Rebirth of Abium- The Core of Itera Book

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Rebirth of Abium- The Core of Itera


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Do you believe in Luck? If so, what is it actually? Hmm, Luck always follows the principle of probability... I mean, that's what a math teacher would say. But in fantasy, Luck might have some power to manipulate something. This is a story of a 'Lucky' soul who got a second chance because of a random artifact, traveled back in time, and tried to change his future using his knowledge. No, not only did he try to change his future, but he also defied the Gods, Devils, and Demons and tried to change the law of the Universe. Did he succeed? Or did he fail? Let me take you on a miraculous adventure and present you with a unique story. Warning! It's a slow-paced novel. [Author's Note: This is an edited version of the Rebirth of Abium novel. You guys can skip the book if you have already read it.]