REINCARNATED AS GOJO SATORU ~ With multiverse system[Hiatus]

Current worlds~ JJK --> Demon Slayer -> Overlord(currently) _________ ~ Demon Slayer ~ Overlord ~ Tensura ~ AOT~ HXH ~ MHA ~ JOJO ~ Black Clover ....etc _________ [The initial chaps are short and may sound dumb...So, don't judge. Just give it a read, the story will get better after Chapter 13] Takeshi Minamoto, an ardent anime fan, adores the character Gojo Satoru. After a tragic twist, Takeshi finds himself reborn as Gojo, with a mysterious Anime Multiverse System. Join Takeshi as Gojo in an adventure that spans across anime worlds like | JJK, Demon Slayer, Overlord, Tensura, Attack on Titan, Hunter x Hunter, My Hero Academia, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Black Clover, and more|. Experience harem-building, ruthless decisions, overpowered abilities, and the charm of "GOJO" as he explores the vast multiverse. Discover the secrets of the Anime Multiverse System in this thrilling journey. "Ugh! It hurts ." "Hmm? Where am I? My body feels different." while thinking about so many things my eyes fell on a grand mirror in front of my bed. "HOLY SH*T! I got reincarnated as Gojo Satoru." {System initializing.....} {Welcome to Anime Multiverse System.....} . I use AI to assist me, edit the grammar and spelling, and increase the word count. So don't go Sherlock and commenting about it, much appreciated _______________________ Hi readers this will be my first official work on this website so plz show some love lol! will there be a harem? YES! will MC be ruthless? YUP! rich? op? handsome? He is the "GOJO" What do you expect? The story will start in JJK but later we will travel to different anime worlds like ~ ~ Demon Slayer ~ Overlord ~ Tensura ~ AOT~ HXH ~ MHA ~ JOJO ~ Black Clover .....and many more so stay tuned !!! I do not own the Cover picture and any of the characters in this novel, but I do own the story that I am writing in my novel 7 chaps/ week.

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I am Stupid

Dear Readers- no Dear Brothers,

It's been quite a journey since I first started writing fanfiction a few months ago. I started writing this for fun,I just wanted to share the stuff I had fun dreaming up, without expecting much - people actually started reading and enjoying what I wrote. The positive comments and reviews filled me with such joy and motivation. You all helped inspire me to keep creating.

Then I started stressing so much about keeping everyone happy. Don't even get me started on the haters, created the last chap from the hospital bed and the 1st comment made me lose faith - some people on the internet gotta chill, for real.

In 2022, I had developed insomnia. It was hard to sleep so I started reading novels before bed. In 2023, 10 oct, on my birthday, I decided to write a fanfic here on my favorite character- Gojo. It was easy sleeping now. I dreamed about being OP, that nobody could hurt me, and suddenly it was peaceful But,

The last month, things have been kind of crazy on my end. Something happened in my life, I don't know how to say it.. what happened really broke my heart... haah! I decided that I needed to get out of town for a bit. So I took a backpacking trip around South India, just trying to clear my head. It was so dope to explore all those places. But lemme tell ya, that ish ain't cheap! By the end of it, my bank account was looking sadder than a kicked puppy hehe.

Being serious I'm turning 23 this year... yeah yeah twenty fucking three ehm AND I feel like I'm at a crossroads.

My teenage years are behind me now, and it's time for me to focus more on building a stable career and helping support my parents. As much as I've loved being a part of this creative community, I don't think I can keep writing this.

Please know that I am so grateful for all of your support. This community has brought me so much joy. While I will be stepping back from writing, I will still be lurking online to read other novels and fics in my spare time. I hope you all understand and continue following your dreams. Thank you for being a part of mine.

With deep appreciation,