19 Chapter 19; Miss, be careful.....

He switched the lights off and walked out of the bedroom over to the corridor but he suddenly heard his mobile phone vibrate inside his trouser pocket.

He dipped his hand inside while going down the stairs, one of his hands was holding the staircase grill while the other hand supported the mobile phone over to his ear.

"Master, the Mo family wants to discharge Mo Zi Jia and take her home for recuperation, but we wanted her to stay around the hospital so that we could keep a close watch on her for the next few days before she could get discharged..." The person from the other side of the phone call worriedly narrated and Huo Shen wondered why they were in a hurry to discharge her.

She had just begun feeling better for a day and all the toxins were excreted, shouldn't they get the patient for the doctors to work on her case before ruling out she was fine and be discharged?

They should at least let her be treated and watched over by the professional doctors, what was there to worry about? He inwardly thought as he halted midway on the stairways, his hand gripping the stair railing tightly.

"Okay... They can take her away tomorrow morning since the military protocol doesn't accept night discharge..." He hung up after instructing him, Huo Shen proceeded and went down the stairs but halted midway turning around and gazing at Huo Qi with his hand holding the mobile phone before putting it back inside the trouser pocket.

"Huo Qi, bring me that heavy coat over, and we will go and check on her, also, let one guard keep watch of that master bedroom and he shouldn't allow anyone to get in or close by, and in case of anything, he should notify us as soon as possible, no mistakes are allowed..." He gently tapped his shoulders and Huo Qi nodded his head.

Huo Shen went down the stairs while Huo Qi strode back into the master bedroom to get the heavy coat from the closet, he made sure the entire room was carefully locked from the balcony, and windows before leaving one guard to keep watch at the door.

He went down and assisted Huo Shen in dressing up and wore his gloves before they exited and walked over to the parking lot, boarding his low-key Mercedes Benz and the chauffeur drove him away to the military camp at the South.

From the corner of the pillar Zhan Shan was hiding in, she carefully watched as they walked away, she was still awake and yet hadn't retired to bed, seeing that they were gone, she hurriedly rushed over through the long hallway and arrived at the foot of the stairs gazing upstairs.

She rushed upstairs over to the master bedroom where she had met Su Wei Wei but the room was empty and at the moment, it was being thoroughly cleaned.

"Miss, what do you want?" They curiously inquired as she let her eyes roam around the room and noticed they were removing the carpet and deep cleaning with disinfectant the entire place.

"Ooh, I thought Huo Shen was here..." She shyly mumbled hiding her venomous thoughts away while she kept a soft smile pasted on her face.

"He went down into the living room if I'm not wrong, look for him there...." They politely dismissed her and in embarrassment, Zhan Shan walked out of the bedroom walking across the corridor, the upper floor contained three master bedrooms, which all were Huo Shen's, while it only had one guest room and he didn't prefer people going up the stairs apart from that old man.

Walking across, she came across another bedroom door that was guarded, she curiously walked forward but intentionally tripped herself at that moment she was nearing the guard, who immediately moved out of the way and she fell roughly onto the floor unceremoniously exposing her goodies.

"Miss, be careful while walking!" This guard wasn't that tolerant of females more so the scheming ones, he could see she was being intentional.

"I will report you to Huo Shen and tell him you are harassing me..." In total embarrassment, she got up from the floor and rushed away wiping her tears away.

While running, she came across the guards who were also moving in her direction facing her, she felt more embarrassed knowing they could have seen her fall...

"Miss, be careful.. if you get hurt, you will have to bear with that pain until tomorrow morning... " Another one sarcastically remarked as they all busted out in fits of laughter.

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