Reincarnated In HP world with Power of Destruction

Author: Agwinz
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What is Reincarnated In HP world with Power of Destruction

Read ‘Reincarnated In HP world with Power of Destruction’ Online for Free, written by the author Agwinz, This book is a Book&Literature Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ROMANCE Fan Fiction, REINCARNATION Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Power 1.Unlimited Power of Destruction 2.Perfect control3.Tom Riddle's Magic Talent, and lot of Magical Energy Orphan tr...


Power 1.Unlimited Power of Destruction 2.Perfect control 3.Tom Riddle's Magic Talent, and lot of Magical Energy Orphan trope Harem 1.Nymphadora Tonks 2.Luna Lovegood 3.Fleur Delacour 4.Daphne Greengrass 5.Astoria Greengrass 6.Hermione Granger Summary: MC is OP as fk but don't act cold towards people he care and actually listens to them (beta naive mc) He is Heir of an ancient noble family. A lot of MC's ass kissing, cringe af, ya this is it. I won't recommend you reading this shit. There are way way better ff available on webnovel read those than wasting your time here. why am I writing this then? cause I'm a fking loser. You're not right? sorry just got upset due to criticism. Ahh I should just delete this shit and do something productive with my life. You can't satisfy everyone. some like Hermione, some hate her to guts. fking idiots.

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I like your idea of naming him Peverell since the Peverells are one of the oldest families in the Wizarding World and Everyone knows which family is the true master of Deathly Hallows.😈


MC is a braggart Gary Stu young master and everyone else is relegated into three categories: bootlicker, girlfriend(or potential girlfriend) or enemy. If you like that kind of thing this is for you. I used to like this kind of thing and while it’s lost it’s appeal long ago for me I’m sure there are those who enjoy it. Lol MC is on the left, other characters are suit guy and author is on the right😂😂😂:


its too cringe. reads like a wattpad novel where the mc immediately goes to Gringotts and gets a bunch of noble titles and lordships. mc is addressed with 5 noble names or something at his sorting as he "struts forward confidently to the sorting hat as he is destined for greatness" ok bro, everything was handed to you congrats. everything is designed to make the mc look cool or mature but it doesn't work, he just seems like a delusional retard


you said do not read it so i will not read it


Author please add Hermione in Harem🤞[img=Loving it]


It's bad. Very bad. Like scraping the bottom of a barrel with a broken rusty spoon bad. 1 star for writing quality, story development and character design, and thats cause I can't give any less. 2 stars for world background and thats just because Rowling already gave something to work with. 4 stars for stability of updates, though if the author will keep it up or simply drop it remains to be seen. 1.8 stars in total.


Agustus Agustus Agustus Agustus Agustus Agustus Agustus Agustus Agustus


I'm Loving this so much it has great WQ, SU, SD, CD, WB, and everything thanks author so lets give this author around of applause and I will contiue to love this from now and in the future.


The fanfic novel is cringe, is Wattpad novel. MC femboy -> Gringott -> Mc femboy + billionaire + owner of old families -> end. [img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap]


THAT'S ON MY TOP 3 FIC OF ALL TIME !!! no seriously this fic is fucking good (and you said you were 17 so i'm impressed ! (you did better than me at writing fic and i'm only 1 year older than you) anyway good luck and hope your life will be good in the future so you can continue this fic 👍




great story it would be interesting to see that the main character takes his family to the world of charmed to get defensive powers


Apesar do personagem principal ser do tipo que não enfrenta grandes problemas para resolver algo, serve como um interessante livro passatempo.


muy buen ff, me gusta como va quedando :3 Ojalá lo pueda terminar muchacho gracias por los caps y suerte


Do you think MC is a betta? then I don’t know what you think is alpha! MC destroyed Snape and turned him gay! MC takes what he wants, when he wants! MC is the favorite of the world and the Main Hero and as soon as he takes a step, girls and power rush into his hands!


A good story, not the best out there but definitely not the worst. Thanks for the story so far and keep it up.


It is little cringe but only because i have read Lot of fanfics before but decelopment is good not fast or slow… i think great story if you want to Just relax and not read something on witch you have to focus


It's a really fun story if you don't really get into the series and it holds your attention, I'd say it's worth reading. I think if it were written seriously it would be an epic story.


Do you know why great works like HP, Lotm, Got....are so successful.... That's because of balance. If you notice these works, you won't find a perfect MC who gets everything he wants and always does the right thing. And all the world revolves around it. And do you know why? Because the reader will not be able to get attached to the MC because there is nothing in common between them so that he can put himself in MC place and live the ROLE (English is not my first language )


No está mal, es un fanfic está bien 🫂👍 Si quieres pasar el rato y entretenerte es bueno, además es de la familia de las reliquias de la muerte ........................


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