Rebirth; Illegitimate Daughter Turns Tides Book

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Rebirth; Illegitimate Daughter Turns Tides


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*It's a fluffy sweet light novel with a fast pace..* "Mr, you are so handsome, may I?" She turned around warmly eying him, her enchanting smile was alluring and so were her purple eyes. Huo Shen didn't respond but rather let her do whatever she wanted, seeing he hadn't declined, she lifted her handcuffed hands and removed the mask carefully without messing around with his hairstyle. "You look handsome without this purple mark, too bad you got poisoned! What a handsome face you got here..." She slightly sighed her tone sounding like she was pitying him, the huge purple mark around her cheekbone, was spreading and enlarging. "Aren't you?" He was surprised that someone could tell it was poison, yes, his body had been dwindling little by little... He could no longer feel like he was himself. "Me? I was born like this..." ************************* Su Wei Wei was born illegitimate, out of wedlock and the second family her mother got married to, treated her like a servant with no family standing. Her half-siblings didn't spare a single minute at her, she lived in servants' quarters with the other Su family servants! All she did receive were worn-out things from clothes to shoes. She attended a low-grade school while her stepsiblings studied at top schools, because of her naivety, she was kind that they had allowed her to stay in their house and thus she took everything positively Her kindness had made them use her, her weakness had made them step all over her, and now with a Rebirth, she gains enough life experience and knowledge of the future, how is she going to maneuver around to change her fate? After getting out of prison, she gets adopted by a powerful man, recalling her miserable life, and she decides to exert revenge. With the presence of the man, she can yield power but she gets to tie him down because of a favor and thus they get engaged. But after few days of freedom, she got medical tests reports stating that she had cancer, and it was at the Fourth stage.... She knew from the doctor that she had less than a six months to live and she wanted to dedicate all her time for vengeance, but what about this man she was engaged to? what about her heart that had began falling in love? But while they were in the courtship, the man had began falling in love, and her presence meant everything to him, how would they overcome this bridge when things were at their ends? *I don't own the cover, credit goes to the owner...* Caution; I'm not creating a cold and unfeeling Male Lead who thinks irrationally and grumpy all the time, he can be to the outsiders but not the Female lead.... I already said, it's a sweet and fluffy novel... there is no torture between make Lead and the female lead, don't expect to see that in my novels.