Rebirth of a Killer Book

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Rebirth of a Killer


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What if a man who has killed 5000 people and who has never been caught by the authorities, reincarnates into a world full of other reincarnated people, new species, new continents, and just in general a whole new world which is bigger than earth, a lot bigger something he couldn't fantom or any other human for fact. What will the most famous killer of the 21st century do in this new world? This is my second novel, my first novel is called the knight of war. I'm still a beginner so If you want to leave a comment on how I can improve my writing or anything else, pls do. I've changed the genre as I have first put it as an action novel(which it certainly is) : but if you search the book up it comes up as an action: martial art novel, which it is not, so I've changed the genre to fantasy.


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