exchanged bottles but Leon just received the bottle he lowered his head but his ears were bright red.

'I am not going to feed my reactions to his mockery!' He resolved himself.

"Drink and you'll get used to this." he passed the open bottle while taking the one he rolled over to Leon that time and pops it up, the fizz leaks out and he smirks.

"Just the way I like it."

"Cheers!" the bottle connect making a clanging noise.

"C-cheers!..." Leon said unwillingly as this was the first time he was drinking...PERIOD!

but his ego prevented him from backing down and went ahead with the flow.

'well here goes.'

They both take a couple of gulps, but then Leon stuck his tongue out from the bitter taste.

"How do people drink this?" He said with a frown.

"First time eh kid?" Loki mocks him while taking another sip.

"You'll get used to it in time, It's best when you got hot meat around or some snacks but just beer is also fine." He says while he rests the bottle on his lap.

"So tell me, Leon. How did a pervert like you die in his bed? Did you try to get off with a goddess?"

Leon who was going for another sip choked on his beer and then starts coughing."NO!"

"Then drink slowly you dumb rookie" Loki takes another sip while glaring at him…

'Surely he didn't right? Every angle of this Lil wanker screams out that he's a virgin…' Loki had his doubts as he knew, the possibility is close to zero but it is not Zero..

"But I think a goddess did kill me…" Leon replied while taking a small sip of beer and looking down at his feet.


Loki was screaming in his mind with curiosity and he leaned forward and surprised Leon.

"Well then Let's listen to the story!, maybe who knows I can find a solution for your situation," he said, now actually serious and investigating the TEA!

"As if I'll get a solution from the God of Lies" Leon snorted and picked up his beer.

"Hey man, right now I'm the best option you got. Beggars can't be choosers" Loki replies as he burps off the gas and hit the middle of his chest.

"Damn, that hit the spot." He grins.

Leon sighs and then explains his whole story from the start… His life before, what happened in the military, the bullying, meeting up with the specter who later revealed to be a beautiful goddess who later ripped a hole into his chest.

His eyes were closed but he did hear the name "Herms: and "Eris".

He skipped the part about him going to the surface and his shitty learning experience of being a ghost.

But did explain how he found out that the world forgot about him because Loki asked and ended it with Alice 'His crush' is now getting close to Luke.

"… and that's how we met." Leon finished his explanation while taking his third beer as his vein was popping off on his temple from anger.

Loki was laughing his ass off as he was rolling side to side on his bed.

'Here I was worried he was the luckiest man alive, going straight for the heavens!~ PFFT HAHA!~'

"My man you were gifted with luck but got the worst send-off ever! Every aspect of your life is in shambles mate!" He laughs and then holds his stomach as he got tired of laughing.

"So your way of helping is?" Leon spoke in an annoyed tone as every god he met did a mockery of his life!

"alright ~ alright~ I'll first tell you what the Greek folks did to you and then talk about what was actually in you, Sounds fair?" Loki offered a proposition and Leon nodded.

"Wait greek gods?" Leon asked curiously.

"Okay, I'll explain that as well, In short, All Deities do exist and we have a certain energy called divinity which comes off from people's beliefs and myths, the stronger the myth, the stronger the Deity.

All Gods are Deities, But all Deities are not gods, you can think of it somewhat like a royalty hierarchy split up, and the power difference varies since that depends on what they stand for., even forgotten gods can be as strong as a relevant one."

Loki explains while taking another gulp of beer in the gap and continues.

"For example, there is me, Loki who already has a strong historical myth in the Norse lore and now fortified my Legacy in all the young Lads and Lasses thanks to Mr. Hiddleston! GOD! I love that man!... AHEM! then there are gods like Hypnos, the god of sleep who is just completely irrelevant in myth but stupidly overpowered because the majority of the believers need sleep!"

"The ones that killed you were Eris the goddess of chaos and discord, while Herms is probably Hermes, the messenger god, and is my Greek god of mischief counterpart," Loki said Hermes's name out of disgust.

"Anyways the gods' relevance has reduced but the prayers have not so technically you could say that we got stronger in terms of divine energy.

Eris is one of the stronger gods even on the consideration of all the gods combined because of obvious reasons"

Leon who was sitting silently and listening took a minute to comprehend everything and replied. "The apocalypse?"

"EXACTLY!! the beer is kicking in fast huh, perks of a female body I'd say!" Loki comments and finishes the bottle, and tosses it back on the bed.

"Now to the funny part, You! My friend were scammed shitless by them for the golden gift you were given from birth for absolutely nothing in return!"

Loki smiles as he picks up a bottle from the side of the bed and pops it open.

'I was already annoyed by today's day and now this clown is telling me that I was scammed?!

The beer was getting onto Leon's head but he spoke with a stern voice and leaned forward.

"What do you mean scammed?"

Loki leans over and spoke, "Do you know what a Baetylus is?"

"No?" Leon tilted his head in confusion….

"But.. If I have to guess..., is it the stone she plucked out of me?"

"EXACTLY!" Loki points the bottle at Leon and shouts.

"Good heavens lad, I think the lass's head has made you a tad bit smarter eh!" He laughs and pats Leon's shoulder and then continues.

"The Baelytus, commonly called the God stone, is a precious material that appears once in 100 to 1000 years or so, to one mortal, only once at a time till it is used up or destroyed."

"I don't know too much about it but I do know what It was used for." Loki pats the air and calls him to lean closer for the secret.

"What did it do then?" Leon asked curiously as he leans forward.

"To put it simply, the stone can turn a mortal into a Deity".

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