91 Dragon of Greed part -1

[Fafnir's Castle]

In the center of an ancient room covered with mountains of gold and old bones which he had found, Leon looked around to comprehend what was even going on, impatience and worry slowly driving him insane.

'Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!' He cursed as he remembered Loki's warning.

'I have limited the number of times you can teleport from one place to another to four times. 

You are still using a mortal body and teleportation magic is something very complicated that I really don't have the patience to explain but long story short.

"If you do it more than four times, you might end up in the middle of dimensional shifts, ripped apart by the fabrics of space and time' Loki said cheerfully back then visually showing a human body getting shredded into particles of light with one hand while drinking beer on the other.


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