77 "Let's get Ridiculous"

They both stare at each other, as Cynthia crosses her hands and looks down at her sister, Serena puffs her chest up and looks up at her with the rebellious nature of hers evident in her eyes.

"Ah- um…" Mark who stood behind Serena was surprised at the sudden visit of the general of the whole fricking army!.

Then they both look at Mark and point to the door.

"Get out"

"Mark please Leave"

"I think I'll get flowers for real this time" He gulped and left the cubicle in a rush as Serena sighed.

"What do you want sis?"

Cynthia's frustration bubbled over, and she directed her anger at Serena. "Honestly, Do you have ANY IDEA WHAT I WAS GOING THROUGH?!

  like, how could you be so reckless? 

Venturing into a battlefield with such overwhelming odds against us? Are you trying to get yourself killed?" Cynthia's voice was filled with a mix of concern and exasperation.


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