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Power 1.Unlimited Power of Destruction 2.Perfect control 3.Tom Riddle's Magic Talent, and lot of Magical Energy Orphan trope Harem 1.Nymphadora Tonks 2.Luna Lovegood 3.Fleur Delacour 4.Daphne Greengrass 5.Astoria Greengrass 6.Hermione Granger Summary: MC is OP as fk but don't act cold towards people he care and actually listens to them (beta naive mc) He is Heir of an ancient noble family. A lot of MC's ass kissing, cringe af, ya this is it. I won't recommend you reading this shit. There are way way better ff available on webnovel read those than wasting your time here. why am I writing this then? cause I'm a fking loser. You're not right? sorry just got upset due to criticism. Ahh I should just delete this shit and do something productive with my life. You can't satisfy everyone. some like Hermione, some hate her to guts. fking idiots.

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Battle of Azkaban

[Agustus's POV]

Moody's team pressed forward, their spells slicing through the air. I danced between hexes and curses, my reflexes honed by three years of clandestine dueling with Alfred the vampire. Protego deflected the Disarming Charms from Shacklebolt and Bones. I could almost hear Moody's gravelly voice urging them on.

I couldn't use POD in this battle, But I had more things in my arsenal—ancient incantations, forbidden knowledge of Drakul House. As they closed in, I sidestepped, creating space. The Auror's ropes missed me by a hair's breadth. Stupefy spells whizzed past, their intent clear: capture or incapacitate.

I whispered Protego Horribilis, reinforcing my defenses. Their offensive ballet continued, each move calculated. I watched, biding my time. It was time to test their offensive.

Changing Footwork , I advanced toward Moody. His eye twitched; he knew. "Here he comes, boys!" he bellowed. I didn't disappoint. A silent Bombarda followed by Confringo erupted from my wand. The ground trembled as one group crumbled. Burns, not death—I wasn't a murderer.Yet.

[Amelia Bones's POV]

"Shite," I muttered. The situation spiraled. Backup was our only hope. Reports of a unknown wizard in Azkaban had seemed absurd. Dementors, useless. Now this.

Who was he? Twenty Aurors, seasoned and skilled, reduced to pawns. He toyed with us, mocking our authority and skills. "Fianto Duri!" I cast the Hardening Charm on our shield, retreating. But my mind raced: Why was he here? How did he even know this location? Wards of Azkaban were not active? Dementors wierd behaviour?

"Expecto Patronum!" The incantation echoed through the chaos, and a white, corporeal leopard Patronus materialized before me. Its form radiated urgency.

"Alert Aurors, emergency breakout at Azkaban, single wizard," the Patronus conveyed, its message urgent and clear. I watched as it dissolved, hoping that backup would arrive swiftly.

Moody's gruff voice cut through the fray. "Watch out!" His warning came just in time, as a Bombarda spell narrowly missed me by centimeters. The adrenaline surged; this was no ordinary skirmish, I could've just died here.

"The hell are you doing, and where's your focus, Amelia?" Moody's disapproval was palpable. The old goat never minced words.

Ignoring his rebuke, I refocused on the battle. Darting to the left, I used the Aurors' cover to my advantage. My mind raced, analyzing the situation. The enemy was skilled, anticipating our moves with eerie precision.

I cast Expulso, aiming for his flank. But he sidestepped effortlessly, as if he'd known my intention all along. How? I wasn't even in his line of sight; how could he anticipate those spells?

[Moody's POV]







The incantations flowed from my lips, each spell aimed at our dangerous wizard. He toyed with us, evading our attacks like a seasoned duelist. Shades of Dumbledore's legendary duels danced in my memory.

Amelia had called for backup, Aurors en route. But minutes stretched like hours in this life-or-death struggle. We needed to stall him, hold the line until reinforcements arrived.

"Formation nine!" My voice boomed across the battleground. The remaining Aurors fell into position, their wands raised. We fought as one, desperate to buy time.

"Team six, use Incarcerous!" I shouted, dodging another curse. Just a few more minutes. The fate of Azkaban hung in the balance, and Amelia's unwavering determination fueled our resolve.

[Agustus's POV]

The air crackled with malevolence as I reveled in the familiar dance of dark magic. Unleashing the Cruciatus Curse, I watched an Auror writhe in agony. The screams were a loud, but even I didn't liked this performance.

Amelia, ever the stalwart defender of justice, shouted, "Code Fero!" Her incantation resonated with authority, a desperate plea to halt the madness as I know now the real battle will begin.

Moody, that grizzled old warhorse, grinned like a predator. His wand traced an arc, and "Sanguis Gelu" froze the blood in my veins. The pain was exquisite, a reminder of mortality but I use POD to erase its effects, bloody old man got me.

The remaining Aurors lunged, their eyes aflame with vengeance. But I wielded a different weapon—the crimson tide that flowed within us all. Blood spells surged forth, binding them in crimson chains. Their screams echoed, House Drakul had some interesting Dark spells.

Only Moody and Amelia stood, remaining, fatigue of the battle could be seen on their face. I ceased casting, holstering my wand. Their resolve was admirable, but they were useless in the battle, well Moody wasn't. Their curses met an invisible wall—a silent, wandless Protego.

"Stop it," I rasped, my voice had changed from the original. "You know it's futile."

"Identify yourself dark wizard" Amelia shouted with fury.

I couldn't help but play a part. "The Dark Lord will return," I spat, "stronger than ever."

I stepped back, my laughter echoing. "Hope you meet your Brother soon, Until then, farewell, Miss Bones." With a flourish, I vanished, leaving a dark skull and serpent etched against the sky over Azkaban.

[POV end]

[Amelia Bones POV]

This battle was a disaster, I see around blood and burns of Aurors and sigh, a single wizard wreck all of us.

Moody was furious with himself and returned back to the ministry.

The dementors go back on their location of the jail cells as if nothing happened here. He was surely not a death eater, he tried his best to convince us of his identity, I am sure he's never met a death eater or knows how they work.

Death eaters goes for the kill, they are scum, all they know is killing curse. I saw the injuries of Aurors they all would recover in a month or two, no one had a permanent injury, thought some newbies who didn't fight the first war would have trauma from this fight.

Why would a wizard like this would serve under voldemort? He would never. Controlling dementors? He could destroy the backbone of ministry with just that, no one would have trust in law and order of there is no jail.

Why did he pretended to be a death eater? To obstruct the investigation's direction but his actions betrayed him.

His sneaked in effortlessly, he could've left without engaging with us but he didn't, this was intentional, he wanted to test us? Or humiliate us.

He took away Bellatrix Lestrange, one of the most important death eater in Voldemort's circle, he didn't do anything to other criminals or death eaters.

Another death eater was missing and it was Barty Crouch Jr. It seems his father would have to put on trial again, as he was most likely the suspect of breaking out his son from here.

The backup arrived and took Aurors to St mungo, what am I going to write in my report to the minister of magic, this is going to give me a headache. A break out at Azkaban which was supposed to be the strongest and unbreakable prison in the wizarding world.

[POV end]


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