81 "Heartbreaker"

*Fortress Titan: Leon's Dorm room*

"Gah!" Leon gasped as he teleported back to his dorm room, his spectral form flickering with exhaustion. The extensive use of his poltergeist abilities had taken a toll on him, rendering him increasingly transparent and causing the dark, shadowy aura surrounding him to diminish into a faint highlight.

Realizing that time was of the essence, Leon knew he had to locate his physical body as quickly as possible.

  With a determined expression, he phased out of the building complex, swiftly moving through walls and obstacles, heading towards the one place he believed his body would be— the Casualty wards.

As he materialized inside the hospital, Leon's impatience grew. He frantically searched the bustling hallways, his ghostly form passing through doctors and nurses without notice. His eyes scanned the signs, searching for the location where his body would be kept.


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