Reincarnated with Annihilation Maker in a World with Mashup Anime

Follow Kamisato Oreki and his slow life with Annihilation Maker and use it in creative and Imaginative way to make him truly overpowered Alternate Tittle: Using Annihilation Maker to summon Super Shenron for one wish 4 chapters a week is the scheduled List of Anime mixed in: High School DxD Gj-bu Blend S Watamote Bocchi the Rock Oshi no Ko My Roommate is a Cat Kaguya-sama: Love is War - heads up I’m using chatgp for this p.s. No Rias bashing here p.s.s. Harem is creation is as easy as using pokeball to a pokemon even if it's a legendary. p.s,s.s. turn off your your brain while reading and maybe skip some useless yapping too.

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Chapter 47

Arriving back at Oreki's house via teleportation, Oreki and Yoruichi greeted Jerry and Tom, who were engrossed in a game of Mario Kart online. "We're back" Oreki announced cheerfully, catching the attention of the two friends.

Tom and Jerry nodded in acknowledgment at their presence before quickly diverting their focus back to the television screen, eager to resume their game. Without skipping a beat, they resumed their intense Mario Kart session, the sounds of virtual racing filling the room as Oreki and Yoruichi settled in, ready to join the gaming fun.

They continued playing Mario Kart, Oreki and Tom couldn't resist indulging in the takoyaki that Oreki and Yoruichi had bought earlier. The savory aroma filled the room, tempting their taste buds as they savored each bite. Despite its already delicious flavor, Oreki and Tom knew they could elevate the experience even further with their cheat code-like culinary skills.

After several rounds of intense Mario Kart gameplay, Oreki decided to take a break and attend to another task. With a quick glance at the clock, he realized that he had neglected to set up his drawing tablet, a hobby he often pursued in his spare time. "I'm going upstairs to set up my drawing tablet and stuff" he announced to the group, receiving only nods of acknowledgment as Jerry and Tom remained fully immersed in the game, their attention fixated on the screen. Shaking his head in amusement at their unwavering focus, he couldn't help but smile at the sight.

Oreki hold the door to his room imagine his previous world. He open the door entering it and reaching his previous world. His reason for coming here is simple he wanted to graft his internet of this world to his phone and computer back home so he can get easy access to all the thing he wanted to copy form this world. After grafting the internet to his and computer, he return to his home.

Oreki entered his room, he felt a surge of excitement wash over him as he prepared to set up his drawing tablet and its accompanying accessories. With meticulous care, he arranged the various components on his desk, ensuring everything was in its rightful place before he began the setup process. Each cable and connector was handled with precision, a testament to his attention to detail and dedicatio. With the drawing tablet poised and ready, Oreki's mind buzzed with anticipation as he contemplated the possibilities that lay before him. Unlike many artists who sought to channel their unique visions onto the canvas, Oreki's goal was more straightforward: he aimed to replicate and copy existing works from the internet for others to see.

Hee powered on the drawing tablet and launched his preferred drawing software, Oreki's excitement grew palpable. With a steady hand and a focused mind, he began to copy a famous hentai works or one of my favorite hentai of him. Letting his hand weave through he was able to bring the hentai here in this world easily,

Then it dawn to him that he is already connected his previous world internet "Why Am I doing this again if I can just download it and upload it online here for the wider audience to see?" He then started thinking the reason why is because he wants his on it "I see I see and if my potential fans wants me to create one live I can just graft the internet in my...mind?" then another realization dawn to him "Oh My God, I can do that too" and he did just that using the combination of Error and Fool authority so that his brain can handle it.

After that he started copying again a favorite hentai of his with ease. While he is doing that. he also started reading it intent to appreciate the work of art. Finishing the chapter 1 while reading it as fast as he can. After about 30 minutes of drawing he is able to see it in full view again. He started creating his blog and pixiv to promote and upload the works he will copy in the future. He then upload the first chapter of Azato Making by Michiking or in this world Kami-Sato.

With a satisfied smile, Oreki decided to inform Eriri that he had uploaded his latest works, eager to gauge her reaction to the erotic manga he had copied. Opening up his LINE chat, he quickly composed a message to Eriri, providing her with the link to his Pixiv account so she could access his artwork as soon as possible. Anticipation bubbled within him as he hit send, wondering how she would respond to his latest creations.

However, Oreki's excitement soon turned to disappointment when Eriri's response was delayed. Unbeknownst to him, Eriri had adopted a strict policy of cutting off all communication while she was completely focused on her own works. She understood the importance of maintaining concentration and avoiding distractions, knowing that even the slightest interruption could disrupt her flow of creativity and cause her to lose valuable ideas. As a result, she made a conscious effort to minimize contact with others during her creative process, prioritizing her own work above all else.

"Now let's play one round of online chess before going down for dinner" Oreki suggested, eager to unwind with a strategic game after his creative endeavors. Booting up the chess app, he found himself immediately invited by Shion, who wasted no time in challenging him to a match. Oreki couldn't help but chuckle at the sight of Shion's invitation, knowing full well that she considered him her mortal enemy in the world of online chess.

As Oreki pondered Shion's competitive spirit, he couldn't help but draw a comparison to Kaho, another friend who shared a similar rivalry with him in gaming. Both girls possessed an undeniable charm and lovable personality that endeared them to Oreki, despite their fierce determination to best him in their respective games. With a fond smile, he couldn't help but marvel at their competitive nature, finding it endearing how they approached their gaming battles with such fervor and enthusiasm.

"These girls are really cute and lovable that I want to hug them" Oreki thought to himself, his heart warming at the thought of their friendship. Despite their competitive rivalries, Oreki cherished the moments he spent gaming with Shion and Kaho, finding joy in their spirited exchanges and shared passion for gaming. With a sense of anticipation, he accepted Shion's challenge, ready to engage in a battle of wits and strategy on the virtual chessboard before heading downstairs for dinner.


After finishing dinner alone, Oreki couldn't help but feel a twinge of concern as he observed Tom, Yoruichi, and Jerry still engrossed in their marathon gaming session of Mario Kart. Despite having reminded them to eat dinner first, their dedication to gaming seemed unwavering, prompting Oreki to ponder how he could encourage them to engage in other activities beyond gaming. "What a bunch of addicts" he mused to himself, shaking his head at their seemingly insatiable appetite for gaming.

Reflecting on the situation, Oreki found solace in the fact that They were playing on the Switch, leaving the PS5 free for his own entertainment. With a sense of relief, he made plans to indulge in some solo gaming, eager to immerse himself in the world of competitive Tekken. Quickly firing off a message to Kaho via LINE chat, he expressed his readiness to engage in a fierce battle of virtual combat. Typing out the message, he wrote, "Ready to play again when you are, Kaho-chan" his anticipation growing as he awaited her response.


Morning came just like that

As Oreki enjoyed his breakfast in the quiet of the morning, he noticed Yoruichi descending the stairs, her presence drawing his attention. She was dressed in a loose, see-through crop top that revealed glimpses of her black bra underneath, paired with matching black underwear. With deliberate grace, she swayed her hips as she made her way towards him, aware of his respectful gaze upon her. (note: this part is the reason why I did all the things below)

Feeling her approach from behind, Oreki turned his to find Yoruichi embracing him from behind, her head resting on his shoulder as she whispered seductively into his ear. Her playful tone sent a shiver down his spine as he savored the intimate moment. "Do you like what you see, meow?" she purred, her words tinged with allure as she teased him with her proximity.

Warning: R18 scene coming in hot

Oreki found himself caught in Yoruichi's seductive embrace, he acknowledged that he had little choice but to respond to her advances. Gazing into her eyes with a hint of determination, "Yes, I do like what I see but I like this more" he expressed his appreciation for her allure before taking her by surprise with a passionate kiss. Yoruichi's initial astonishment quickly gave way to acceptance as she welcomed Oreki's fervent embrace, allowing their tongues to intertwine in a playful dance of exploration.

Lost in the intensity of the moment, Oreki and Yoruichi indulged in the sensation of each other's touch, their tongues engaging in a spirited "sword fight" that added an element of excitement to their intimacy. With each movement, they explored the depths of each other's mouths, their connection deepening with every fleeting moment.

Their passionate embrace intensified, Oreki gently guided Yoruichi to sit in his lap, seeking to enhance their intimate connection. Their kissing session grew more fervent, fueled by a mutual desire for closeness and affection. As their bodies pressed against each other, Yoruichi began to express her desire more explicitly, her movements becoming more pronounced as she hump while feeling up his bulge under his shorts with her crotch.

Oreki, equally enthralled by the intensity of their sex, reciprocated Yoruichi's advances, his hands exploring her curves as she continued to move against him. Lost in the moment, they both emitted soft moans of pleasure.

Oreki becoming increasingly aware of Yoruichi's arousal. Feeling her wetness against him only heightened his own desire, prompting him to issue a command in between their heated kisses. "Take it out" he instructed, his words a whispered plea as they shared breaths and explored each other's mouths.

Yoruichi, fully aware of the implications of Oreki's request, responded eagerly to his desire. With practiced skill, she deftly complied, skillfully freeing his arousal from its confines without breaking their intimate embrace. Their kisses grew even more fervent as they reveled in the shared anticipation of what was to come, their bodies aflame with passion and longing.

Their desire reached its peak, Yoruichi wasted no time in fulfilling her long-held longing, eagerly guiding Oreki's dick to her wet vagina. With a slow, deliberate motion, she enveloped his dick easily with her pussy, their connection sending waves of pleasure coursing through her body. Breaking away from their passionate kiss, she couldn't contain her ecstasy, "Ah!!! Fuck yeah!! I have been waiting for this" her moans echoing loudly in the kitchen as she surrendered to the sensation of their union.

The greatness of their sex drove Yoruichi to vocalize her pleasure, her cries of ecstasy mingling with the sound of their rhythmic movements. Oreki, caught up in the moment, seized the opportunity to take control, his hands gripping Yoruichi's firm buttocks as he guided her movements. With each thrust, they found a rhythm that sent them both soaring to new heights of pleasure. "Fuck! Ah aah! Harder Oreki" Yoruichi moan as she order Oreki to go harder.

Oreki's gaze fixated on Yoruichi's enticing curves, her supple breasts bouncing enticingly with each movement. As he continued to move his hips in rhythm with hers, their shared pleasure intensified, "AH AH YES YES" driving Yoruichi to vocalize her ecstasy even louder

With skilled hands, Oreki deftly removed Yoruichi's crop top and black bra, exposing her luscious breasts to his eager gaze. Her nipples, ripe and tempting, beckoned to him, and he couldn't resist the urge to indulge in their sweetness. Taking one nipple into his mouth, he savored the taste and texture, his free hand caressing and teasing the other breast. The sensation sent shivers of pleasure coursing through Yoruichi's body, her moans growing even more urgent as she surrendered to the pleasure washing over her. "AH AH OREKI I"M CUMMING FUCK!" 

Oreki continued to play with her breasts, Yoruichi's arousal reached a fever pitch, her movements becoming more frantic as she approached the brink of ecstasy. "AHHH!!" With a cry of pleasure, she climaxed, her release washing over her in waves.

Oreki's desire surged, driving him to seek his own release. "FUCK LET ME CUM TOO!" With an urgent plea, he expressed his need for completion, his words echoing in the air as he continued to move with increasing fervor. Yoruichi, fueled by her own arousal and the desire to reciprocate Oreki's pleasure, matched his power with newfound vigor, "CUM OREKI CUM FOR ME" her movements becoming more determined as she urged him towards climax while moaning loudly on her own pleasure.

Their bodies moved in perfect synchrony, each thrust bringing them closer to the brink of ecstasy. With a sense of urgency, they embraced each other once more, their kisses becoming more fervent as their tongues danced in a passionate tango. The slurping sounds of their entwined mouths echoed in the kitchen, adding to the intensity of their shared pleasure.

With each passing moment, their desire grew more consuming, driving them towards the pinnacle of ecstasy. As they continued to move their hips in rhythm. "Yoruichi I'm about to cum" Oreki movement reach a new point as his hard dick enter and exit Yoruichi sloppy pussy. "CUM OREKI I'M ALSO CUMMING AH AH! "Yoruchi urge Oreki as she too is about to cum again while her moan echo in the kitchen and her boobs bouncing wildly.

Oreki felt the telltale signs of his impending release, "Yoruichi I'm about to cum" his movements becoming more urgent as he approached the edge of ecstasy. With a whispered declaration, he informed Yoruichi of his impending climax, his arousal driving him to new heights of pleasure as he continued to thrust into her.

Yoruichi, equally consumed by desire, urged Oreki on, "CUM OREKI I'M ALSO CUMMING AGAIN AH AH" her own arousal reaching its peak as she prepared to join him in ecstasy.

Oreki's intense and vigorous movements continued, "I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING AH!!!" Yoruichi found herself overcome with another powerful climax, her cries of pleasure echoing in the kitchen as waves of ecstasy washed over her. Despite her release, she maintained her rhythm, knowing that Oreki was on the brink of his own climax. With a passionate kiss to his neck, she marked him as her own, a silent declaration of their intimate connection.

Embracing his head, Yoruichi guided their movements, "CUM INSIDE AH AH OREKI RELEASE YOUR AAH SEMEN INSIDE MY PUSSY AHHH" urging Oreki to release his seed inside her with a fervent plea. Her words were laced with desire as she encouraged him to surrender to the overwhelming sensation of release.

In the throes of their shared ecstasy, Oreki held Yoruichi tightly in his embrace, their bodies moving in unison as they reached the peak of pleasure together. With each thrust, their passion intensified, driving them both to the brink of release. As Oreki released his load of cum inside Yoruichi, "AAAHHH!!! they cried out in simultaneous pleasure, their voices blending into a symphony of ecstasy.

Feeling her vagina fill with his semen, Yoruichi was overcome with another powerful climax, her body quivering with pleasure as she reached her peak for the third time. As she rolled back, her tongue protruding in a blissful expression of satisfaction, she marveled at the sensation of being filled with Oreki's essence. "So much cum" she exclaimed, her voice filled with awe and delight as she basked in the aftermath of their passionate union.

As their breathing gradually returned to normal, Oreki and Yoruichi exchanged a smile, their satisfaction evident on their faces as they basked in the aftermath of their shared climax. They shared another passionate kiss, their tongues intertwining once more in a display of lingering desire.

After a moment of heated passion, they parted, a thin strand of saliva connecting them momentarily. Yoruichi, her lips glistening, voiced her concern about the consequences of their sex. "You released so much inside me" she remarked, her tongue flicking over her lips suggestively. "Aren't you worried I might get pregnant?"

With a confident smirk, "NOPE" Oreki reassured Yoruichi of his lack of concern regarding the possibility of pregnancy. As he glanced at the time, he suggested they take a bath together before he had to depart for his planned activities. Carefully withdrawing from Yoruichi, he caused a slight moan to escape her lips as the sensation tickled her.

Observing the semen dripping from Yoruichi's vagina, Oreki couldn't help but smile as she walked towards the bathroom, her hips swaying enticingly. Following her lead, he shook his head with amusement before joining her in the bathroom. And they fuck again.