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Power 1.Unlimited Power of Destruction 2.Perfect control 3.Tom Riddle's Magic Talent, and lot of Magical Energy Orphan trope Harem 1.Nymphadora Tonks 2.Luna Lovegood 3.Fleur Delacour 4.Daphne Greengrass 5.Astoria Greengrass 6.Hermione Granger Summary: MC is OP as fk but don't act cold towards people he care and actually listens to them (beta naive mc) He is Heir of an ancient noble family. A lot of MC's ass kissing, cringe af, ya this is it. I won't recommend you reading this shit. There are way way better ff available on webnovel read those than wasting your time here. why am I writing this then? cause I'm a fking loser. You're not right? sorry just got upset due to criticism. Ahh I should just delete this shit and do something productive with my life. You can't satisfy everyone. some like Hermione, some hate her to guts. fking idiots.

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House Black

[Lord Black- Arcturus Black POV ]

In my long life, I've read extensively about formidable wizards like Grindelwald, Dumbledore, Slytherin, Herpo, and many others. Some mastered Alchemy, others delved into dark magic, but a few wielded raw magical power and talent—rarities, emerging once in a century. Dumbledore and Grindelwald were among these geniuses, while Voldemort stood as an anomaly.

But who is Agustus Peverell? Since the boy healed me, I've been pondering this question. I believe I've found the answer. The healing power he wielded, it makes him the strongest wizard to have ever lived. How? It's simple. I suspect he can channel that power not just for healing but also as a weapon. The magic I felt from him sent shivers down my spine, the aura of that magic was pure dread, how can a man weild such power is beyond my comprehension.

I'm grateful that House Black has a connection with him. Narcissa did an admirable job. I regret entrusting her to a man like Malfoy, but now things are looking up. Though, I wonder why he's coming here.

Perhaps he seeks to lift the banishment of Andromeda and her daughter Nymphadora, but if that were the case, a letter would have sufficed. There's something more he desires this time.

On other note Sirius has truly embraced his role as Godfather to the heir of Potter. At least he's not shirking his responsibility this time. The Potter boy is pitifully ignorant of House Potter and wizarding customs. His purported battle with Voldemort seems absurd, yet the involvement of Heir Peverell makes me reconsider the possibility of Voldemort's survival.

The thought of Voldemort still alive is chilling. He tarnished the legacy of the ancient and noble House Black, treating us as his servants. SERVENTS. HOUSE BLACK, reduced to servitude.

I must calm myself; now is not the time for such thoughts. If that monster yet lives, I must strike a deal with Heir Peverell—an alliance between our houses. I will not allow Voldemort to ravage House Black again.

[Pov end]

[POV - Minister of Magic - Millicent Bagnold]

The ministry politics had reached a stagnant point; other parties seemed to have taken a step back to rethink their leadership. Dark families were now more focused on making connections to Peverell rather than opposing him, while the light families were preoccupied with writing letters to Sirius Black about the trial. None of them had expected their innocent friend to be imprisoned because of a Death Eater. Last year had been quite busy; I should take a breather, maybe go to the beach and relax. I deserve a vacation.

Amelia Bones had taken good care of Aurors' training; Moody's team had become fearsome, but the old goat is still as paranoid as he was during the war, and that's what kept him alive.

The emergence of Lord Black as allies of Agustus had made my position more secure; no one questions my decisions anymore.

Fudge and his pink pet had been trying to create some fuss about an act, but most people ignored them as no one wanted to be associated with them except the Selwyn family.

I was sitting in my office chair when a letter appeared in front of me.

And after reading that letter, all I could say was...


I shouldn't have run for this cursed position again. Honestly, it was a mistake. Should I resign? Absolutely, but this freaking boy won't let me.

I thought of him as a cute little boy, but he's not so cute anymore. Voldemort is alive!

Yes, I just read his letter. Initially, I thought it was just a joke, a silly prank, but the more I read, the more real this shit got.

Creating Horcruxes, and six of them! How does he even know about that? Can he be killed? Where are those cursed objects? There are so many questions.

But that was only the first half of the letter. The second half was him explaining how he wanted to break out a Death Eater - Bellatrix Lestrange, and needed Azkaban's location for that.

Is he insane? Why does he have to make my life so hard? He also wrote a reason for this, which I should ignore.

Voldemort! That abomination destroyed my life, but this little monster is making it worse.

Sigh, I couldn't help but chuckle at the absurdity of his request. I destroyed the letter and wrote him the location of Azkaban. I wonder how Miss Bones would react to this. I must increase Aurors' training budget.

I look forward to meeting him again. I would ask for compensation for all the work he has put me through. I've even become his accomplice in crime.

[Pov end]

[Agustus POV]

I directly Apparated into the meeting room of Grimmauld Place, the ancestral home of the Black family. I had already alerted Lord Black about my arrival to avoid startling them and triggering the wards. As I appeared, I saw the people I wanted to attend the meeting: Harry Potter and Sirius Black, dressed in their family's formal attire, sitting on the sofa. Lord Black was seated in a black sofa chair, and across from him was an empty chair, clearly reserved for me.

Everyone stood up upon seeing me, indicating that Lord Black had informed them about my means of arrival.

"Lord Black," I greeted with a nod of acknowledgement.

"Heir Peverell," he nodded back.

Sigh, wizarding world customs.

"Heir Potter," I nodded next.

"Heir Peverell," Harry nodded in return.

"Master Black," I acknowledged with another nod.

"Heir Peverell," he returned the nod.

After all the greetings were exchanged in the proper order of precedence, we all sat down.

"Kreacher," Lord Black called.

An old elf appeared in front of him wearing rags. "What can Kreacher do for the Lord?"

"Bring tea and snacks for the meeting," Lord Black instructed.

"Yes, master," Kreacher hurriedly disappeared, and tea and biscuits appeared on the table in front of me.

"So, Heir Peverell, how have you been? Is Narcissa alright?" Lord Black inquired.

I smiled a little and replied, "It's been good. Narcissa is busy handling my estate. She always focuses on work; I had to drag her out of my study for vacation."

He chuckled. "She is like that once she sets her mind on something."

I nodded and turned towards Sirius. "So, how's getting out of Azkaban? Do you miss the Dementors?"

Lord Black laughed out loud, and Sirius shuddered at the memories. Anyone else would've gotten cursed for joking about this sensitive matter, but not me.

"It's been amazing, Heir Peverell. Thank you for your support in the trial and protecting my godson this year. I am grateful to you. If I can assist you in something, please let me know," Sirius expressed his genuine gratitude.

I smiled and nodded.

Harry stood up and said, "Thank you for saving me, Heir Peverell, and fighting Voldemort."

"Sit down, Heir Potter. Saving you was the right thing to do. I can't let my juniors die in Hogwarts, can I?" I responded.

He smiled and said, "You can call me Harry, Heir Peverell."

I smiled back. "Alright, Harry. Just call me Peverell," I suggested, to which he nodded.

We talked a little about Hogwarts management and the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher for the year. After a while, Lord Black asked, "So, why are we here, Heir Peverell?"

[Pov end]


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