1 Reborn (Edited)

Being reborn is a strange experience, I don't remember much about my past life except that I was a huge fan of comics (such as dc and marvel) and that I like practicing martial art. I always wish that I could become a superhero like all the comic books I have read since childhood but in reality it is impossible. I didn't do anything particularly interesting in my previous life except living a normal ordinary life.

When someone dies most people will be expecting to see a bright light leading them to heaven or if they are unlucky hell. The first thing I experience when I died was immense intense pain all over my body before exiting a dark tunnel.

Finally seeing a bright light, I can feel someone lifting me arm in their arm. I took me all my energy to look at my surrounding. I huge shock overpowered me as I realize that I become a baby. "Wahh!...." I shouted as a baby voice came out from my mouth.

The person carrying me was a lady dressed in scrubs approached a man standing in the corner of the room.

"Mr Osborn, i would to like to apologize, your wife didn't make it but you have a healthy baby boy" she tried to console him "What will you name your son sir?"

Looking at the man, I notice he was staring at me coldly and angrily. After awhile he said "Harold Osborn".

As the words escape his mouth the only thing i can think before i passed out was "What the F**K!!!!!"...


Time Skip.....

15 years has passed....

As it turns out I was reborn into the Marvel Universe.. I had the confidence to say that due to the existence of Oscorp, Stark Industries and the existence of Captain America in the History books. Everything was great except the fact that my father Norman Osborn will become a super villain in the near future.

My relationship with him is quite bad since he blames me for the death of my mum. I have tried many time reconcile with him many time but it proof to be a futile effort since my father can't stand looking at me. His hatred for me has provided me a lot of freedom to be able to do what I want. Since I was born, I was placed under the care of the family butler "Bernard Houseman" which reminded me of Alfred Pennyworth.

Since realizing that I am in the Marvel Universe, I became excited to the possibility of becoming a superhero. I have made many preparation since a young age, first I started by gathered all the knowledge needed to help become a crime fighter. I started by studying criminology, psychology, leadership, chemistry, engineering, biology and languages. I am not a complete genius but I was able to absorb all knowledge available like a sponge since a young mind is easier to develop.

Second with the help Bernard, I was able to create a company called Stan Enterprise (In memory of Stan Lee) that separates my funds and moneys from father. Bernard help me to run the company by becoming the face of the company and act as the puppet chairman for Stan Enterprise on my behalf to prevent people from knowing that i own the company. This is done to avoid all unwanted attention and problems due to my young age.

My company is new upcoming company that is currently involved in automobile, food, medicinal, telecommunication and gaming industry that only took 5 years to become top 4 companies behind Stark, Baxter and Oscorp Industries. This attracted a lot of unwanted attention for Bernard that we had to employ security and bodyguard specially for my butler.

My father knew that I was the real chairman of Stan Enterprise since I have to borrow starting capital for my startup which I have to return back with interest, borrowing money from him was not a easy task. He is slightly impressed with my accomplishment and wanted to absorb my company into his but since I am not Harold "Harry" Osborn in the Marvel universe that needs his father approve and love, I have managed to stand up against him and started living independently from him.

Norman Osborn, my father can't seem to get over his hatred for me since I remind him of Emily Osborn, His wife so he end spending most of his time ignoring me. (I have been checking for surveillance camera just in case as often as possible but there was nothing so it was great).

Bernard has shown his loyalty by helping me to run the company and helping me with my physical training. I have even investigated Bernard just in case due to the danger of my father, Norman Osborn. Bernard help me by finding me instructors to help me train in weights, acrobatics, parkour and martial arts. The most amazing feat that Bernard has done is that he was able to get Shang Chi to help train and hone my martial art skills.

Shang Chi is the best non-superhumans in martial arts and has dedicated much of his life to become the greatest martial artist, his physical abilities stem from his mastery of chi. Shang Chi was impressed with my dedication in training that he help push my body limits to the near peak human athlete level.

My fighting style that I have adopted with Shang Chi help is a combination of Escrima, Judo, Savate, Capoeira, Aikido, Boxing, Wing Chun, Hapkido, Jeet Kune Do, Taijiquan, Ninjutsu, and Bojutsuwas with fluid moving acrobatic moves with improvisation of moving more and getting hit less.

During all this, I enrolled myself in Midtown High and manage to be good friends with Peter Parker aka the future Spiderman. This is to help increase my chances of getting bitten by the radioactive spider and and to test Peter's Blood before hand on whether he has anything extra in his blood stream that allows him to be Spiderman. The reason why i didn't go myself to Oscorp Industries was to help reduce the chance of being detected by my father since I won't be going alone.

Extra note, i scored on my physical appearance with a much more handsome version of Dane DeHaan features with black wavy hair. To avoid the attention of peoples and especially my classmates on my athletic physical body condition, I have been wearing slightly baggy clothes. I was able to be a vigilante with all my knowledge and skills but I decide to wait.

After waiting for 15 years tomorrow is the legendary Midtown High Science field trip to Oscorp Industries that turned Peter Parker into Spiderman. This will be the start of my legend and I will be writing my own story in the history of the Marvel Universe.

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